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  1. Hello All, I haven't posted in a while but I am close to 8 months out and have lost 100 pounds! I can't wait to get to onderland. It's still a daily struggle not to see my over 300 pound self when I look in the mirror but I am working on my internal dialogue. I know that I absolutely feel great.
  2. I measure lettuce on my food scale.
  3. Today I got on the scale and my weight is.......... 249.8! I have not been under 250 pounds in over 4 years.
  4. I will be 10 weeks from surgery tomorrow and I have lost 40 lbs since surgery and 55 lbs from my highest weight. I weigh myself everyday but I know that it is going to go up and down. I only record my weight on Mondays. As others have said, do not compare yourself to others. I realize it's easier said than done. Remember to be gentle with yourself. Change the conversation that is happening in your head. Fall in love with you again. You deserve happiness. We all do.
  5. I was off for 5 1/2 weeks and loved every minute of it. I have a desk job but it is very stressful. Loved being able to go through some food transitions before going back to work. Take the time that you need.
  6. I stayed in the hospital for two days. In on Tuesday discharged on Thursday. I was told during orientation that they required a 2 day hospital stay.
  7. I did liquids for 8 days and did not cheat (I was very shocked and proud of myself). It truly is a mental thing. It got easier for me after day 3. However, I did avoid all social events during that time. I had surgery the day after Memorial Day; so I did not attend any family gatherings or picnics. My friend here at work also did the diet with me so that helped having support during the day. Keep pushing forward and taking one day at a time.
  8. I have diabetes as well. I completely understand. We will survive and the weight will come off.
  9. Nope. There is definitely a learning curve. Some days I can eat the full 4 ounces must days I cannot. Be gentle with yourself. My surgeon doesn't want us relying on shakes exclusively but I have to get the protein in. So I will slowly wean myself off of them when my body is ready. We all don't move at the same pace.
  10. Hi. I am 7 weeks out and I still drink 1-2 shakes a day. I also drink protein water. I measure out 4 ounces of food and very seldomly eat it all. I am still learning Patti Labelle! (That's the name I gave my sleeve because she is definitely a DIVA!)
  11. I am a noob who joined this stie in October when I started the process for WLS. I am 7 weeks out from surgery. I don't post often but I read this forum daily. Because of the vetrans and others on this site, I was fully prepared for WLS. Some days I come here and need the direct approach from GAVIV, Sleeverilla, WIP and others. Other days I need the even/gentle approach of Papa G, Jolls and others. Some days things that both groups say irritate me. When that happens I stop and figure out is it me or them? 9 times out of 10, its me. We have control of our emotions. We choose to be offended by people. We choose to respond to those offenses. I do not believe anyone here is reading posts and saying "Let's see if I can hurt this person with my words". There are questions that as a Noob I want to jump on and say what are you thinking? Why do you think alcohol is a good idea at 3 weeks out? Why are you upset that vets are telling you not to have cheat meals at 6 weeks out? But I don't have to becuase I know one of the vets will. And as a noob I would prefer the advice from the people who are further along. We are all adults. We don't have to hold hands and sing kumbaya (I think I spelled that wrong). Come here get the support you need and leave. Stop worrying about how others will perceive something. Our perception, our lives, our fears dictate how we recieve and send information. The sender cannot possibly know how you are feeling that day to know how to respond. We are expecting too much from people we do not know on an online site. So please continue to be direct/sarcastic/gentle/even and honest with me. And as positive as I tried to be in this post, I'm sure someone will not like it. And the reality is, I could care less. Have a great day everyone.
  12. I hit my first stall at 5 weeks post op. I got on the scale on June 30th and it read 266. I was delighed. I got on the scale on July 2nd and it read 272! WTH! Then I remembered all of the information that I read on this site and recognized that I was finally having my "three week stall" a couple weeks late. LOL. Over the next 10 days my wweight would fluctuate between 269 and 272. Well today when I weighed in I was 267.2. Pre-op, the scale would completely freak me out. Now it is just a tool. I am 125 lbs from goal but I know that I will get there.
  13. You look amazing! Congratulations
  14. I was sleeved on May 26th and weighed 300 lbs. I am 5 weeks out and weigh 271 lbs. Fotunately I did not hit the dreaded three week stall or maybe I did and just didn't realize it. My relationship with the scale has definitely changed. I still weigh myself almost daily but I have found that the number no longer sends me into a frenzy. I think reading so much here I finally realized that the scale does not make or break success. I am on soft foods and dabbling with some regular foods. Had chicken and some pulled pork. No beef. I really want a salad and some fresh fruit. Waiting to here back from NUT. I truly have found that this forum prepared me for surgery and post-op.