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  1. 20 more pounds

    after you have been out of the honeymoon stage & maintaining a stable weight, has anyone went back & lost more weight? how did you do it? anything drastic? have you been able to keep it off? the reason for asking: I am just over the line to being over weight by the bmi charts, if I lose 10 to 20 pounds more I will hit normal weight by the chart. would like to get there for 1 time in my life. does this make sense? right now I vary between 205 & 212 and need to get under 200 lbs to be in the normal range. before it is said, yes I know what bmi charts mean. have been told that most of my excess weight is excess skin. my pcp told me that if I had it removed I would be under 200(surgery not going to happen).
  2. Hungry

    I notice a lot of people say they don't get hungry any more & have to remind themselves to eat. how do you get to this point? is there anything I can do to get to this point? I actually have pain in my intestines (to low to be my stomach) if I go to long with out eating.
  3. Not sure where to put this post.

    I still struggle with #1. I use saucers & smallest plates/bowls I can find to eat off of. at times I still think it not enough still. a lot of it is a head game.
  4. Tea suggestions

    need suggestions for hot tea. I have not drank very much hot tea & have not found any I like. the only hot drink I have is coffee & would like to replace part of it with tea. I used to drink a lot of iced sweet tea, when I started with the iced unsweetened tea it tasted like muddy water to me(this was years ago). we have a kurig coffee maker & I guess I need a starting point to start. I have tried 3 or 4 different 1s but I haven't found any I like. would like to find 1 so I can drink coffee in the morning & tea in the afternoon & evening to go along with over 100 ounce of water. right now I use coffee in the evening when cold. thanks
  5. Tea suggestions

    salt cuts the bitterness in coffee, will it do the same for tea?
  6. Tea suggestions

    Bigfuzzy will probably stay, had it for years, I am a long way from being small. I am 6'4" & just over 200lbs so I don't see it going away. I have tried a few teas & have found nothing that hits the spot. I drank sweet tea all my life up till 3 or 4 years ago, when I tried unsweetened it wasn't worth the effort. now i don't even like the unsweetened that comes in the bottle.
  7. Tea suggestions

    the only time my surgeon wanted me totally off coffee was the 2 weeks after surgery, then he told me I could start back. it amazing how the programs & requirements differ with different surgeons. will try the celestial seasonings 1st.
  8. Tea suggestions

    do you use milk &or sweetener in it.
  9. Medications

    How many people have had to go back on diabetes &,or blood pressure meds after getting off them? One of the primary care phy. that I very rarely see told me that people would have to go back on diabetic meds long term. None of the other drs have told me this. if you have had to go back on them, have you had weight regain &,or are you following your program? how long was it before you had to start back? I am talking long term not 6 months or a year. any other medicine you have had to start taking. my surgeon & usual pc told me I should not have to go back on any meds as long as I stayed on the path.
  10. I got to the point that I couldn't sleep with it running, too much pressure. I talked with dr & he wanted me to have a sleep study to see if it could be reduced or stopped. with a cost of $4 thousand+ for the study I just stopped using. wife told me I was sleeping fine, so I packed it up. it was 6 to 8 months after surgery.
  11. I had used a cpap for around 20 years. before surgery I ran a pressure of 14, couldn't sleep without it. after I lost some of my weight(around 65lbs) I started having dry mouth & waking up at night. went to my pulmonary dr to have pressure lowered & they told me I would have to have a sleep study done before they could lower it. sleep study would have cost me 5500 dollars that I couldn't afford with my ins. I stopped using it, my wife paid attention to me sleeping & told me I didn't snore or wake up from not breathing. I haven't used it since. it is wonderful sleeping without it after all those years.
  12. labels

    when you are shopping or getting ready to eat something what do you look at 1st on the label ? calories, sugar or carbs?????? what are your standards for each 1?
  13. Thoughts on liver

    what are your thoughts on eating chicken & beef liver?
  14. labels

    I guess I didn't make it clear in question. I don't have a problem with protein, I make goal 9 out of 10 days. I see post from time about people watching calories &or carbs along with sugar. not interested in protein, that is the 1st thing I look for. I also know you can eat high protein & still get in trouble with weight regain if you don't watch calories & carbs. not worried about fiber at this time. I would like to know what you look for 1st 2nd & 3rd on the labels with calories sugar & carbs & how much. do you just watch 1 of them like carbs or a combination of them. where do you draw the line on carbs, calories & sugar? this is for after the honey moon period is over & you are trying to maintain. don't mean to be so direct, thanks to all
  15. Clothes- when to move on

    I hate throwing out good Carhartt tee shirts (not away, I usually give to my son now). I still have 2 xlarge that I wear around the house, even though I can fit in a medium. mostly wear larges.
  16. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I have a pair of 54x34 jeans & a 4xl tee shirt rolled up in the back of a cabinet. have not taken out to make picture as I still lose a few pounds every now & then. thought I would get my bmi down below over weight before I made a picture.
  17. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    my son & the lady that grooms my dogs both told me that I needed to get rid of my size 36 jeans. neither 1 had commented on my clothes before. that makes me buy size 34x34, 20" inches down from where I started 54x34. still doesn't seam real.
  18. info

    interesting article. when you get to the bottom of the 1st page there are a series of them
  19. info
  20. Blood pressure

    I am over a 1 & 1/2 years out. Before surgery I was on 2 blood pressure meds, I am off both since surgery. I check my blood pressure & glucose every morning. my blood pressure after surgery had dropped in to the 100s to 1 teens over 60s to 70s. now 1st thing in the morning it is checking upper 120s to upper 130s over upper 70s to mid 80s. a lot of times after a walk or in the after noon it will check in the low 100s to low 1 teens over upper 60s to low 70s. I don't like it going back up. any thoughts as to why or what to do about it. I don't want it to keep climbing & have to go back on meds. why does it check lower in the afternoons, looks like it would higher then when I first get up.
  21. Blood pressure

    mentioned to dr the last time I saw him(2 months ago) he didn't seamed concerned & didn't think it would go over 140/90. due to my wonderful Obama care policy I cant run to the dr all the time. I don't go to the surgeon due to insurance not covering it until 6000 dollar deductible is paid.(still haven't figured out why it cost my wife & myself over 1700.00 a month)I just thought that with all the resources(people) on here someone may have had this happen. Delilas, I don't take meds anymore so not the problem also don't think it is the salt as I have reduced it.
  22. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    63 degrees, yesterday it was 97 on my back deck in the shade, today is suppose to be hotter. since surgery the heat doesn't bother me much but the humidity still kills me.
  23. BCBS Approval

    the best thing I think you can do is call your ins. company & have them send you the requirements in writing. I went through all the supposedly requirements with bcbs telling me there was no 6 month diet requirements, then when surgeon filed they told me about it & said they were sorry if they miss led me. now the back page of my insurance policy has a list of things not covered & weight loss surgery is 1 of them.
  24. How much time did you take off after surgery?

    need to discuss with your surgeon. I was going back to work In 2 weeks till he told me I would be out for 4 weeks. he told me then we can discuss when I would return to work. he told me the reason was I might lift or do something without thinking. he is the person that controls the paper work, most company's will not let you return with out release.
  25. Glad

    I am glad to see men don't have many problems? haha