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  1. its been a few months since this post. I was just wondering how your mom is doing post op from her reversal. I too had my rny reversed and doing that gave me my life back. Grace
  2. I wish I could say I do know of someone with your same issue but I don't. I will say tho, that are a whole host of side effects that are not really talked about and are often taboo to even bring up. I do hope you are feeling bette since it looks like your post is a couple of months old Grace
  3. Yesterday I had implants put in to secure my bottom denture. I had GREAT teeth. I don't think i appreciated them enough, especially now that I hide my mouth when I laugh. I'm grateful to be able to get implant secured dentures but it was quite painful once the novacain wore off. I'm blessed to have a husband of almost 19 years that loves me no matter what.. that however doesn't make me feel any better about going from teeth that even the dental hygenist said were in really good shape to them just being a hot mess. it is what it is I guess. it's one of those things that had I been told about, I probably wounldn't have had the surgery.I call em dealbreakers.
  4. I had a constellation of issues, most which were Neurological in origin. My hands were always hot, my feet were cold Short and long term memory issues Seemingly unexplained debilitating pain (had 3 c-sections and they were cake by comparison) Depression which was never quelled with medication because of the BYPASS portion of my RNY Fatigue like I have never felt Inability to eat ANY meat, veggies and fruit Nausea and vomiting almost daily And I only lost 40 lbs . The surgery itself was done via lap and even reversals can be done the same way. I know wls helps thousands and thousands of people and TRULY I think it's WONDERFUL that it works out for most people. I am in NO WAY trying to diminish how well it works for most people. I am simply trying to reach out to those, who like me, had worse health post rny versus pre. Sadly we are often silenced. We then feel like we're alone and that it's OUR fault. We are a small minority but we are out there. Grace
  5. oh and I don't think I said one important thing. Having the reversal meant I still have my pouch but I have a big hole at the bottom of it where my food empties into my remnant stomach. Being that I never stretched my pouch, I have the ability to eat smaller portions and I get fuller quicker than the average person. I could work around it if I wanted to but that's an aweful lot of work to just eat more. I eat more veggies and that seems to keep me satiated longer and If I don't at minimum have a 4th of a chicken breast or a couple of eggs per day I get headaches. Sometimes I ACTUALLY wonder why I have a headache but by then it's either too late in the day to eat or I try to fit it some greek yogurt. LOVE that stuff Grace
  6. well sadly after almost daily vomiting I still only lost 40 lbs...go figure! I've maintained that loss + or - 5 lbs. The older I get the smaller my food portions have to be and the longer my workouts have to be. But I think that it's safe to say that is how it is with MOST people Grace
  7. thanks for actually taking the time to read every single one of my posts. My experiences are just that, mine. In the same manner as most peoples experiences are positive. Those are their experiences. Grace
  8. Not knowing you I didn't EXPECT anything. Nor did I say anything about what you typed as untrue. What you said was insensitive. Simple Grace
  9. sadly many people that have severe complications are drowed out by the gauntlet of people who have great experiences. debbie-downer-ish. many people find wls to be a Godsend and you will absolutely find more people with good things to say versus bad. I can say, that honestly, my surgeon did NOTHING mechanically wrong but the way my body reacted to the surgery was something all together different. While almost no one could put their finger on the cause of so many of my issues, they ALL got better or dissapeared once I got my rny reversed. for me that was all enough proof for me. I hope your journey is a good one either way Grace
  10. wow. interesting level of sensitivity. kinda like "buck it up buttercup"
  11. I still have volume restriction which is kind of nice. its even better when I don't add any processed food like pasta and bread. EVERY single one of my issues pre reversal have either gone away all together or at the least have gotten better. I can read again. being an avid reader that issue was a particular tough one for me. I've had to adjust the academic level at which I read but I'll take that over not being able to read at all any day. I have MUCH more energy. pre takedown I could barely stay awake for 2 hours at a stretch. my pain level has gone waaaay down my depression is actually quelled with medication. no amount or type of medication helped before the dizziness had fully gone away some 4 months post reversal no more seizure activity short and long term memory has gotten better no symptoms of hypoglycemia anymore peripheral neuropathy has gotten MUCH better joint pain is also much better ( I didn't have joint pain pre rny) cholesterol is actually lower ( could only keep down processed foods pre reversal) as with the rest of the world I do have to watch what I eat and get enough exercise. I only lost 40 lbs after vomiting almost daily for 3.5 years and I've mostly maintained that. I know the majority of people find this surgery a blessing and while not wanting in ANY way to diminish that fact, I would like to hear from more people that have had seemingly unassociated complications similar to mine. Our stories are little heard but happen much more than most people think. I'm filming a documentary for the purpose of reaching a larger audience so that others know that are not alone, that its all in their heads or that it has nothing to do with wls. Our stories need to be told too, they deserve to be heard. I do not in any way want to scare people away from this surgery but to make a truly informed decision before their first incision. you can contact me via one of two emails or Grace
  12. duh, gotmytakedown was a user name as well. I can never keep up with all the different usernames and passwords that are needed to survive in cyberspace
  13. I have. I had it 3.5 years post op. I only originally lost 40 pounds and as with most people with or without weight loss surgery, watching what I eat and getting enough exercise . admittedly the surgery did mess with my metabolism and there was an adjustment period post reversal. I still get full easily but now I can actually eat lean meats, veggies and fruits, all things I couldn't eat for the 3.5 years I had my rny in place. I was still obese, despite vomiting almost daily for 3.5 years and other than my teeth rotting out of my mouth the only other tangible fact that the surgery was damaging was a low b12. Eventually that came up but I still NEVER felt any different. peripheral neuropathy dizziness seizures unexplained pain un yielding depression fatigue to the point that even taking a shower seemed too daunting a task memory issues for both short and long term mental processing speed in the 13th percentile inability to read and comprehend even a paragraph mental confusion other than ignore my complaints the surgeon did nothing wrong. everything seemed to work perfectly mechanically. My body simply didn't like being cut up. I too am looking for people with similar complications even if they didn't have a takedown. I'm trying to get OUR stories told. CLEARLY for the majority of people these types of surgeries work out wonderfully and their stories are told quite often. Now it is time for our stories to be told. I'm filming a documentary and I'm looking for anyone willing to speak out, off or on camera or maybe just with audio. I want everyone to make a fully formed decision before their first incision. it's been a while and I had to create a new user old one was onastartrek please feel free to email me so we can pay it forward Grace
  14. oooohhh yeah! I took my vitamins regularly and even tried different ones hoping I would feel better. Labs came back all shiny and pretty as my teeth rotted in my mouth. non smoker, not and never have been a big soda drinker or coffee either. Before my rny I had BEAUTIFUL teeth that even the professionals would comment on. within a year of my rny I went from regular cleanings to needing thousands of dollars of work with treatment plans 3 pages long. It's more common that most admit or even THINK to relate it to the surgery. Initially I tried to keep time with the damage but by the time I realized it I would have saved money and just gotten implants. I was 38 when I had the surgery and 10 years later I'm getting implants for my bottom teeth, ALL of em. despite a litany of tooth brushes, sensitive tooth paste. special mouth washes and even prescription tooth paste I will eventually have implanted dentures. due to get my lowers in 7 days. I hope and pray things go MUCH better for you. There is a much larger community of people with post op dental problems than most would like to admit. Grace