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  1. Been a long time since I have been here. Something told me to get back on. Started reading and now I know why. Although I have not gained any weight, I am at 147, I still have 10 pounds to go (in my head). My problem is night eating! I could absolutely go all day without food. I don't, but could. I am not hungry. I generally eat the same every day.A shake for breakfast with Almond milk ( yes I really do like them) 3-4 oz protein for lunch or 1/2 cup refried beans with cheese, dinner is 3-4 oz protein with maybe some veggies. good right? At 9:00 every night I have 5 oz plain yogurt mixed with 2 tbs peanut butter, 2 tbs flax meal and stevia. fills me up and I go to bed quite comfy and full. SOOOOO..... why do I wake up at 11:30 and get out of bed and get something to eat? I don't know why! It has become a habit, a bad habit at that( for about 3 months), because I am eating crackers and cheese. WHAT? Hardly any carbs during the day and BAM I get up and eat. Tried almonds, nope, went back for crackers so then I had 2 night time snacks. crazy! I bought some protein bars at 190 calories thinking that would be ok to eat at midnight. ITS NOT OK TO EAT AT MIDNIGHT! Even told my husband not to let me eat. I just got mad at him when he told me not to. lol I ate anyway. I need to get this out of my head or it will move to other things. I know me, pretty soon I will be eating a quart of ice cream and my size 10's are no more. I am rededicating myself to this. I will be doing shakes for the next 5 days, with my yogurt at night. no getting out of bed. I just can't! I am really scared at what this will do to my sleep as I have told myself that eating will put me back to sleep and of course it does. satisfied belly=sleep, in my head. But I will prevail with Gods help. The enemy wants me to fail and I need to lean on the Holy Spirit to get me through this. Thank you Jolls for having the audacity to start this thread and keep it going. I needed this and God used you to help
  2. Thank you, Even though at times, especially when the pain is high, I really want to eat. Killed that bug quickly though
  3. I have missed this forum quite a bit. I had knee replacement surgery May 12th and have been having lots of trouble with recovery. On the bright side I finally hit the 100 pound loss plus 7 more so I am happy. I still have not exercised once since this journey began. I do some PT for my knee but not much. In fact the last month I have been on my but in a wheelchair. This surgery works regardless as long as you follow the plan. Well hello to everyone and I am glad to be back
  4. I bought a very old one at a garage sale and it works great! I do my shakes in a blender bottle with no ice as cold stuff hurts going down, but I have put in the freezer for a few just to thicken up
  5. I love chili. Turkey burger, diced tomatoes, black beans and seasonings. All good food add cheese on top yumm yumm. I can only eat 1/2 cup, so not much is coming from carbs
  6. I use coconut oil and real butter and raw honey for all cooking. no issues. I would much rather put real food in my new tummy than chemicals.
  7. I have not exercised one bit. Knee replacement on May12th. 99 pounds down in 5 months. I stall every month. It is what my body does. I loose big for 2 weeks like 10 pounds then stop for 2 or 3 weeks. Annoying but now that I know this is the way it is I expect it. Just rest and heal. the weight will come off
  8. sleeve here. 99 pounds gone in 5 months, no exercise, no food issues, no drinking issues, yes to constipation. absolutely no hunger,I defintly eat lower carbs. try to stay under 30. no breads, no processed food, very small amount of veggies, some dairy like yogurt and cheeses.some honey.I could eat different foods if that was my choice but do not want to. I went from diabetic, extreme asthmatic on 8 meds, 50 mg prednisone for 5 years, insulin, methyltrexate,theophylline, some hard core stuff and now down to only taking Flintstones vitamins. I did not have a choice. Dr. said with my bad asthma she would only do sleeve because of less anesthesia time. so happy I did.
  9. I dont exercise at all. not even walking and I am 1 pound away from 100 lost in 5 months
  10. I use raw honey. It is amazing that 1 tsp now makes things plenty sweet
  11. I eat 5oz plain greek yogurt every night with 2 tbs peanut butter in it. I would bet it was the cheese.I have noticed if I eat the same things every day I slow down in loss. I have to mix it up food wise. Yogurt will always stay the same though. That is my go to bed snack
  12. I refuse to hang out with people who make me feel bad. Took a long time and a lot of tears, but I just refuse. There are some places that I can't get away from some negative people ( church, my husband is a pastor) but I just don't spend a lot of time dwelling.
  13. we all eat the same things, I just eat much less and none of the potatoes or veggies that go with their dinner