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  1. Snowshoeing! Tried it and really liked it. It was basically walking with weird shoes on. I live in NH, making lemonade out of lemons.
  2. I adore cast iron. I bought a dutch oven a couple of years ago and make a wonderful pot roast (Eggface's recipe) in it almost weekly. When I'm done, I clean the pot while it's warm by wiping with paper towels, using a plastic scraper if there's something stuck and then coating with canola oil and wiping it dry. If there's something really stuck, I boil water in it and then repeat. Love it and am now looking for garage sale cast iron.
  3. My grandparents had a home in Mattituck and Southold and we visited there all the time. It was potato farms, which are now wineries. I went back to see the beach we used to comb as children and there was a gate and no trespass sign. So sad. I couldn't even see the view. I hate that the water's edge belongs to anyone. It should be open to all, but people are thoughtless and messy and I understand why others want to keep them to themselves. Just so sad.
  4. This is interesting, but not surprising to me. I guess I just figure it's going to be a battle for the rest of my life. I don't think you can talk about eating potato chips and expect to remain at your desired weight. I just figure I'll have to track my food and movement forever and that that effort is worth it if I can keep my weight off. I do constantly worry about the moment when everything changes and I start gaining weight, but my support group and the program psychologist tell me that there is no "moment," just constant vigilance. I'm just trying to do well today. Everyday.
  5. This weekend we walked to breakfast, 2.6 miles, then back home 2.6 miles. While we were in town, we did some errands, so our total trip was about 6 miles. I NEVER in a million years thought I would be able to do that, nor would I ever do it just for "fun." Very cool.
  6. That's awesome. Keep up the good work, especially over the holidays.
  7. nhgal


    Hi, all, It's been a while since I posted. I have crossed the 100 lb lost mark (amazing!) and am now approaching my first surgiversary on 1/2. I can't quite believe it. I've spoken at our hospital's forums to tell my story and shown my before and after pictures. I feel great, the surgery went well and I had an easy recovery, relative to most. I have no complaints. My concern is that this is becoming so routine for me that I feel myself moving back into bad habits, particularly around the holidays/busyness of the season. Unfortunately I don't dump. I know the "cure" is to go back to basics, so I'm being sure to have the right foods/products in the house and to eat and drink them, even if I have a few other things. I still track everything on MFP, good and bad, every day. I am keeping my calorie intake under the nutritionist's recommendations, almost all the time. I've gained about a pound this month from some grazing behaviors and salty holiday foods. I think I just needed to write down what I've been up to, just to get it out of my system, and to just remind myself of the great gift I've been given in this procedure. I am truly living a new, free, comfortable, easy life. I am very grateful for that gift. It is amazing how little of the discomfort of the pre- and post-op I remember, how little I recall the constant pain of carrying a hundred extra pounds around everywhere everyday, of the emotional weight of being fat in social situations, of the impracticalities of trying to maneuver as an obese person in a thinner world. I am so blessed with good health, good life, good fortune. Why would I even think of messing that up? I can get this under control NOW at 1 lb gain. I will NOT let it pile up like before and become an insurmountable obstacle and a physical torture. I have the tools, I have the skills, I have the foods, I have the support, I have the faith. I will not give up on myself so easily. I won't throw the gift away. Interestingly, as I've been experimenting a little with my formerly favorite foods, I discovered I don't really get the same satisfaction from them that I used to: they leave me empty and wanting more, and usually feeling lousy, so what is the point? Instead, I think I'll treat myself to a long peaceful walk or a bubble bath. Doesn't that sound good? Thank you all for being my go-to community of wisdom when I need to be strong. Peace, nhgal
  8. My go-to is Powerade Zero. It keeps my potassium/calcium/magnesium/sodium up and keeps me from being lightheaded and from cramping.
  9. nhgal

    Stomach noises

    MIne too...yesterday in church it was so loud I was sure everyone could hear it. It feels like the alien is going to pop out at any moment!
  10. nhgal

    Weight Loss 101

    No, it's not a course. It's the number of pounds I have lost this year. Pretty exciting. I began this journey on 9/11/14 by attending the info session at PRH and then making a serious commitment to losing weight. This 9/11, I weighed 101 less. What a gift and blessing. The year has had very few challenges--and I suspect the hardest work is ahead as I try to maintain the loss--but it was SO worth it. Peace, nhgal
  11. That's so great. I am in a 14 now, and it is fun to shop. I went to Kohls with a $20 gift card and got 4 pairs of pants for an extra $6. I also bought the dress for my son's wedding and I tried on 30 dresses that night. It's so much fun to have choices, instead of the same pants you always get in the next size. Congratulations.
  12. nhgal


    So excited! Thank you for your support and wisdom, TT!
  13. Happy to meet you. Read the threads here. They are filled with wisdom and hope.
  14. If you get a high-protein, low-carb cookbook, it will probably provide what you are looking for. I have an Atkins cookbook and most of what's in there is fine for me now. I just avoid the high-fat meats. Any combination of protein and veggies will do it.
  15. Just part of the process...it will change, dramatically, from time to time depending upon the stage and types of food you are eating. I have found that I have to have some natural fiber (salad/fruit) and some fat to be comfortable in this area and that I have to have my fluids (60+ oz) daily to be okay. When I use processed foods (like protein bars or even just shakes) too much, and not fruits and veggies, I suffer. So if I'm having a shake, I throw in some frozen berries or spinach. If I'm having protein for lunch/dinner, I make sure to include veggies. Had an apple for a snack the other day (who ever thought an apple would fill you up?). Just keep experimenting to find the right mix. Also, I find I need a little fat in the diet. Don't cut it all out or you will be sooo constipated!