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  1. It’s been about 4 1/2 years and for about 2 years I haven’t drank protein drinks . What’s the ideal grams of protein to take ?
  2. I'm 4 months post op and my hair keep falling out like crazy !!! I'm taking all vitamins including biotin and inositol. My question is ladies if this happened to you, did you consider cutting your hair short for a fuller look ? I'm really thinking of cutting it a littl below my shoulders but my hairdresser is trying to talk me out of it because she knows I have been letting my hair grow . But this is driving me nuts !! Help need advice !
  3. Thank you everyone ! Do you think it's a bad idea to eat every 2 hours how they recommended ? I am sticking to the plan and have not cheated or anything . I'm drinking about 60-70 oz of water a day and 60 grams of protein in liquid form
  4. I am 2 months post op and I'm hungry !! I am on a chicken, turkey , fruits and veggies only diet . My dr only allows those foods for another month and I feel hungry after I eat . I can only eat 2 oz every 2 hrs . What do you guys think ? Help!!
  5. Yes I have and I took milk of magnesium and that helped so much . My dr has me take a stool softener . That's helped twice . But I was wondering when will everything function on it's own without having to take anything . Thank you !
  6. I am two weeks out from surgery . Did any of you have constipation problems ? How long did it last before you get back to normal ?
  7. Lynne I had gastric bypass on the 17th and trust me I has the same thought of regretting this . But there is nothing we can do and just move forward . Each day gets eaiser I promise . Just think positive and think ahead. I'm not going to sugar coat but for me this 2 weeks have been hard for me . BUT it does get eaiser. Make sure you have someone for support
  8. Thank you ! So much for the encouragement !
  9. I had gastric bypass on Monday 11/17/14. My mother in law came over to take care of my kids since I can't pick up my young one . Anyways she brought pizza to cook here in the oven !! And it's killing me !! She knows i love pizza !! And she keeps asking me what do I miss eating and thanksgiving it's going to be horrible because I can't eat anything sinc I eat only liquids . Is it just getting to me ???
  10. Ok so I had surgery 5 days ago I'm hot and sweaty most of the time !! I have been checking my temp and it's normal . Did any of you have this feeling ?? TIA
  11. Thank you everyone for your responds !! I'm getting excited more and more as the day comes . I'm sure I'll be nervous that day !!
  12. Hi everyone so I will be having gastric bypass surgery next week and I was wondering what are must haves post surgery ? Thanks !
  13. Thank you everyone for your replies . I know there is no excuses for it. Yes today I have had no starches and will continue not to do so . I will let the team know as well . If they reschedule i will understand is rather have a good outcome then anything
  14. Sorry I meant to say NO STaRCh!!
  15. Ok so I'm having surgery 11/17/14 . And I have to follow a no attach diet . However I failed :/ so I will be having no starches starting yonerow . Will I still be ok for surgery? Opinions please !! Thanks in advance