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  1. For some reason my notifications were turned off and I couldn't find my thread. Thanks so much for all the advice. I'm still stuck but looking back on my logs, there's way too many carbs (fruit). I'll have to adjust that and see how that goes. Thanks again! And thanks for that guide!
  2. Hello everyone! I'm at 8 months out and down 74 pounds. I've been stuck in a stall for about 3, possibly 4 months now. It's literally driving me crazy. I had a goal of at least 100 pounds by year 1. I don't know what to do other than what I've done in the past--upped protein and water. Does the length of this stall seem normal? Anyone have Some insight? Thanks!
  3. This makes me feel better about my progress. Thank you!
  4. Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000105 EndHTML:0000003446 StartFragment:0000002457 EndFragment:0000003410 Thanks all! I've been trying to up my protein while changing up the flavor of my shakes. I might be adding way too many things to break up the monotony of the regular flavors (or the unflavored powder). I probably need to tone that down a bit. I don’t know that I can give up my fruits entirely. I’ve been doing fine without pasta/bread/rice but the fruits and veggies are too much to let go of. I’ll have to be smarter about how much I include per day. Coming up with creative ways to get the protein in is so hard!! Thanks for the positive comments!
  5. Thank you! My protein is usually somwhere around 70...give or take 10 grams. It all depends on how much i can consume that day (Another odd thing--some days it seems harder to eat/drink than others). Carbs can be anywhere from 50-80. Depending on the smoothie i make of the fruit i choose to eat with my yogurt/cheese/cottage cheese. Are those bad numbers?
  6. I'm stuck at 228 and I'm feeling like I'm doing something wrong. I feel like I should be losing more. I've stalled so many times. I went from feeling incredible to feeling very blah... I guess I'm just looking for some positive words of encouragement. Mostly about the amount of weight lost: Oct 2014 SW 294, Current weight 228. Would you consider that good progress? Also, I'm having a hard time with my fruit carbs. Should I be worrying about that? I use them with all of my protien intake. I feel like that may be a problem. Any insight? Thanks
  7. Awesome! I'll try those flavors and water it down more. Thanks again!!!
  8. OH man....that's gotta be tough I would miss that hair too!!! <3
  9. defsystem


    Your transformation is AMAZING and INSPIRING!! Great job!! Do you mind sharing your exercise routine?
  10. defsystem


    WOW! I'm definietly cutting my hair!!
  11. Are those the glass 20oz ones? Or are there other ones? Is there a flavor you water down most? I bought the red and coconut and both grossed me out big time--weird after taste.
  12. Oh! I don't Thought you said you had one, my mistake! Thanks again for your insight and sharing! I really appreciate it ❤️
  13. It's nice to hear that it DOES come back! Thank you for sharing that! Maybe I'll have to water down some isopure or shakes to help keep my protien up! That sounds more doeable than any other drinking option!
  14. It's always nice to hear your experienced thoughts/advice! I think for me the feeling of hunger (whether it truly exists or not) isn't too much of my concern. I'm more confused, I would say, about the capcity of the sleeve and how it seems to change--not daily but just every so often (and ive logged and see that it corresponds with my PMS--which has become significantly worse since the birth of my twins). I guess I just want to know if anyone else has experienced that.... From month 4 to month 10?? wow. That's intense. I'm glad to know that it does grow back. I'm still adapting to this new lifstyle. Hardest time for me was month 2 into month 3. I wasn't eating enough protien and I wasn't being smart about my limited space. I'm doing much better now but I still struggle to get enough protien in--no matter what i eat or drink. And i'm such a huge water drinker that I find myself preferring water over anything else and allowing that to take up my limited space--which i know isn't the smartest. Usually I'll have cheesy eggs or a protien smoothie for breakfast, chilli or chicken salad or some protien dish for lunch, and the same for dinner. Usually I can't snack in between and i fill up on water. I really need to figure out a way to pack in more protien. Another question for you Jolls--did you find it harder to eat/drink than others with the sleeve and do you think the heital (sp?) hernia had anything to do with it--possible scar tissue? Thanks again!!
  15. Although I'm not happy you're going through the same thing, I'm glad to know I'm not alone! I think at 4 months out, the hunger might be real....I've also been keeping a log of when it happens and it's usually a week or so before my monthly lady time.....So i'm wondering if there's a true connection..... And I agree, overall, I feel fantastic and I wouldn't trade it for the world! I'm so happy with it all and adjusting well! I HATE STALLS! I know when I stall i doubt myself A LOT. I do what everyone says to do (LOTS of water, LOTS of protien and move more) and usually that gets things going. Another thing my NUT told me was that not taking my viatmins more regularly could hinder movement.....Especially B12. Hope that helps and you see movement....Stalls are the worst!!! Oh, i agree 100%! Such a small and temporary sacrifice! I just hate seeing scalp when i pull my hair's a little embarrassing....I'm thinking of cutting it so i don't have the option to pull it up and concern myself with it lol! Thanks for sharing your experience!