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  1. I am having my stomach and arm skin removed in 2 weeks. I am super excited but extremely nervous. Has anyone has both surgeries at the same time? Suggestions? Sleeping? How long were you out of work? I have about 1lb of skin from each arm and around 4 to 6 pounds off my stomach. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  2. I love the chocolate chip cookie dough quest bars. I have about 1/3 of a bar at night for my "dessert"
  3. I usually put 1 pack of truvia in it and that is all.
  4. I am making the homemade kind with milk. I haven't tried the steel cut. Is there a difference?
  5. Mommy Redmond


    I was wondering if anyone can eat oatmeal. I want to so bad. I am actually craving it but every time I eat it, I dump. I know weird. Anyone else have that problem or solution?
  6. I am officially one year out. I am so happy with the results. Down almost 135 pound and hopefully stopping. I have an appointment next week with my doctor and will discuss how to stop losing and such. I have gone from morbid obese to a normal BMI. Never thought in a million years I would see that. I feel so blessed to have had this surgery and feel like it has been the most amazing tool that I could ever receive.
  7. I have hit my goal weight a couple of weeks ago. I am so excited and thrilled to have lost what was set out for me. I feel so amazing and can't believe the energy that I have now. My problem is I am still losing. I go to the doctor in 2 weeks for my year check up. Can't wait for that!!! I have tried upping my calories but it makes me sick to my stomach so I am just going to wait out the next 2 weeks. I also love to workout so I know that is not helping the cause either. I am so happy to be where I am at but I am also so scared. Part of me knows that I need to stop losing but part of me is scared it will come back. I know some of this has to be normal. I am still measuring what I eat and all that stuff. I know that a lot of it is just mental and I am working on that also.
  8. I am having the same exact problem. I can't seem to quit losing but I am also working out a lot. I try to hit the gym 4 to 5 days a week and run 3 of those days. When I have tried to up my calories it makes me sick. I know weird. I go back to the dr. in a couple of week and can't wait to see what he says.
  9. I went on a weekend sight visit and took quest bars and they were great. I also took some peanut butter.
  10. I have this problem now but it is due to my low blood pressure. It is kind of funny thinking I use to be on blood pressure meds because it was too high. Just get up slowly and make sure you have your balance before moving.
  11. We have all gone through this. I had a hard time with it. It does come back. Mine is growing back now but it is a different texture if that makes an sense. Just keep doing what you are going. It will be ok. I never got an bald spots or anything like that.
  12. I so get this. It is a struggle to see myself as the smaller person that I am now. This is the smallest I have ever been as an adult. I go to buy clothes and have to remind myself that I am a smaller person. It is definitely a mind game sometimes.
  13. I drink it everyday but it is also decaffeinated. I haven't had caffeine in over a year and really don't miss it. Why go back after being free this long.
  14. I was out to eat eating. Thanks
  15. My question is: my stomach is hurting after I eat. Extreme pain. Have I eaten too much? I feel full but I tried to throw up and couldn't. Any suggestions?