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  1. Hi there- I'm a 23 year old female who is 2 weeks from surgery. I would like to avoid the tummy tuck as much as possible and have read up on the topic. I'm interested in hearing your take. Because I'm younger (more elastic skin), I'm hoping to avoid the tummy tuck. I've read of taking gelatin supplements and using specific creams while doing daily toning exercises. Do you think there's any of this that works better then the others? Any recommendations for creams or supplements or specific exercises? Thanks! Kendall
  2. Hello there!

    Wow! Thank you to everyone for all the support and guidance! I really appreciate it all!!
  3. Hello there!

    Hi there- Last Friday, I found out I have been approved for RNY Gastric Bypass and now that it's time to schedule a surgery date, I'm getting nervous. Things I'm concerned about: 1. Pain after surgery. I've had some pain in my life (period cramps, wisdom teeth, root canal), but I'm very concerned I won't be able to handle it. I also dislike hospitals, so I'm hoping I won't have to stay too many nights in the hospital. 2. Changing bandages. I dislike blood! I'm having the laparoscopic, so hopefully I don't have much to work on. 3. How long I'll be out for. I'm graduating December 13th, getting the surgery, then need to schedule a start date at my new career. I'm hoping it's about a month? 4. What if it just doesn't work for me? I've had such problems with every other weight loss system, what's to say this one is different. I feel like not loosing weight with this would be such a huge waste of time and money. 5. Extra skin. I'm only 23, so I wonder if I have enough elasticity that I won't need a tummy tuck? I think I'm most excited to see some of my anxiety go away, and in turn the migraines I experience. That, and all the cute clothes Any help/guidance anyone can provide would be much appreciated!