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  1. I was regular like clockwork before and after surgery until the end of August (almost 6 months post op). Now I haven't had my period since then lol....don't have a clue if it is because of my weight loss or menopause, but either way, I'm good with it LOL I know I'm healthy, so I'm not worrried
  2. Are you talking about the little pamphlet/booklet that I got from my NUT? I don't think I still have that, however, I do know that the guidelines are 60-80 grams of protein (with no exercise and increase as your body is comfortable), one 1/2 serving of carbs/day, 1/2-1 cup veggies with your protein......ALWAYS protein first and everything after, carbs last......The last calorie recommendation i got from the NUT was 800-1000 calories/day, but that was only 6 months post op I believe and now I'm walking 9-12 miles/day so I eat anywhere between 1200 and 1600 calories a day depending on what I ea
  3. I am now 7 months post op, and I have lost exactly 127 pounds I still feel amazing lol
  4. I agree with PapaG......sofa was always one of those things for me that I could start out drinking one every once in a while, until I realized I was drinking it daily.....since my RNY 13 weeks ago, I have had one craving (3 days after surgery and my husband ordered pizza from Dominos.....my head wanted that pizza soooooo bad!!!!! Even as the smell of it was making me really sick to my pouch......that right there showed me that I will NEVER be eating my trigger foods again). If it'sa questionable thing for me...i don't put it in my body......i drink only water and protein shakes and i eat only
  5. My husband named mine just after I got home from the hospital...GG for Gurgle Gurgle lol
  6. I found someone to take them Glad they won't be wasted
  7. Surgery date March 6th: 270.8 (I had quit smoking pre surgery so i actually gained in my few months before surgery) March 7th came home from hospital: 275.6 April 6: 246.8 May 6: 228.6 Today: 222.0 The best is that I feel phenomenal!!!
  8. I have 2 sleeves of Chocolate Splendor, 2 Vanilla, 2 Strawberry and 1 Chicken soup flavor. I bought them and hated it after surgery. I willing to give them to someone who thinks they could use them. Let me know if anyone is interested. I would hate to see them go to waste in the trash when I'm sure someone could use them I like Isopure lol so I'll never use them lol
  9. I agree with all others.....work your program and listen to your body I was really comfortable at 70 grams of protein and now I've upped my walking from 3 miles a day to 4.4 miles a day so I need to uo my protein as well it's all a learning game, but your body will definitely let you know what you're doing right and wrong....i am another one who follows strictly along with surgeons and NUT guidelines....im in it to win it
  10. My new thing has been scrambled hamburger with ketchup....high in protein, doesn't make Gigi the Pouch angry and tastes good lol. ..i have noticed since surgery LOVE spicy a whole lot more than I did prior....so YES to salsa and i use light Miracle Whip in my Bumblebee canned chicken breast
  11. I'm 9 weeks post op and my pain has been right above my largest incision ....like where the bottom of my bra sits.....i still have it occasionally and especially if i have had my bra on for many many hrs in a row....surgeon says it's the actual spot of anastamosis inside....about a 3 inch area that just has to heal (when I told him about it he actually said he could tell me exactly where the pain was and pressed exactly on both edges)...surgeon said same as everyone else....one day you'll just realize you don't have the pain anymore
  12. What I have found and also been told by my surgical team is that i have absolutely no urge to eat at all.....but that will usually come back between 6 months and a year...though there are some people who never get the feeling of hunger back.....the cravings are more head hunger than anything else now for me at least.....like yesterday I was craving a Slush Puppy because the weather here in MA has been so summer like obviously, being as I had gastric bypass.....i don't want to find out if I dump or not and can't have a Slush Puppy from the Mobil station down the road lol.....so i put a tray of
  13. If you quit it takes 10 days for nicotine to work completely through your system, but the byproduct cotinine can show up in a urinalysis fir up to 30 days or so. If your Dr tests for either, it will most likely be at your pre op visit which is usually 3 days to a week before your surgery I had to quit, and Soooooo glad I did....it's difficult, but so worth it!
  14. Ninja and Oster for me as well though I use the Ninja every single day in one way or another
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