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  1. I logged back in for the first time in quite awhile today and found this, I will try my best to get there!
  2. Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I've been on here so I wanted to give a quick update. February 26 we welcomed our little man to the world. He was born at 39 weeks via a scheduled repeat c-section. The excess skin from my weight loss made it a little interesting for the docs but thanks to tape all went well, I'm sure i looked silly with it all taped up though lol. My doc was part of a research study about using wound vacuum dressings on obese women following c-sections. My BMW was too low to technically qualify but with the final touch of weight gain she decided to round up my BMW and have me a part of the study. I was lucky enough to get the wound vac and it worked amazingly. When they removed it 6 days later the wound was close to healed! I'm trying to upload some pics via my cell but the only 1 working is this one. Its me, our very happy 14 year old daughter and her little brother relaxing at the hospital! Oliver Mark Feb 26 2016 8:25 am 6lb 2 Oz 20.5 inches
  3. Hi Wendy! I have been a little preoccupied lately so haven't been around. I will be 36 weeks on Thursday, crazy to think how quickly its flown right by. I started gaining back a few lbs recently and it was a mind trip but knowing that Oliver weighs over 5lbs himself eases that a little. He is scheduled to arrive on the 26th via c-section, we cannot wait!
  4. I have the same issue with low blood pressure and orthostatic changes. My clinic recommended adding in some Powerade Zero or G2 to get some electrolytes. Increase in your fluid intake should help with blood volume which may help too. I am 14 months post op and still have issues with dizzy spells even while I drink over 120 ounces a day. All in all though its a fair trade off from the diabetes and everything from before surgery. It has gotten slowly better with time so I am hoping my body is just reacclimating to its new normal and with time may go away.
  5. I had to lose 50-60 pounds before surgery. I managed 50 by the date of surgery. I did not get to meet with the surgeon until I had lost 1/2 of the required amount. I know some programs have a max BMI to be eligible for their program so maybe thats why they need you under 60 BMI before meeting the surgeon? Look into other options in your area if there are any, especially a Center of Excellence. If there is not another option, talk to a coordinator within the program and ask they why's behind this and how it is making you feel very discouraged. How much have you lost in the 3 months?
  6. Its not in Boston, but I had mine at Lahey in Burlington and the team is fabulous, every single one of them! The education through the process was top notch as well as the after care. I would reccomend them to anyone, and have. My mother, sister and best friend have all had surgery there since I did. They changed my life and I will always be thankful for everything they helped me with.
  7. I was 6.5 months post op when I got pregnant. We had been told we would not be able to concieve naturally due to male fertility issues, which was the final push that made me decide to have RNY. We have 2 daughters between us, 14 and 4 and we absolutely wanted more together. My surgeon says to wait 12-18 months, and that would have put me at 35 when we would be able to start trying. We decided to use our "waiting period" wisely and meet with the fertility docs and start the extensive testing and harvesting during that time so we could hit the ball rolling. At almost 5 months post op we had our first appointment with the specialists and were told that as soon as my weight stabilized for 2 months we could start harvesting eggs as my nutritional intake and vitamin/mineral levels were great, but my husband should have a surgery to help our stats and make it so we could hopefully do IUI vs IVF. He had that surgery, which was far more extensive then the docs expected, within the month and well what do you know we wind up conceiving naturally. We are 24 weeks today, I lost weight for the first couple months and have now been stable for the last 2. Our little guy, Oliver, is growing wonderfully and everyone thinks I am still losing weight as it is just redistributing. There is definitely a mental part to pregnancy this soon after surgery though. I had barely gotten used to having a fletter stomach that didn't stick out so when it started growing I had to keep telling myself its just him and its for a good reason. I also have to eat 4 times a day now minimum (about every 4 hours) or I get hypoglycemic. Best of luck in figuring out this tough choice. I am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason so I hope when you are ready that your next little one comes along easily.
  8. You and the entire family will be in my thoughts and prayers. So sorry you are having to deal with this, especially now. I hope it will bring some end to your ongoing issues at the very least. I also have faith that Eli will be well cared for and safe. I have a good friend who had to have emergency gallbladder surgery while pregnant just a few months ago, both her and her little girl are perfectly healthy and happy now.
  9. I told my daughter from the very beginning of the process. She was 13 and learned better nutrition with me along the way. She looks at things and prioritizes protein first just like I do. I was torn before surgery about telling all my loved ones and friends but ultimately made the decision to tell them myself as I did not want to leave that for my husband to explain if something went wrong, he would have enough to deal with without having to explain my choice to people.
  10. Depending on what your average BS was before surgery you could definitely be feeling like its a low when it is not. When I was first diagnosed as type 2 years ago and my A1C was at 10 I started strictly monitoring my sugar and my diet. I had many instances where I had all the symptoms of lows but when I checked it was still within normal range. The issue was that my body was so used to higher BS that it felt it was low with normal. 90 is not a bad number at all, and makes me wonder if this is what is going on with you too. Just give yourself some time to adjust and keep monitoring it closely. As far as getting in your protein and fluid intake, its all about a little more each day and sipping constantly. Make sure you always have a drink with you, and make sure you go no more then 15 minutes without having sips. I drink over 100 ounces daily and did pre-op as well and it took me about 1 week post op to get above 64 ounces in a day. I am also very strict on myself even to this day and will not move on to another beverage or start my 30 minute countdown to eating until I finish whatever drink I have open. I track every drink I have and only drink from bottles that I know this size of. My family find it hysterical when I get a new water bottle and put it on the food scale to measure exactly what it holds before using it. It is all a balancing act and will take a little time to get used to but fluids and protein will be your focus the rest of your life, you've had years of bad habits that need to be broken and these new ones that need to be established, don't feel you need to rush yourself and have it all down within the first week, you will definitely get it all with time.
  11. I agree these posts are very interesting. I have had zero hunger since about 1 week into my pre-op liquid diet and I am thrilled it hadn't returned. The loss of the hunger has allowed me to completely change my view on food and what our relationship means. I do enjoy food still, sometimes, but others I simply eat because I have too. It has been a total mind trip now with pregnancy and hypoglycemic epsiodes that I have to eat 4 times a day and could care less to actually do it. And funny enough. I have been craving egg drop soup off and on for the last few weeks, but every time I get it well its just disappointing. I have tried different restaurants to no avail, it just sounds better in my head then in my mouth, major case of head hunger with that one I guess.
  12. That is most definitely have a little one in there! You have an adorable bump! I have been out of work sick all week and when I came back in this morning I had 2 coworkers immediately tell me how round my bump is, and my teenager told me I have a basketball belly over the weekend lol. It is so different from 14 years ago when I was pregnant with her at 350lbs! This pic is from last week, 18 weeks along with our little guy!
  13. They changed our due date since my last post, it is now March 3, but we have to have a scheduled c-section so our little guy will be born the last week of Feb now. Thursday we will be 18 weeks, so just 2 weeks behind you. We were super impatient with waiting until our next ultrasound (the 20 week full anatomy) to find our gender so we went this past weekend to a place in Boston for an elective scan. We found out we are having a little boy too! His name is Oliver Mark and we couldn't be happier, his 2 big sisters are very happy to know now too so we can call him by name! I have been feeling movement for a bit but they say with each pregnancy you are more in tune to the first movement feelings and are then aware of them sooner. My 14 year old has had him kick her a few times, the best position for this has been me laying on my back with knees/feet dangling off the bed, she then puts presure on the rounded side of my uterus that we feel for and she feels the whole uterus move when he is annoyed with her pushing too much lol
  14. The final push for me to have WLS was finding out after 2 years of ttc that my husband had 10% count of what it should be to get pregnant. We were told we needed IFV and I knew I needed to take care of myself for that to even be an option. I had surgery 12/1/14 and everything went great, I lost 50 lbs before surgey and was losing great after. Since I am 33 we wanted to use our 12-18 month waiting period to do the research and get the testing and info we needed to hit the ground running once we were ready. We met with the fertility specialist in April and he told us that 6 months after my weight stabilized we could do our first round of IFV. He did blood work and another semen analysis on my hubby, based on the prior analysis and the physical exam, he recommended my husband have a vericocelectomy and told us 2 months after my weight stabilized we could go back to start the egg harvesting process. He told us based on numbers there was no need to us any birth control. Well my husband had that surgery the end of April, it was far more extensive then the urologist expected, he had 5 extra blook vessels removed (a vericocele is like a vericose vein in the teste, too much blood flow, extra heat, kills the sperm). He was due to go have a follow up analysis done 3 months later, but he never did since 2 months after his surgery we found out we were pregnant. 7 months post-op, I rushed to my surgeons office the day after we found out to check in with them, and based on my diet, nutrition, blood work, and excersize they said we were perfectly safe. They are following me no differently then if it were 3 years after surgery. I follow the program still, keep in tough with them, and my endrocinologist and of course OB. I am considered a normal pregnancy, my blood sugars are under control, and so far on the 2 ultrasounds we have had everything is going along perfectly. They actually changed our due date at the last ultrasound so now our newest little peanut should arrive (scheduled c-section) during winter break for our 14 year old, which is awesome since she will want to be right there with us at the hospital getting to bond with the new baby. In no way am I saying not to follow your program and docs orders but I definitely am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason when the time is right. Enjoy this time getting to know the knew you and getting settled into your new lifestyle. Take the time for yourself and your husband and your current kiddo, you all deserve it and we know once a baby arrives you will not get that time lol.
  15. Congrats! I am 14 weeks now, and got pregnant about the same time out post op. I too was Type 2 diabetic prior to WLS, my A1C was down to 4.7 post op. I found myself having low sugars between meals so have had to switch to 4 meals a day, about every 4 hours I eat. I have been in close contact with my endocrinologists office and last week I went in and got a continuous glucose monitor put on. I wore it for 6 days, and it took a sugar measure every 5 minutes for the entire 6 days. I had to track what I ate with time and carbs if known so they could match it up with the monitor results. I just returned it today and am awaiting the results. The machine was maybe 2 inches and circular, while it slightly annoying to have it on I felt it was the best and easiest way to get a complete picture of what my sugars did during all hours. I have already decided that I would more then willingly wear it again later in the pregnancy if it would help to again get 100% accurate 24 hour numbers. We saw our OB last Friday and she was very pleased to hear I had opted to wear the meter and am closely working with the specialist. On another note, my doc has qualified me as normal pregnancy, but due to medical history we are having a Level II scan with MFM docs anyways. I told my husband we needed to finish up and pick a girls name before out next ultrasound cuz I would feel so guilty if they told us gender and its a girl when we only had a boys name lol BTW my husband is a huge Star Wars fan and I love that you are calling the baby your wookie!