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  1. Not really new here, but I haven't visited in forever. I did really well after my surgery, and lost just over 80 pounds. Then my mom died. I haven't gained significantly--still bouncing around within the same 5 pounds--but the weight loss stopped. I have been eating anything I want instead of what I should be eating. I need to get back on track, so I am here again. I will begin measuring again, and logging food again, and hopefully I can lose the last 40 pounds or so that need to go. Time to recommit.
  2. I picked one based on what I remember being a good weight for me, taking BMI into consideration.
  3. I like P3s when I am traveling.
  4. Glad you are back. Haven't had shoulder surgery, but I have had tendonitis in my right wrist. I know how bad that hurts just by itself! Praying for you.
  5. Go for a second opinion. Convenience isn't everything!
  6. Always great to find a doctor you trust! Mine (GP, not surgeon) just left practice, and I am going to have to find someone new.
  7. Hope you feel better! Dinner sounds yummy!
  8. I am with BCBS and approval went very quickly. Have no experience with Aetna.
  9. Congratulations! (Sorry you are having pain.)
  10. I decided with the hair loss it was time for a change. So I went from a fairly long style to REALLY short! It took a little getting used to, but I think I like it!
  11. Welcome to the boards. Especially because I don't live near an in-person support group, I find that TT helps me tremendously!
  12. You look beautiful! Great progress.
  13. Great news about the spiral slicer. I plan to get one too! Hi H-C!
  14. You surgery was just a short while before mine, and we are very close in amounts lost. I have been worried that my weight loss has been too slow as well. I guess we will lose it as it comes, and some are just a little slower than others!
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