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  1. how much iron can you take daily? my wife has very low iron and her doctor wants her to take 3 tablets daily?
  2. https://www.webmd.com/vitamins-and-supplements/news/20201110/multivitamins-benefits-are-all-in-your-head-study?ecd=wnl_spr_111420&ctr=wnl-spr-111420_nsl-ftn_2&mb=0N6NQkI3i1b1hXwschFCejgPUMV3EjqKKv98kn7Ty1Y%3d#1
  3. Found it, the protein shake with the most protein I have found. Fairlife Core Power Elite 42g of protein. regular Fairlife core power has 26g of protein yes i didn't pay attention or read the label before i bought or worse before i took a drink. it has 230 calories carbs 9g sugars 7g I couldn't drink made me feel it after 1 drink & I threw the rest away, but if you have to have a lot of protein. drink at your own risk!!!!!
  4. I hate using a bath sheet now, its too big & it gets in the way when drying off.
  5. no problems really, still have to watch what & when i eat like everyone. I feel hungry a lot & at times it still doesn't go away after eating. i was wanting to know why people get revisions & if i would(may) need 1 down the road & why. inquiring minds want to know.
  6. has anyone done this? why did you have it done? what was the out come, any problems, upside & down side? Did it fix any problems you had with gastric bypass?
  7. depends on your doctor. some say never, some say it doesn't matter after you heal.
  8. if you take calcium citrate with d3 in it, do you need to take a separate d3 pill? the calcium I take has 125% of daily requirements of d3 already in it
  9. i think that most times it is worse to lose a pet than someone. when you lose a pet, most times you are on your own.
  10. does zicam work after you are sick? will be going back to pharmacy to try elderberry and get some zicam. thanks to all
  11. was the NyQuil better than booz? haha trying the Tylenol cold & flu. from past experience i am not sure anything works for me seams like in the past i had to ride it out. i dont get sick often but when i do i am a wimp
  12. What is your goto cold medicine? Mainly head, sinuses, throat
  13. Bigfuzzy

    Meat Loaf

    what is your favorite recipe for meat loaf?
  14. would like to have suggestions on how to do this? the lowest I have been since surgery was around 205 when I quit losing after a year.
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