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  1. I'm 53 days post op (vsg). My highest weight was 252.8 (5'6" Male). I am down 43.3 lbs to 209.5 lbs. I am 3 BMI points away from being overweight vs obese.
  2. My biggest concern is my up coming vacation. I'll be spending the entire week in the pool / ocean. Just don't want to have to wear a shirt the whole time
  3. I was on the morphine drip/ button for 2 days in the hospital then they transitioned me to Hycet (liquid Hydrocodone). I was sent home with an RX for 450ml of hycet 7.5-325/15ml. I have 3/4 of that bottle left. One I was up and moving pain was no longer an issue. Warning at least in my area liquid hydrocone is impossible to get filed at a pharmacy. I'm an hour from the hospital I had surgery at. I ended up having to go back to that hospital to get my RX filled.
  4. Monday will be my 1 month surgiversary. I'm down 31.5 lbs. I have went from 44 waist jeans to (tight 38's because they were in my closet) and from XXL Shirts to XL. My Goal is Onerland at the end of this month. Prior to surgery I was hoping for onerland in April. I have been taking a picture of the scale every other day (except for the week I was in a stall). I can't wait to make a gif that shows it dropping at 3 month!
  5. like others said every Dr has their own plan. mine was 2 protien shakes a day and a light meal. clear only day prior and nothing after midnight. We all seem to worry/question our Dr guidance. My Post op diet is significantly different then everyone else. 6 weeks of liquids 2 weeks much then 1 week soft. In the begging I thought 6 weeks of liquid would be impossible. I've stumbled off it a couple times on to purred foods. because there is even a disconnect between my DR, My NUT, and his PA on what I can / can't eat.
  6. My wife and I were discussing my personality changes since surgery the other day. She was commenting on how much more active I am. I told her it started 3 days post op. I can't stand not to be doing something. She also said I appear happier. Which I am.
  7. the discharge sheet is surgery agnostic and since it includes gastric by pass says no NSAID's ever. I tired to call my Dr office but his coordinator is out of office. last night I tried using my left over hycet (liquid Vicodin) which did not help. Sadly Motrin (ibuprofen) is the only pain killer I found to work on tooth pain for me. Until they safe it's safe I'm just dealing with it. I chose VSG because I have to take daily aspirin for life becuase of having had a heart attack. I've been off that until they say it's ok too.
  8. Not concerned per say. More curios to know when the significant risk has passed. ie how long until they consider the stomach healed over 100%
  9. Went to the dentist today (3 weeks post op) and I'm having tooth pain now. Normally I would take Motrin for this. is it safe this far out?
  10. I just took the clothes on my back and my tablet.
  11. congrats on the surgery date. I also stalled on the pre op diet. The body gets shocked by not having enough calories. You will do well. It's all down hill from here. every day get easier.
  12. is this your morning fasting BS? It could be dawn phenomenon ( )
  13. I don't know my a1c yet (only 3 weeks out). But my fasting BS was averaging 220 prior to surgery. that was taking lantus insulin and 1000mg metformin. 3 days post op my BS was down to the 120's so they gave me an RX for fast acting insulin. I had it filled but never needed it. Now at 3 weeks I am averaging 80 for fasting BS and post meal they are never higher then 140.