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  1. I have always exercised slow jog in the forest and trails nearby my parents house in the countryside. Stephtay your title hit it right on the spot for me personally. The whole process I crave is the personal time spent allowing my body to work into the music, get excited into the music ( I often have used cardio-style dance music) and this allows me to 'break apart' each feeling, emotion and then label and organize that... A 'compartmentalization process' that I have needed both pre-operation and now post-operation. It becomes a very spiritual feeling running in all the beautiful 130 acres of
  2. Excellent work. You can see the happiness in your face as well.
  3. Thank you for the well wishes. I will be keeping in touch. I've lost 12-14 lbs on the pre-op liquid diet for 3 weeks now. Funny thing is, I am not really hungry and a lot of my cravings to mindless eat are gone it seems for now. Just the smells of the food cooking gets me this late in the game, but I will be fine post-op slowly re-adding the food I can eat in stages. Oh dear lord bless me on this silver cold table come Monday...
  4. Hello... As I write this it is very emotional for me to do. It has taken years to get to this point. Internet research, books, mental processing and lots of appointments, forms, and travelling to out of town clinics and doctors. It has not been an easy ride. I have questioned myself is this right for me throughout the ride? What can I expect as a post Op-Bariatric patient? What is required for me to be successful, and can I maintain that level for the rest of my life? All of these questions have helped me lead right back to here, to this starting point. A desire for change! A desir
  5. Hello, I did some very depressing research on Coffee Mate, probably the reason alone I have never been able to loose weight was this stuff right here. I have been using Coffee Mate for as long as I can remember. My Parents always putting Milk and Sugar mostly in their Coffees and me ALWAYS using Coffee Mate (Powder) and then a Splenda and half of sachets. After reading your responses above from a not so few years back I have decided I have to go Black and or use that international Sugar Free creamers... Coffee was just one of those last pleasurable things that I could be addicted to an
  6. I am about a month and a half till surgery time... Still hasn't hit me, and I think the holy .... bricks will fall when its a few weeks before. I am nervous, but I am anxious I want this to start. I have had years of internal dialogue with myself over this surgery and even more years worth of weight watching, dieting and hard core exercising that's led to fleeting weight loss. I am sick of feeling controlled by being overweight, I want to free myself. I don't want to eat for simply the taste, for the boredom, those days are fired. I want to mountain bike, I want to jog in the woods again, I wa
  7. Wow! Holy man you are an inspiration. Can't wait to get my surgery started!
  8. That sounds literally amazing... I have been pouting inside every time passing a Starbucks at this time of year... That smell. Pumpkin spice! It can also be very much a Christmas treat too. Wonder if you could make somehow a Splenda Vanilla whip to top it for sitting by the Fireplace!
  9. In Line to Feelin Fine!... Now Wait for Surgery Date! Finished passing all my appointments, blood works, endoscopy, sleep studies, nutritionist and nurses. Now just awaiting in line for my Surgery Date and Doctor from Toronto! The closer I get to this operation the closer it feels so right. I deserve it and I work hard for it. I will continue to work hard for it after.
  10. Sorry for your loss... Thank you for sharing your info. I went to the hospital after work with a splitting migraine, pressure headache... At my desk to get through the day taken 4 regular advil liquid gels, and 2 tylenol extra strength. Turned out I had a pituitary tumor bursting. The Doctor said "I was one more pill close to burning out my Liver."
  11. I am wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too early being pre-op, but I've already been loosing weight and feel great. Been thinking before I started, that I always wanted to get into Mountain Biking in the XC Trails nearby I live. Awesome great trails that end overlooking a view of the City in the bluffs. Kona Fire Mountain AT
  12. Thank you for the great replies. I have taken bits and pieces of your knowledge together amassed. I went to Walmart today and picked up several beef jerky packages the peppercorn I already knew I liked! Choose the hot sauced kind and original. - Greek Yogurt (Love the texture an zero sugar in vanilla, great desert taste) - No Sugar Cozy Shack Rice Pudding cups - No Sugar Chocolate Jello Cups - Kraft Cheese Strings - Pre-Cooked, Sliced Chicken in Packages - Walnuts (Love Walnuts with Oat Meal, Or On a Salad) - Cream of Wheat Cereal - Six Star Whey Protein Isolate, Vanilla (Non Caf
  13. Post Op WLS Food Staples... Hello Gang, I am Pre-Op and have been eating the post op diet, exercising; generally making the changes I need to do now for after the fact is a bit easier. I have been finding it hard to shop and find things that are WLS friendly. I have all the vegetables, and grains (very few carbs personally) however I am looking for foods of high protein. I would really find it interesting what all the members on Thinner Times have as their staples for proteins in their diets. The reliable go to protiens that sustain you on a day to day basis. I am into the tuna
  14. One would think the pork in itself would be very high in cholesterol. I have seen them at Walmart before, and I have enjoyed some in the past. It will be good to use as you all have stated for cracker type situations, and for crushed and mixed salted coatings for fillets of chicken and fish in the oven. Yummers!
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