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  1. Not really new here, but I haven't visited in forever. I did really well after my surgery, and lost just over 80 pounds. Then my mom died. I haven't gained significantly--still bouncing around within the same 5 pounds--but the weight loss stopped. I have been eating anything I want instead of what I should be eating. I need to get back on track, so I am here again. I will begin measuring again, and logging food again, and hopefully I can lose the last 40 pounds or so that need to go. Time to recommit.
  2. NotGoingThere

    Who Sets My Goal Weight?

    I picked one based on what I remember being a good weight for me, taking BMI into consideration.
  3. NotGoingThere

    Out Living life :) And Feeling Lucky!

    Looks like so much fun!
  4. NotGoingThere

    Bathing Suit Comparison

    You look great!
  5. NotGoingThere

    Travel Food?

    I like P3s when I am traveling.
  6. NotGoingThere

    Wait for it...........

  7. NotGoingThere

    Before and 1 year After.

    Great job!
  8. NotGoingThere

    Tom McGee update

    Glad everything went well!
  9. NotGoingThere

    I'm back. Sort of..

    Glad you are back. Haven't had shoulder surgery, but I have had tendonitis in my right wrist. I know how bad that hurts just by itself! Praying for you.
  10. NotGoingThere

    Older but wanting to be thinner

    Go for a second opinion. Convenience isn't everything!
  11. NotGoingThere

    First Endocrinologist Appointment

    Always great to find a doctor you trust! Mine (GP, not surgeon) just left practice, and I am going to have to find someone new.
  12. NotGoingThere

    Tears and Tiaras

    Hope you feel better! Dinner sounds yummy!
  13. NotGoingThere

    Cut off all my hair!

    Thanks everyone!
  14. NotGoingThere

    starting to research surgery, but...

    I am with BCBS and approval went very quickly. Have no experience with Aetna.