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  1. Almost at 10 month post surgery and down 81 pounds. I'll take it but I'm not finished yet!!

    1. Relovlee
    2. Lori88


      That is great! Congrats!

  2. Let's keep this moving! Hit 60 today after 4 months. Starting to slow but I'm okay with that. I feel so much better.

    1. Cheesehead


      60? With all that snow out there?! Awesome! We are supposed to go subzero this week :(. Looks like you're doing great!

    2. Brooke Danielle

      Brooke Danielle

      Looks like you're doing good! That's great progress in 4 months!

    3. halfmysizesoon


      WOW I am just finding this GREAT news out!!!! Good for you~ it shows... looking FABULOUS!!!!

  3. Hi, how are you doing? Figured we could check in with each other since we had similar beginnings. Any issues? How's the weight loss?
  4. Hit 50 pounds today! 50 more to go... Good luck everyone!

    1. halfmysizesoon


      WOW!!!! You are doing AMAZING!!!!!! Such an inspiration!!!!!!!

  5. Hit 45 pounds today! Feeling good! Let's keep this going....

    1. bondkatt



      So, are you a mom of three dogs? Because if so, me too! 3 dogs and 6 cats! (oy!)

    2. dogmomof3


      Not sure why I didn't see this. Yes 3 dogs. 2 kids. No cats but I love all animals.

  6. Yayyyy! Congrats!! Heres to never going back! Happy Holidays and happy HEALTHY new year to everyone!!!
  7. Good luck today. I also have my doc appt today. NUT appt was yesterday and was a group session. It was good talking to others with surgeries same date as mine. Hope you are feeling well. Im also curious why the stall in weight loss. And also why I am HUNGRY??! Keep us posted!!
  8. Today is day 11 postop. Surgery was 10/28. I finally feel great! I have been doing preop diet since late September. reason being I was scared of fatty liver and wanted to get a jump on weight loss. The diet for all that time was 3 - 4 protein drinks and one healthy meal per day. I did lose and that's great. BUT since surgery I cannot stomach the smell of taste of protein powder. I am hardly getting in any protein at all. My diet is at Stage 2 which is solely protein drinks. I will move to stage 3a on Thursday. I jumped ahead a bit and started to eat yogurt, cottage cheese and oatmeal. I figure it's better than not getting in anything. I know my doc and nutritionist will be less than pleased about this. They emphasized sticking to diet every time I met with them. I'm nervous for my appt on Monday.
  9. HI Halfmysizesoon, My surgery wass 8 days ago 10/28. I was 220 I am 213 today. Average 1 lb per day. You seem to be doing great! Keep it up.
  10. I can swallow pills s long as they are smaller than a tic tac. Makes my life so much easier.
  11. I am on solely proteins shakes and clear liquids until day 16. Today I found out I'm allowed Jello and a small amount of apple sauce. I'm excited about it.