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  1. I didn't have much pain unless I coughed. I took all my meds and had a lot of nausea. My biggest pain was when I tried to get in and out of bed. Hurt pretty bad and even felt like I ripped everything apart in there one time when I got up too fast (thinking it would hurt less) but all was fine. Once I was up and about it was fine. I was walking laps in the hospital that night after my surgery. I had the bypass. I had my gallbladder out a few years back and the pain was similar to that. Tenderness and tired easily but all in all, with pain meds very manageable!
  2. What an accomplishment!!!! And I can't wait to go to Cedar Point one day myself!!!
  3. I have the following for sale $3 each plus you pay shipping: 2 pair brown Fashion bug red triangle fit pants, 24w 1 pair each sag harbor black, brown, dress pants 24W 1 pair Worthington 22W black dress pants 3pair black Fashion bug blue circle fit pants 22W 3 pair black fashion bug red triangle fit dress pants 22W 2 pair Avenue 24 average black dress pants 1 pair sag harbor black 20W dress pants Jeans: Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans 24w one pair light wash and one dark wash 24 average straight leg Avenue denim dark wash 26 Fashion bug light wash denim jeans Bootcut
  4. I had the same and it felt like I had ripped something apart for several weeks. Even talked to my surgeon about it and she said it was just the healing. Mine wasn't extremely painful though but it did hurt a lot but I dealt with it. Then, one day it was gone. Hopefully yours will go away soon and it's nothing more than your body healing.
  5. Good luck and wishing you a speedy recovery!!!
  6. All the black Fashion Bug Pants are sold. I do still have two pair of brown red triangle fit 24w pair. I also have one black and one brown pair of Sag Harbor brand 24W pants too.
  7. I was the same. Wondering if I really wanted to give up all the things that got me to the size I am. I kept telling myself I had to do this. Things have to change and this will help me do it. My weight was getting in the way of living life and doing things I really wanted to get out and do. You can do this.
  8. Awesome! Can't wait to reach Onederland!
  9. My goodness you look great!! WOW! Congrats girl!!!
  10. You look fabulous! Congrats on your accomplishment!!!