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  1. I totally cut out carbs pre sugery. I didn't lose a drastic amount of weight, but I lost consistently. Good luck!
  2. It's an excellent thread. I am rarely hungry and stick to a schedule and lots of water so I don't graze.
  3. I would have done it. My surgeon prefers it and has been doing it for years. My insurance doesn't cover it. The people I know who have had it have been successful. I have been fine with the RNY.
  4. Everybody is different, and you have to pay attention to what your body tells you. I am still an oz or less for solid foods.
  5. That's how I eat pizza. I usually just take the toppings off one piece. Perfect.
  6. That's interesting. I usually have low normal WBC numbers, but it was on the higher end recently, and my PCOS came back with a vengeance.
  7. You look awesome. Ignore the negative.
  8. I never worried about it. I know genetics play a large part, but I don't have much loose skin. The only plastic surgery I would do is a butt lift.
  9. I wouldn't stay away from this blog. It is my support group!
  10. Steph said what was needed again. They don't always tell us correct information for our bodies. I would not eat, if I am not hungry.
  11. Thanks . You have been one of my big role models! You are just perfect, and my story has been similar. I am not the least bit hungry. I told my doctor at my one year post-op, with zero problems, he did a fantastic job.
  12. Greer, my doctor told me to stop losing and eat more. LOL, but I am lucky to get 800 calories. I am working out a lot now, too.
  13. The big thing is you need to drink more fluids. A minimum of 64 oz is needed. I barely ate 600 calories a day at your point and kept my carbs to less than 20. No bread or sugar. Hopefully it will kick back in fast.
  14. Mine was in the middle of the process. I guess yours is ahead of the norm.
  15. Weird. Mine completely cleared after surgery. I think the combination of low carb and weight loss helped. Hope it gets better.
  16. Your weight is still great, Kim! How's the dating life?
  17. No, you're doing great for now. My plan was liquids only the first four weeks. Using whey protein powder and drinks some to supplement my nutrition, my labs were perfect for one year post op.
  18. I have a Tanita that weighs me the same as the doctor's scale. I've had it for years, too.
  19. Glad you are doing well. It was the best decision I ever made. I thanked my surgeon this week for my "perfect" pouch.
  20. Almost a year out, and I don't miss a thing. It's the best I have felt in years, and I really like that new people I meet never knew (or think) that I was ever overweight.
  21. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May 2016 be great!
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