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  1. I would love to join ya'll. I will start saving . I have always wanted to take a cruise. Whoot Whoot!!
  2. You guys are the best! Thanks for all the good ideas ! I tried SF coco mix with the unflavored and it was awesome and yummy!
  3. I am only four weeks out. I really have not goofed much protein in and my case manager suggested the unflavored for adding to food ,and for drinking . I am trying to drinking two shakes a day . I added crystal light fruit punch powder to my shake when blendingthis morning. It is too sweet too. Tmcgee where do you get those kinds of proteins?
  4. I find the flavored protein too sweet. What are some sugar free suggestions of making the plain protein taste better?
  5. Good for you! Glad to hear that ....snow on the hand nah
  6. I am doing good now just got a dry cough and hard to bring up anything. I go this Wednesday for the EGD will keep updates once I know. There are no ulcer I repeat no ulcers!
  7. Thanks everyone! I am glad I am not alone. Thanks for all the suggestions I will try to see if I like them .
  8. Hi my surgery was done on December 4, 2014. I was scared up until they said,"we going to put you to sleep now". I stayed only one day in the hospital. After coming home , the pain medicine tasted like pure sugar. I forced my self to take it . Even sugar free jello was too sweet . I hurt more when I sat down, got up , or laid down. It was like something was ripping in my left side. I called the on call doctor. He suggested to go to a pharmacy, and purchase a stretchable binder to wrap my stomach to help the pain . Wow that made a big difference. I soon became adjusted to the liquid pain meds. Now sugar free jello tastes fine thats what I use to take my pills . I took sick last week with the flu and was in ER for that and dehydration. Doing much better now with only a nagging cough left. Fluids is a big issue for me still but one day at a time , right! I just want to say I am thankful that my Creator gave me this opportunity to fix the weakness He knows I have to conquer my addiction. Best of luck to all who have and those who are their way to a new you!
  9. Has anyone experience water no matter tap or bottle have a funny taste after drinking ?
  10. Ditto Scarlet ditto! Mine started Sunday and yesterday and today my fevers have broke finally . Now a nagging cough remains with headache , because I cough deep to bring this junk up. I don't want pneumonia so I try my dangest together it up. Hang in there it will pass by Gods grace!
  11. Congratulations.....way to go!!!!
  12. Good question Happy, I suppose because I was having pain in my stomach when I arrived. Prior to my surgery I tested positive in the EGD scope. I have a high chance of getting ulcers. I had a sore throat as well so my surgeon is wanting to rule out any problems before they become bigger issues maybe. Does that satisfy your curiosity, because that's all I can think as to the reasons