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  1. if you take calcium citrate with d3 in it, do you need to take a separate d3 pill? the calcium I take has 125% of daily requirements of d3 already in it
  2. i think that most times it is worse to lose a pet than someone. when you lose a pet, most times you are on your own.
  3. does zicam work after you are sick? will be going back to pharmacy to try elderberry and get some zicam. thanks to all
  4. was the NyQuil better than booz? haha trying the Tylenol cold & flu. from past experience i am not sure anything works for me seams like in the past i had to ride it out. i dont get sick often but when i do i am a wimp
  5. What is your goto cold medicine? Mainly head, sinuses, throat
  6. Bigfuzzy

    Meat Loaf

    what is your favorite recipe for meat loaf?
  7. would like to have suggestions on how to do this? the lowest I have been since surgery was around 205 when I quit losing after a year.
  8. Bigfuzzy


    Do you drink flavored water or just drink plain water during the day? The packets contain aspartame or another artificial sweetener which probably make you want to eat, if I remember correctly.
  9. Damn, I think you talked me out of it. I think I will try to use the low carb recipes thou. I am almost 3 years out & would like to lose 20 more pounds. losing 20 pounds would put me 5 pounds under 200, wouldn't care if I remained that low or not, just want to get under 200 & stay around 200. Thanks
  10. Does anyone eat a Keto diet? Can you give suggestions on how you do it?
  11. I have a job in public service & I tend to treat(help) heavier people more & treat them better. it may be that I know what they go thru?
  12. does everyone take iron? what amount? I see post telling people to take iron, just like vitamins. I was told by my surgeon that how much, when or if I had to take iron would be determined by blood work. he told me that taking too much iron was as bad as not taking enough. was he wrong?
  13. after you have been out of the honeymoon stage & maintaining a stable weight, has anyone went back & lost more weight? how did you do it? anything drastic? have you been able to keep it off? the reason for asking: I am just over the line to being over weight by the bmi charts, if I lose 10 to 20 pounds more I will hit normal weight by the chart. would like to get there for 1 time in my life. does this make sense? right now I vary between 205 & 212 and need to get under 200 lbs to be in the normal range. before it is said, yes I know what bmi charts mean. have been told that most of my excess weight is excess skin. my pcp told me that if I had it removed I would be under 200(surgery not going to happen).
  14. I notice a lot of people say they don't get hungry any more & have to remind themselves to eat. how do you get to this point? is there anything I can do to get to this point? I actually have pain in my intestines (to low to be my stomach) if I go to long with out eating.
  15. I still struggle with #1. I use saucers & smallest plates/bowls I can find to eat off of. at times I still think it not enough still. a lot of it is a head game.