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  1. Well my Dr has put me on a eat anything you want diet due to the amount of exercise I get. He is making me eat high fat and high carb foods because I need the higher calories. Anyone else have to eat like this?
  2. Too Skinny - Say what????

    I am the same height as you and I am 128 lbs. I am at my average weight for my height and I also have the same problem with people telling me that I am too skinny or that I need to put on more weight. I say that if I am happy with it and the Dr is good with it then don't worry about it. Tell them to bug off. LOL... in a polite way that is... LOL
  3. Breaking down walls and setting the bar higher

    I am not a runner but I totally understand where you are coming from. I am like that with my mountain biking. The longest distance that I have done is 27 miles. I get this huge feeling of accomplishment when doing a long distance that I didn't think I could do or doing a trail that I didn't think I could do. It is a big rush. WTG with your running. Don't stop, go the distance and revel in the victory.
  4. Drastic Weight Loss -What can I do

    I am dealing with the same thing. I find that, though they are well meaning comments, that it gets old when you hear it every day. I am 5'7" and 128 lbs. I am just above the threshold for my minimum weight without being under weight. I am not trying to lose weight, but everyone still tells me that I am too skinny or that I need to put on more weight. My mom even went as far as to talk to my Dr after my gallbladder surgery, about my weight. All my Dr seems to keep saying, is to eat anything I want. To add extra butter to my food or eat higher calorie foods.
  5. I am 27 months out from RNY gastric bypass surgery, and I am curious as to how much everyone can eat at this stage. I can eat most of a whopper jr, just to give you an idea then I start to feel full. Is this still normal for this far out. I am 128 lbs and constantly fighting to keep weight on and I am a very active person. I mountain bike and exercise at Curves occasionally. Should I be able to eat more than I do at a sitting.
  6. I am 1 yr. and 8 mo. post op and I am currently at my suggested weight according to the charts. My goal weight was 145 from my Surgeon and I am currently @ 135.5 I am constantly getting fussed at by my mom and some of my friends that I am too skinny however others say I look great. I don't see what they are seeing. I am right where I think I should be as well as only about 4 lbs lower than what I was when I last went to my surgeon who said I was looking great. I currently do quite a bit of physical activity. I am on the go from about 11 am to 6:30 or 7pm at night and part of that time consists of working out at curves for 30 mins and an hour or 2 of mountain biking (which will end during the winter and pick back up in the spring). I was told by my surgeon when I asked him about this exact subject, to eat anything I want and to eat more times a day, which is what I am trying to do. I however don't feel like I am able to eat enough and I am still losing somewhere around 3 to 5 lbs per month at times. My biggest problem with eating more times a day is not being hungry. How can u eat when you aren't hungry. Are there any of you out there that are struggling to keep your weight up and what are you doing to correct it?
  7. Diabetes and WLS

    Just wanted to pipe in on this subject of the diabetes. I do believe that most of the 20% are those that have type 1 diabetes or those that have diabetes from other things than poor diet and excercise habits like that of type 2 diabetes.
  8. Nearly 2 years out and feelin great

    Yes I just turned 40 and have been told I look like I am in my twenties. I feel younger too!
  9. Nearly 2 years out and feelin great

    Thanks so much. I think you have done quite well for yourself as well. Good Job!
  10. Nearly 2 years out and feelin great

    yes that is a jack russell puppy in my arms. It was one of our puppies from my mom's Jack's litter.
  11. I am 1 yr and 9 months out from my surgery. I was 288 lbs. when I started and very Ill from my MS and I was in dire straights. I was dx'd with thyroid problems shortly before my surgery as well. Well Feb 9th of 2009 I had gastric bypass and embarked on a journey that changed my life immensely. I am now an amazing 138 lbs and in anywhere between a 5 and 7 juniors pants, and a medium top. I work out as well as work part time @ Curves. I mountain bike several times a week and though I still have severe fatigue, spasms and pain in my legs, during that hour that I am on my bike I don't think about my pain or fatigue. I use all my energy on the task I am attempting to accomplish. I put before you my before and now photo's. Keep the faith ladies and gents that it can and will happen for you.
  12. TT Cruise Ideas...

    How about this one. It leaves from Jacksonville Fl. and it is 5 days Day Ports of call Arrival time Departure time 01 Jacksonville, Florida --- 4:00 PM 02 At sea --- --- 03 Half Moon Cay, Bahamas 8:00 AM 6:00 PM 04 Nassau, Bahamas 7:00 AM 10:00 PM 05 At sea --- --- 06 Jacksonville, Florida 8:00 AM --- Sat Mar-20-10 Thu Mar-25-10 from Inside $379 per person from Ocean view $489 per person
  13. TT Cruise Ideas...

    That sounds awesome. I would love to go. I am going on a cruise in Feb with several members of my family but would love to go again. Though it would be nice to go to somewhere different then where I am going. I am doing the 6 day western Caribbean Cruise on carnival going to Key west, Grand Caymans, and then to Ocho Rios, Jamaica. It would be cool to go a different route. Something that would also be a good idea would be if there are other people out there who are single and want to share a room to get together and do the double occupancy rate together. My BF doesn't like boats so I know he won't go with me. lol
  14. Newport News Va ? Hampton Roads Buddy ?

    Wow isn't it funny how people view other people so differently. I thought Dr. Terracina was awesome and has a great bedside manor. I have had nothing but great visits with him and find him very down to earth. I even love the fact that he listens to rock n roll during surgery. Said his favorite CD to listen to is the Nickleback "Dark Horse" CD. We even talked about the Nickleback Concert which he went to. I was soooooooo jealous of that lol.
  15. Newport News Va ? Hampton Roads Buddy ?

    I live in Gloucester. I grew up in Seaford and I also attended Yorktown intermediate. I was there in 83 and 84. I graduated York High in 88.