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  1. Once a week, same day, no excuses. Keeps my obsession down.
  2. This has been so interesting to read all the different feelings and experiences. I'll add my two cents now. I cook regularly and we eat out once a week. I plan our meals and we all eat the same thing except I add a starch to their meal. At restaurants, there are times I'm happy to pick off a plate (husband's or teenager's) and then there are times I resent that and want my "own food" like a normal person. I crave nothing, so they choose the restaurant and then I decide what I "want" to eat. Sometimes I know, sometimes I really don't care what I eat. The times I dont care what I eat are nice because I have my "backup meals" that I can put together with little to no thought and I'm just as happy to have that as I would be with a dream preop meal. But honestly, I'm like dmurphy_nj. Did I really enjoy those big meals before? Eating too much and too fast, truly tasting little and then immediately thinking about what the next meal would be, was my way of life. Now when I crave something, It happens so rarely and I'm going to require so little quantity, I make sure it's the best quality. But I really do think this relationship with food is just like all our relationships. There IS a breakup whether you like it or not. You may have thought you wanted the break up and you were ready for it. At first you're happy you broke up (fast weight loss helps) then you might look back at your relationship with food with rose colored glasses. The food was so delicious, you enjoyed that meal, etc. but you forgot the downside: GERD, nausea, belly ache, maybe even diarrhea! And let's not even start on the overweight limitations you'd imprisoned yourself in!!! I'm seven months out and it gets easier and less emotional each week ( I'm hoping). But there are times I want to drunk dial that ex and I have to really fight it. WHY? That's been my mantra since surgery. Why do I want a piece of cake? Why do I want to crunch pretzels? Why do I not want to wait 30 min to eat/drink? Why am I mad that my family is eating (fill in the blank) and I'm not? So far the answer has never been because I need to fuel my body for performance. It will never be the same again but it wasn't good to start with!!!
  3. Pictures are a great way to see the changes. I didn't see mine either and I think it's because we see ourselves every day so the change is not as noticeable. But I am taking monthly pics in the same clothes and then putting the months side by side. It's really amazing to look at the change. Of course when I see someone I haven't seen in a while (sometimes just weeks) they are always amazed at the changes in my body and face!! Keeping my measurements too, but the pics have more impact for me.
  4. Well, if you're lucky enough to be near a Bojangles, you can get the roasted chicken bites (I can only eat about 1/2 of them...it's a large serving) and an individual Cajun Pintos. The chicken has 280 cal with 36 gr of protein (if you can eat it all...which I bet you can't). The pintos have 110 cal. with 7gr of protein. I love to order this and then have the leftovers for lunch the next day!
  5. I ordered mine at: http://www.endevr.com/ It is a sports band, comfortable, not expensive, has a QR code for paramedics to scan or a telephone number to call. I can go online and update my info if something changes. My nephew is a paramedic and I showed it to him at Christmas to see if it was "noticeable" and he said that they are trained to look at the wrist and neck and yes, this one would stand out.
  6. I rely heavily on chicken. Sliced lunch meat chicken earlier on. Now I buy a rotisserie chicken once a week and make 2oz baggies to keep in the fridge. Throw it on salads or just eat it alone.
  7. Has anyone heard of hormone dumping? I've had some strange episodes lately like PMS on steroids. Acne, carb cravings, and really weird mood swings. Friday morning on the way to work I had the urge to turn my car around and head back home to just sit and cry a while! Nothing different going on in my life......just these weird days. I've been able to work through the cravings and moods by talking myself down.....so far. I went online and started googling. Saw one article about estrogen being stored in fat cells. Lose fat-release estrogen. Is this true?
  8. I'm so glad I came upon this tonight!! I've lost every week and now coming up on my 6 month anniversary I had a 2lb gain. Of course I go straight to what I call " fat brain thinking" and assume I gained because of the holidays. After all, it's what I always do this time of year right??!! Logically I know I've followed my plan, but I still expect failure. After reading this I notice my rings which normally about fall off my fingers are tight (water) and my size 14 pants are ready for retirement and the 12s are comfortable (less fat). I am calming down! Thanks for the thread, I needed it!
  9. I'm 5 months out so I don't have lots of experience, but if you search the forums for stuck food issues I'd bet that's not your issue. Stuck food seems quite extreme, quite painful, and quite severe. I remember that feeling you are describing and I think it's just from the swelling and healing from sugery. I would lay on my back with pillows under my spine to "stretch out" my stomach and guts. Doubt it really stretched anything but even now after I eat or drink something thick I have to make sure I'm sitting up straightso it doesn't feel like it's sitting in my esophagus. And like you I follow my guidelines, weigh my food, and chew well. But I have learned pain and/or vomiting is always a bad thing and warrants a Dr visit!!
  10. I bought the Swiss Miss diet and peppermint Torani SF syrup but haven't used them yet. This was my favorite Starbucks drink so I wanted to be able to replicate it. Also hot chocolate in coffee is wonderful and is called a Cafe Mocha if you want to feel fancy!!
  11. Since surgery visions of SOCKS dance in my head! Fuzzy socks, wool socks, boot socks, hiking socks, colorful socks, black socks, brown socks, house socks, Smartwool socks, cotton socks.......heck I'd take electric plug in socks and sit by an electrical outlet all day!!! Can you tell my feet stay cold no matter what?
  12. I bought the hazelnut as well and like it a lot. I'm anti-sweet right now and almost everything is too much for me. I'm loving the flavor without any sweetener! I can add Splenda when I want but right now even a 1/2 pack of that is too much. Everyone talks about how your tastes change but I'm still shocked. I had the worst sweet tooth and now I want everything to be a little bitter!! Going to try the other flavors as soon as I get back to the store! Caramel and vanilla I believe.
  13. Happy Camper-you still using the digestive enzymes?? I'm still on them and my life has been MOVING RIGHT ALONG!!! Hehehe! No more enemas, no more Miralax daily, no more stool softeners, no more smooth move tea, no more hospital visits!!!!
  14. In the same boat-first holiday-weird feelings I didn't know I had. I made my plate by taking just a little of what I considered "special" holiday foods. Still had twice as much as I could eat!! Frustrated that I COULDN'T eat it all!! How twisted is that?? I thought about food all the time before my surgery. When's the next meal, where can I get candy, is it too early for a snack? After surgery my thoughts have shifted from the food to the food's job. How much protein, why do I want that, will this help my body??? Learning something new all the time! Now to mentally prepare for Christmas which is a longer holiday strung out over MANY occasions!
  15. Thanks for the alert!! Just ordered mine!!!! So excited, can you tell? When I researched ice cream makers this one came up on top but it was so expensive I put off ordering one. Now I can have ice cream again! I love egg face's recipes for protein ice cream!!
  16. HC your discovery has led to the best month I've had since surgery!! With both papaya and CoQ10 I've had my first normal month of bathroom habits. Even better than before surgery!! Every single day like clockwork!! I feel like a new person!
  17. Do any of you chew gum or is this a no-no? Sugarless of course!
  18. HC you are a freakin' genius!!! I read your earlier posts from " If you struggle from constipation" and your enzyme theory with great interest as this has been my only complication from surgery! I know, I know, tmcgee no more poo talk!! Let's just say I was in a cycle of constipation, dehydration, and then torture to get everything "going" again!! And I was still taking Miralax, stool softners, smooth move tea, and tons of water every dang day!!!! I bought both the papaya and CoQ10 and started taking them about a week ago. It has been the BEST, most normal week of my life!!! This might just be the best thing I've come across! Even my attitude has changed because you just can't be a happy, bubbly person if you're full of s**t. Ok that's the last one I promise!!
  19. What about the dumping? Some of you are not far out from surgery.
  20. It is a little hard to get "temporary clothes". I imagine when I get to a permanent size I'll go crazy!!
  21. Glad to hear I'm not the only one noticing the too big 16 but too tight 14 gap. I thought I was just shaped funny! I have learned to go to thrift shops first the hard way. I skipped size 18 except for about a week. I had purchased all new pants for that size and only wore them 2 times or so! What a waste of money! I now go get $5 pants and if I wear those twice I feel I more than got my money's worth! I also love Old Navy. Catch a sale and top are less than $10. The best thing about shopping now is not having to buy clothes that look like sofa upholstery patterns! Why do clothes designers think big sized people like big prints in bizarre colors??
  22. I was in the exact same boat. Busy, busy at work but nothing to remind me to eat. I now have timers set on my phone and it's REALLY helped!!! I feel better, have energy, and I'm meeting my protein goals daily! When someone suggested alarms I thought "how silly" but it's surprising how much it helps.
  23. HC, if you take the enzyme after eating the protein to break the protein down, do you think the protein will hang around, so to speak, long enough to get the nutrients from it and to keep you feeling full? (Longest run on sentence ever-can you tell I'm in education?) Report on that aspect too please! Do you feel satisfied between meals? Do your labs look good? Do you still have energy?
  24. OMG! This made me laugh. I thought I was just crazy!! Didn't know it had a name! Fat brain!!! That's great. And y'all (yes I'm from the South) made me feel normal again!
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