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  1. Hi Liv, just saw your post.. I have lost about 220 pounds from my highest weight. I had the gastric bypass in June of 2013. Gastric Bypass surgery saved my life! I had become very sick, I couldn't breathe, had a pulmonary embolism, had high blood pressure, heart failure, severe sleep apnea and my tests came back that I was pre-diabetic. Then I had bariatric surgery! My weight started melting away, I stuck to my diet perfectly.. it was easy because 1 or 2 bites totally filled up my 2 ounce stomach. My health greatly improved and now my blood tests come back textbook perfect. My sleep apnea is gone! I feel WONDERFUL! I feel like I was reborn. My heart now tests within normal range. I am so grateful I had weight loss surgery! My only regret is I wish I would have had it years earlier! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Cheyenne
  2. When I first had my bypass, I carried around my food instruction list and referred to it constantly. Liquids, Jello and Cranberry juice the 1st week. My 2nd week I could have cottage cheese and I mixed it with applesauce and it was delicious to me although before surgery I wouldn't have looked at it twice. The 3rd week I could have scrambled egg, tuna, white flakey fish and salmon, absolutely awesome.. one or two bites filled me up so full, but it tasted like heaven. At first you may not get all your protein in but between fish, eggs, cottage cheese and protein drinks, you should come close. Good Luck! Cheyenne
  3. Welcome Fe!!! Gastric Bypass surgery will change your life totally. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. Glad you are here with us on this Forum. Good Luck!!! Cheyenne
  4. Sorry for the loss of your mother.. Welcome back! Cheyenne
  5. Might be your circulation isnt right. Call your surgeon as soon as possible. Cheyenne
  6. WELCOME DEANNA! Glad you are here Cheyenne
  7. I told everyone, family, friends and strangers. My family and friends actually helped talk me into having surgery, and I'm sooo happy I did it! It's been an absolutely positive experience for me. A dream come true!!! It's a very personal decision and it depends on your friends and family and your relationship with them. Good luck to you Cheyenne
  8. Your surgery is coming up in just a few days, how excited you must be! Good luck to you Cheyenne
  9. What are you eating? Bread made me throw up for the first year. It would gag me. By 10 weeks you should be eating a wide variety of foods in very small quantities. Call your surgeon who performed your surgery.
  10. WELCOME JAY! Glad you are doing so great! Cheyenne
  11. Hi Johnetta! Keep following your diet. Protein, protein, protein and fluids. You will lose more, the body loses and then it adjusts to the loss, then it loses more. Keep up the great work!!!! Cheyenne
  12. I procrastinated for 10 yrs. I finally had the surgery after I gained another 100 lb and my health was so bad I thought I might die. Guess what? It was less painful and much easier than I thought. I followed the plan and lost weight really fast and it was the best decision of my life! Go for it! You'll be glad you did!!! Cheyenne
  13. I had a very hard time eating enough food the first year. I just wasnt very hungry, filled up after a couple bites, ate mainly protein. Lived the first year terribly constipated all the time. Metamucil and supositories were my best friend. I'm just over 2 yrs out now. I am eating a wide variety of foods now, carbs included. I just don't over eat. I fill up fast. My weight has plateaued but thats ok. Surgeon says i have 25lb of loose skin so I am at a good weight now he thinks. My constipation is totally gone now. That makes me really happy!