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  1. My doctor recommended sleeve because of my age. He said the more years you live the higher the risk of blockage from scar tissue with bypass. I also felt personally that sleeve was a more "permanent" solution. It also seemed somehow less intrusive to me because it only involved the stomach and no rerouted intestine. By the way, I have zero regrets. I'm 2 1/2 yrs out down about 150 lbs and love it! 277 to 125.
  2. TonjaW

    One year surgiversary!

    Well it was actually yesterday but I was busy. So I'm down 108lbs! Pretty dang pleased with myself lol It's been quite interesting at times but I'd do it again in a heartbeat! Here's my official before and after picture.
  3. TonjaW

    Daughter Update

    I posted awhile back my daughter was having some issues. She's actually having surgery next week. She has pectus excavatum and it's fairly severe. Her heart is displaced and her lung capacity is comprised. We're still waiting for genetic testing for further diagnosis. We'll be inpatient for about a week. All your prayers are greatly appreciated!!
  4. Zofran was wonderful for me! I never got sick but I sure felt it. Take those meds when available, it'll help with the walking and just comfort in general. Best wishes!!
  5. TonjaW

    Beyond stressed!

    Thanks everyone! As always y'all are awesome! We're seeing the surgeon next week for my daughter. As of now, surgery will be sometime around the beginning of August. They actually think she has a genetic disorder called Marfan's Syndrome. This chest issue is a complication that can be related. Unlike myself, she's 5'6" and weighs 86 lbs. It's a constant struggle in our house. As a bonus since surgery she's enjoyed quite a bit of my leftovers I'll try to do some follow ups to keep you all updated. Thanks again!
  6. I have a progression of slight runny nostril, then full blown runny nose, then 1 or 2 sneezes or the overdone it sneeze attack of 15 plus sneezes. If I eat to fast some stages get skipped and I'm a sneezing miserable mess.
  7. TonjaW

    Beyond stressed!

    Haven't been on in awhile but could use some pick me up. First major stress, my 15 yr old will be having surgery in a few weeks. She has "pectus excavatum" aka her sternum is growing inward and her lung capacity is decreasing. So yeah, *SCREAM* they're putting a bar in my baby's chest. We'll be guests at MUSC for a week or so. And to add insult to injury, I had bleeding issues back when my sleeve was done, something is wrong with my blood. I had a bleed time test last week, they stopped at 17 minutes with no signs of clotting. Anything pasted 15 is abnormal. This means my platelets aren't functioning correctly. All my vitamins are good, iron, etc. I don't take anything that has thinning effects. I bruised from a dang pulse check on my wrist. This isn't surgery related, it's been going on for years but is apparently getting worse. I'm seeing a hematologist Friday. Praying for a quick fix but some scary stuff has been mentioned. Yeah I'm not gonna even repeat that word. Positive thoughts, right? On a brighter note, the weight continues to come off. Less than 50 lbs to goal. Thankfully, I'll have the stamina to deal with everything the next few weeks.
  8. TonjaW

    How do you know when

    I typically start with a runny nose, then progress to a sneeze. If I accidentally eat too fast, it's a full blown sneezing attack. I've actually sneezed 15+times. Definitely not a pleasant experience.
  9. TonjaW

    Oh my coffee

    My NUT also advised against caffeine. Same reasons mentioned above, ulcers and diuretic. The diuretic issue is more of a post surgery issue with dehydration. Your intake amounts are so low you are at greater risk. Stopping the caffeine now will help not have caffeine withdrawal while recovering from surgery. You don't wanna be craving a coffee fix during recovery.
  10. TonjaW

    Onederland finally!

    Thank you all very much! It just gets better each and every day!
  11. TonjaW


    Went from waist length to nearly a buzz cut in the back. I don't notice as much falling out. And mine seems to be growing insanely fast! I'm actually kinda loving the short do and not sure I'll ever grow mine back out.
  12. TonjaW

    No longer "Comfortably Numb"

    If someone is willing to walk out of your life let them. You are doing the right thing. You chose to get healthy and get your life back on track. That's an awesome gift to yourself. Pursue your therapy but do it for you. Never allow yourself to be less than awesome in your eyes. Congratulations on your new life and best wishes on the new journey!
  13. TonjaW

    Onederland finally!

    Well I finally hit onederland! First time I've seen a one on the scale in probably 13 years or better. I'm beyond ecstatic! Woohoo!
  14. TonjaW

    Caffeine opinions needed

    Thanks guys! I think it's worth it not to blow up like a balloon. My sodium levels,kidney function,etc. are all normal. I do have some circulation issues due to back problems. This does contribute to not moving the fluid. I guess the caffeine just helps get things moving. Today is actually the first I've really had. Just after surgery I tried decaf coffee and didn't like the taste of coffee. It tasted better today but still not like before. Coffee has never worked bathroom wonders for me either. Milk on the other hand does. One of the only benefits of being lactose intolerant LOL. Thanks again y'all, you're awesome as usual.
  15. TonjaW

    Caffeine opinions needed

    Do you consume any? And if so, how often and how much? Here's my dilemma, I tend to swell and don't tolerate diuretics well. But since surgery fluid intake is a bigger concern. In the past, I just drank coffee or tea and it helped expel the fluid otherwise I just hung onto it. My NUT recommends no caffeine due to the fact it adds to dehydration. This is her recommendation for everyone, not just me specifically. Her suggestion is I just drink more to flush more. Yeah, my body doesn't work like that. It'll just hold onto that too. I've had all the testing concerning this fluid retention, no issues I'm just lucky like that haha