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  1. Karlos


    Make it so LOL
  2. Karlos

    Lifting Post-Op

    I was told nothing heavier than a jug of water for 12 weeks. Take care hun x
  3. Karlos

    Kelz Is Out Of Surgery

    You made my day seeing you post here Little One. Take great care and have a speedy recovery honey xxx
  4. Karlos

    Some One Tell Me I'm Normal

    One of the huge advantages of these forums is that they offer a degree of support and advice when we need it, the huge disadvantage is that we tend to compare our results with others and fail to remember that we are all different, and our circumstances are different, and we all lose at different rates
  5. As soon as your medical team clear you for it and not a minute sooner. This is not something you can take lightly. I was told to lift nothing heavier than a kettle of water for 12 weeks though it was about six months for me before I started serious lifting.
  6. Karlos

    Some One Tell Me I'm Normal

    Yes you are normal Yes your weight loss is great Yes you are being ridiculous No your loss is not slow Yes your weight loss is on track xxx You're doing great worry not LOL
  7. Karlos

    Kinda Freaking Out

    Are you kidding me? You're averaging five pounds plus a week, that's fantastic believe me really fantastic.
  8. Karlos

    Measuring Food

    I weighed everything for the first two years, then I just eye-balled it from there. I used a small cereal bowl and filled it two thirds full of protein with some veggies/carbs. Once this was gone I was done even if I wasn't feeling full, I never ate to restriction.
  9. Karlos

    Kelz Is Out Of Surgery

    I'd heard the Little One was in recovery thank all that's Holy. I pray that this tough little cookie now gets some pain free time and a period (A very long period) of normality where her health and eating is concerned. This young woman has always been close to my heart and her and her sister are two of the gutsiest ladies I know Keep us informed Julie (You're one heck of a woman and a great friend to us both) and thanks for starting this xxxxx Love you Little One x
  10. Karlos

    Mp3 Players

    I use an old but fantastic Sony NWZ-A816 with the sony sports inner ear headphones. The sound is brilliant and the headphones don't move. I use it in a leather case that has a clip on the back and clip it inside my track pants with the cable running up inside my shirt so it doesn't snag on the equipment. Works great. The arm straps are ok for cardio work, but useless for lifting. I have tried my old Nano and even brought the touch once but it's far too big for resistance training.
  11. Karlos


    You need to start earlier and add in two more meals, simples
  12. Karlos

    how fast did you drop sizes?

    I was losing a shirt size every four weeks. One time I had to buy a new suit for a funeral, paid $300 for it and it fitted like a glove, despite the sad timing I felt great wearing it. As I had a senior managers meeting to attend in ten days time and I wanted to look good I put the suit in the dry cleaners. (Another $25) Put the blinking thing on on the day of the meeting and it looked like a sack, it was at least a size too big
  13. Karlos

    Torn Between Losing More Weight And Excess Skin

    A woman from my local support group was worried about the skin so much that she stopped losing weight (By eating and drinking rubbish) long before she should have done. She was happy with her look but was to be honest she was at least 40 pounds heavier than she could have been. I guess it's a fine line we walk, so good luck with your end result. If you're happy at where you end up that really is all that counts xxx
  14. Karlos

    Hair Loss

    Your body simply uses the protein that promotes hair and growth elsewhere so your hair follicles don't get as much as they need to be strong. Zinc and Selenium can help but to be honest you need the protein to transport these supplements to the follicles so unless you are getting enough absorbed even increased supplementation will have little positive effect. So first job is to make sure you take in enough protein, and don't stress. It grows back in 99.9% of cases and is oft better than before so worry not. I was lucky in that it didn't really fall out too bad, I wish I could say the same about the chemo as that is causing me more loss You'll be fine trust me