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  1. Just wanted to stop in and say chello... I lurk here every day, but I don't post a lot since I have been having smooth sailing all the way. I am down to 231 lbs (woot!) from a lifetime high of 306 on surgery day. I feel great..I exercise 4 times a week, I take prenatal vitamins, I drink calcium twice a day, and I don't snack. I plateau'ed for a week last week right at 244 lbs...but then began the downward slope again. I am glad to see so many people still around from the days of pre-op. For those who don't frequent "THE OTHER SITE" (que the JAWS music! )... ...my wife is pregnant (again) and we just found out that we are having a BOY! I have 2 girls already, so this is my little baby boy...God has chosen to bless me, for sure. Boy names are hard, aren't they? :/
  2. Isn't it amazing to go back and read old posts?
  3. Just wanted to make a quick update for everybody here... I am down to 222 lbs or so, and don't have anything left to wear forchrissakes! XD My sweat pants are falling off of me, my shirts hang off my neck, and my undies sag like....well...my belly does now! lol. Overall I am doing great...I still can't tolerate bread or rice. And, recently have confirmed that I am lactose intolerant now...but mainly with milk, and not cottage cheese, yogurt, or cheese. Eating out is a whole new experience for me, since I know i will have to eat whatever I order 3-4 times since the portions are WAY too big. even from a kids or senior menu. (Most places let me, you should ask if you dont already ). I haven't been exercising as much as I had been, but my weight loss hasn;t slowed a bit, I still lose on average a pound a day. I think this will slow in the very near future...at least I hope it does. D: Overall I feel great, have no pains or weird issues...and am loving my decision. Glad to see this thread so active btw...I read daily.
  4. Is this thread here just to have something to #*%$# about? Sorry if I come across a little rudis here...but once you get to a point where all of the sipping, foaming, protein shoveling becomes second nature, it seems like one would naturally solve the issues they do still have easily since they have cerainly experienced them before. What I am saying is...they simply forgot about how difficult it can be, and how others would benefit majorly from their input. My $.02 anywhoo...
  5. My foamies come out the "other" end. Terrible.
  6. I haven't a single time felt "hungry" since surgery. I force myself to eat, and have found myself wanting to eat b/c I was bored(my vice).
  7. Mine is getting a little squishy, and looks like my stretch marks are getting worse, but they are just losing their battle with the bulge.
  8. I am always here...lurking in the shadows of my former self. That was profound!! rofl.
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    The MAN thread!

    Could we lock this thread already?
  10. I can't handle the texture...unless it is deep fried.
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    The MAN thread!

    Hey, posting = traffic. Traffic = $$$