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  1. Down 70 Pounds in 9 months ... Very slow seeing the number on the scale change, but my body and mind are leaps and bounds ahead of the number on the scale!!

    1. wyominggirl


      That's wonderful!

    2. bondkatt


      I just saw your comment after I posted mine about being a slow loser! While I'm not loosing the big numbers like some other people do, I have still lost more in a month than I have ever done on a regular diet!! Best wishes to you!

  2. I am down 65 pounds... Feel so incredibly good!!! WLS was the BEST thing I have ever done!!!

    1. Jenz


      Awesome! Great job!

    2. leigha


      Woo Who!!!!

  3. I too am a slow loser... but I know I am doing and feeling amazing! I had my surgery 10/20/14 and have lost 63 pounds my Dr told me at my 6 month appointment that her would be happy with my loss at my one year mark~ that it was I think 57% of my extra weight and that I should keep it up and really make sure to work extra hard with my exercise and weight loss.. that the next 6 months to a year are the most important. This is the time when people get a little complacent and even cocky. I will be working extra hard and kicking it up a notch... I tend to compare myself to others which is not good,
  4. Slow and steady... I finally have hit 50 LBS down!!! It's been a little over 4 months. Feel and look so much better!

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    2. duffman27


      Congrats! great job!

    3. dogmomof3


      Yayyyy!! Way to go my friend! And you do look gorgeous!! Meet at the gym in the am? Xoxoxo

    4. halfmysizesoon


      Thank you! I am staying positive and trying not to compare myself to others... we all go at our own pace! Haha Dogmomof3 right back atcha!!!

  5. Lauren, You amaze me!!! Completely in Awe of you!!! Keep it up!!!!!
  6. AMAZING!!!! You are doing such a fantastic job!!!! I had posted a response from my phone when I saw this and it never went through~ I am truly amazed that you have lost over 50 lbs already!!! What are you doing?? I am down but only 35 and it is soooooo slow! I was sick with an ulcer thankfully the medicine is working and I feel so much better. I feel like I am losing at a much slower rate than most... Any words of wisdom?? Thanks and keep up the great job!!
  7. Milk of Magnesia worked overnight for me and my Dr recommended it. Also the chewable Senna seems to help. 1-3 Colace a day (and they are not a stimulant) the other two are and you don't want your body to become dependent on them. My nutritionist who I saw yesterday told me to take Benafiber~ its a tasteless powder that you mix into water. At this stage (I had GBS on 10/20) we are not getting enough fiber so she said this will help a lot. I too am having the same issue!!
  8. Wondering how all the OCTOBER surgery people are doing with their weight loss? 1. What was your date of Surgery? 2. How much weight have you lost since date of surgery? So curious.... My DOS was 10/20/2014 I was 237 Today I weigh 224 13 LBS in a little over 2 weeks
  9. I had my GBS on 10/20 I am okay~ I have had little minor issues but nothing major. I definitely don't feel great! I feel kind of blah and need to here how everyone else is managing. One big mistake so far is I have not moved and walked enough. Today I am going to force myself to go out for at least 3 little walks. My hope is that will make me feel better! So lets here how you are feeling since your surgery...
  10. Happy to say my friend, Halfmysizesoon is out of surgery!! It was a success and I can't wait to hear from her!!!

  11. Hi there! I too am having my GBS on Monday 10/20 so we can go through this together! Good luck!!!
  12. Hi everyone, Just want to thank you all so much! This forum has been such a great source of information, encouragement, support and really just has completely helped me to prepare for this exciting journey. I am just excited and ready for it to begin tomorrow morning! I will be sure to have my TT friend come on with updates, as I know how much I look forward to reading how everyone is doing post op. Good luck to all the others who are having surgery this week and wishing all of you who are in recovery mode speedy and pain free recovery.
  13. Oh no, not at all I am 100% ready and so so excited and hopeful and truly can not wait for the surgery!! I am going to one of the best hospitals in the Country with one of the top surgeons in the field... I will be in very good hands. I have excellent health and a very positive attitude!! I was just having an anxious moment! Loved the comment about the Macy's bill being the biggest issue~ hoping I fall in that same category... (or Nordstrom for that matter:)
  14. Okay, now I'm a little freaked out~ having surgery on 10/20 and wasn't thinking about all of these possibilities... not that I haven't been reading/researching like crazy BUT seeing so many of you with so many issues is making me feel a little anxious...
  15. halfmysizesoon


    These are all photos taken at my all time heaviest weight... Seriously don't even recognize that person! The funny thing is that I never saw myself this way... thought I looked MUCH better than this... Can not wait to start putting up the "After" photos!!
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