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  1. Santana Tamara

    hi im new...surgey date 9-2-14

    Hi RickC1972.. Yes I'm walking only 10 minutes walk..I just wish I can have something besides shakes..I hate the taste n is the worst for me.I'm truly dedicated...but is so not physically hungry just mentally think constantly what I wish I can eat....but than for the advice.
  2. Santana Tamara

    hi im new...surgey date 9-2-14

    thank you.
  3. Santana Tamara

    My story...why I decided to have GB surgery

    Youre beautiful regardless of your weight! Beauty is within in.if we decide to get a little help with loosing weight is more of a wanting to live healthy... good luck youre doing great!!!!
  4. Santana Tamara

    hi im new...surgey date 9-2-14

    I'm loosing my mind.I feel hungry all the time :/ why? I'm on liquid diet still 7 days now I'm wondering can I ever eat normal again...miss pizza :/ well I drink 64 oz of fluids broth n 2 protein shakes witch I can't stand anymore! Need advice please is depressing... when would I see a difference in my weight...start at 221 now id yet tomorrow first appointment to see doc....thanx for this site.ive gotten some great answers reading other stories...