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  1. pinkswing

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Seriously Greer!!! You look amazing - Are you sure you had a little one? (Cute outfit, btw).
  2. pinkswing

    Adding carbs??

    I'm a little over 2 years out - and I still avoid most carbs. Pasta, rice, potatoes, bread...etc. I occasionally eat fruit - and enjoy the odd glass of wine. Interesting enough - I've suffered from migraines since I was 4 years old. My Grandma, parents, and sibling also struggles. I was on a preventative, as well, took rx meds when I had a migraine. Since surgery - and cutting out most carbs - I'm off my meds and have only had a handful of migraines (compared to 2-4 per week).
  3. pinkswing

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    I've been away from this forum too long!! Gav - you look AMAZING!!!!!!!
  4. pinkswing

    Weight gained

    Prior to WLS - I was VERY successful with the 17 day diet (lol - and like all 'diets' I eventually re-gained). Try googling it, or buy the book. The first week I believe I lost 10 pounds. Here's just a quick link that I found: It's easy (as far as 'diets' go) - and straight forward. Lean proteins only (chicken/fish), no breads/carbs etc. You can do this!
  5. pinkswing

    New Here

    I'm excited for you, Christopher! This forum is amazing. Full of support, encouragement and when needed - tough love. I went through a private company for my surgery. They have monthly meetings as well as weekly webinars. Truth be told, I don't attend. Their approach does not compliment my needs. However, I come on this site DAILY for motivation and inspiration. I rarely post myself, but the members of TT are warriors!!
  6. pinkswing

    Introducing Eli Baz Aviv

    This made my night! A huge congratulations to you and your family. Welcome baby Eli!
  7. pinkswing

    popcorn recipes???

    I don't eat popcorn anymore... But when I did - I would LOVE it with Franks hot sauce (not too much as it makes it soggy)...
  8. pinkswing

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Serioulsly Greer - you're ready to have a baby, and you look RADIANT!!
  9. pinkswing

    Food of the Day (pictured)

    THANK YOU GREER!!! I made this tonight - and it was DELISH!!
  10. pinkswing

    Can I keep it private?

    I understand. In fact, we all understand! I was nervous telling my husband. I laugh at the thought of that now! He was extremely understanding and supportive. I didn't feel the need to tell anyone else. I'm 1.5 years post-op and now I've told two of my closest friends, as well as my mother. This is YOUR journey, and it's your choice to tell or not tell who you want. That being said - I completely agree with everyone else. Your husband needs to know. Welcome to TT!
  11. pinkswing

    Beginning to feel hungry again!

    I completely echo what everyone else has said. I would like to add this: I believe I went thru a 'grieving' stage during the first six month post op. Once in a while, I would 'treat' myself to this: NO CRUST!! I would only only have a few bites, and it seemed to do the trick. This year I will be two years post op, and I can truly say, I don't have the cravings anymore. Good luck!
  12. pinkswing

    150 low calorie appetizers, snacks, desserts

    Thank you for posting! It's nice to have a few options - as well as healthier 'treats'.
  13. He has a FB page as well - DR. Rodas-Nava
  14. I went to L.I.M.A.R.P for my WLS. I can't say enough AMAZING things about their facility, doctors, and staff!! A few friends of mine had their plastics done there as well (which turned out beautifully). (Sorry - it looks like they're re-doing their webpage).... Dr Rodas-Nava is the plastic surgeon Good Luck!
  15. pinkswing

    Surgery in 3 days

    You've got this!