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  1. I was reading past posts and I seen all that you have been through, I just want to say God bless you and keep fighting the good fight!! You're a strong man!!!

  2. Hey Handsome! How did the chemo round go? I've been busy with running and visits to the plastic surgeon re: skin removal. OMG expensive :/ Hoping you are doing well. Happy Holidays!

  3. Hello honey. I hope you have a great time, what are your Black Friday plans? for one reason or another this will be the cheapest one I've known for a couple of years, but that's a long story LOL.

    Thanks for your thoughts I'm thinking of you too xxx

  4. just wanted to say hello & let you know i was thinking of you. i'm in NYC for the thanksgiving holiday. lots of love & hugs to you. XOXO

  5. So this lorry full of tortoises collided with a van full of terrapins. It was a turtle disaster

    1. Junotopia


      ROFL. Omg a pun! heheh. Love it.

  6. Karlos


    Make it so LOL
  7. Yeah thanks babycakes I get a week off from treatment this week. Have a great weekend darling love ya loads xxx

  8. hello doll, i am so glad to hear you're getting a bit of a break from the chemo. hope you have a smashing weekend ahead. it's turned quite chilly & windy here! big hugs & lots of love to you. xxooxxoo

  9. I was told nothing heavier than a jug of water for 12 weeks. Take care hun x
  10. You made my day seeing you post here Little One. Take great care and have a speedy recovery honey xxx
  11. One of the huge advantages of these forums is that they offer a degree of support and advice when we need it, the huge disadvantage is that we tend to compare our results with others and fail to remember that we are all different, and our circumstances are different, and we all lose at different rates
  12. As soon as your medical team clear you for it and not a minute sooner. This is not something you can take lightly. I was told to lift nothing heavier than a kettle of water for 12 weeks though it was about six months for me before I started serious lifting.
  13. Hello darling how's tricks. I'm OK just finished round three of my chemo treatment and I get a rest from it next week. You're a lovely lady inside and out. Lovin ya xxx

  14. thanks for the kind words on the thread about the little one ... how are you doing my lovey? xxxoooxxx

    i miss you!!

  15. Yes you are normal Yes your weight loss is great Yes you are being ridiculous No your loss is not slow Yes your weight loss is on track xxx You're doing great worry not LOL