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  1. Hi Julie, hoping you are well.  I have been well except that I am on a long, long, long term frozen, non budging plateau.  I stopped losing in January.  So weird.  I lost 40 pounds and in January I weighed 167 and gained up to 170 and am constantly fighting to not gain any more.  I do not know what to do! I have not been on Thinner Times much either because I am embarrassed that I stopped losing.  I knew it would be me.  I weighed 208 and froze after only 40 pounds.  Its crazy.  I hope you and your family are doing well. I see you haven't been on in a while, just know I think of you often. 

  2. Hi Julie, This is Lindy.  How are you doing.  I have come to a long term stand still.  I started at 208 and by December 12, my granddaughter's wedding, I had lost to 169 and in January to 167. These last two months I have been fluctuating between 171 and 168.  Talked to my surgeon, went in for my 6 month checkup and he was pleased.  He told me you are so close to our goal of 160.  I told him my goal was 135-140 but I just had not lost anymore.  I must saying I am not moving as much as before with the weird weather.  Recovering from the holidays is always a drag. Everybody leaves and I get stuck with putting everything up and it takes a while to get it out of here.  I hope you are doing well.  Losing enough, looks like you are.  There are days when I wish I had gone ahead with the bypass instead of the sleeve.  I am just not losing right now.  Take care and talk soon.

  3. Hi everybody, have been away for a while but I need to ask you guys that have had the gastric sleeve like me if any of you have had to have a colonoscopy? Using the colon cleanse Suprep? Any thing you can share would help? I am concerned about the about of fluid that I shall need to ingest pretty rapidly and also what this could do to my newish sleeve? I am supposed to have it sometime next week and just sort of concerned and of course, this doctor is not the same doctor that did my gastric sleeve. Should I call my sleeve surgeon for an opinion?
  4. Praying for you. You are not alone. Hugs and Blessings to you!
  5. Glad everything went well! Take it easy and I will remind you as the nurses kept reminding me. You just had major surgery, it's ok to take it easy. Don't overdo anything yet.
  6. Julie, thank you for sharing. Your smile reflects how awesome you feel. Keep up the hard work, the results are great.
  8. You will only wish like so many of us you had done it earlier, but as the saying goes........ it's never too late to start getting healthy. I am 66 and had surgery 3 weeks ago yesterday and have lost exactly 20 pounds since 8/10 to today, 9/10. Congratulations on your new beginning!
  9. My doctor put me on the Atkins Phase 1 from Wed to Saturday and then Sunday to Tues liquid protein shakes and broth and surgery on Wed. During this week, I lost 6 pounds as per my home scale from 208.8 to 202.8. Helped a little.
  10. Wendy you look great. My son came over today after not seeing him for a week, he said, hey Mom, you are looking skinny. How cute is that? Actually since my pre op visit with the Dr. I weighed 208.8, this morning I weighed 190. It is not yet 20 but I guess it is noticeable. Feels good to hear that though. I know you are a steady work in progress as we all are but keep doing what you are doing, cause it's working. Today I tried tuna with mayo for the first time and my Chiquita panzita said whoaaaa, what's going on here. NO! So I left it will try again next week. lol BTW, love the coat. Hope someone gets to enjoy it.
  11. Geez Vonnie that is awful. I had the nausea patch put behind my ear the minute they took me to my room, every time they asked me how I felt, I would tell them and they would tell me, it was time for my pain meds, incidentally morphine, duh? I was in morphine lala land at least 2 days. Not by choice, that was what I was given and I was so sleepy. On the second day I told them I was not having so much pain, it was hard getting up to walk around though and they brought me an abdominal binder as per the doctor and that helped with the walking and not having so much pain. My doctor was there at least 2 up to 3 times a day. He is amazing. No real nausea, no vomiting to date, TTG. The staff was incredible, I was made to feel like the most important person on that floor. The day I was leaving one of the nurses asked me if I knew that I was on the VIP floor. I looked at her dumbfounded and said no, I did not know that. She said their Bariatric doctors have their patients brought only to that floor and there was no other floor for them. They indeed made me feel special all the time. They almost hovered when I wanted to go to potty, had to have them come because there was an alarm on my bed, could not get out without their assistance. I am so very grateful. I hope you continue to improve and get better very soon. Btw, I weighed 208 on my pre op visit on 8/10 and did not get weighed again until a week after surgery, I weighed 195, so I do not know what the actual weight loss is but doctors office called it 13 pounds my first follow up on 8/27 and this morning, 9/4, here at home I weigh 190. So it is a total of 18 pounds in less than a month, I feel good and I am calling it excellent. Feel better!!!!!
  12. Are you up and walking around yet? Hope all is well, Congratulations!
  13. Wow! You got it in order. Let' s all do this together. One day at a time. Thank you for sharing.
  14. You indicate that you are a type 1 insulin resistant diabetic, I am assuming you must be insulin dependent which is very different from a type II that can be insulin dependent but not all are. You need to be sure to consult with your endocrinologist throughout this journey because the two different types of diabetes stem from different causes and more than likely may not have the same results. Where type II may and many do go into remission, type I will not because it involves the pancreas. Having said that, I have read of a very few type I's having an awesome improvement in their diabetes. Research, ask a lot of questions of your Doctors. Best to you.
  15. Hope all is well and we will hear from you soon.
  16. I called my doctor last night after trying to warm up my freezing feet and hands. Decided to check temp. 99.7 and it quickly rose to 100.3 and finally at 101.3. He asked all the questions, nausea, pain, dizziness vomiting, and everything was negative. He asked if I had liquid Tylenol and no, I had not purchased it yet so he suggested I use the liquid pain med (generic Tylenol with hydrocodone) issued at the hospital to see if it stopped the fever. After 3 hours and 24 ozs of crystal light, my temp was 98.8. I went to bed at 4 a.m. About 7 a.m. got up to potty and my feet and hands were cold again, freezing cold and I took more of the med and woke up about 10, again the fever had broken. Off and on today I have had low grade fever and no other symptoms. Talked to Dr. office several times and about 3:30 p..m. Dr. wanted me to go back to hospital and have some lab work done. Again, everything clear, red and white blood cell counts normal, magnesium and minerals? normal, blood glucose at 143. dr called as I was arriving here at home and he said there was not anything abnormal. Wants me check b/p, sugar, and temp. I did temp is again at 100.3, glucose is at 131 and b/p is 153/66 and pul is 91. Dr. does not see lab work results anything that would suggest an infection or anything like. He wants be to drink clear water and clear beverages tonight again and tomorrow start the premier protein and to stay in touch with him. If anyone has experienced something like this, please share. Thanks.
  17. Hoping it's easy for you. Get up and go.........
  18. Thank you for sharing your story and by doing so giving others an insight to possible physical ailments they may be going through. So many aspects associated with your health issues and I might say some I had never heard of and good to know about. I hope that you continue to improve and yes, I would like to hear how you are doing.
  19. You are doing great and the pajamas, well there are safety pins, lol. I want to share with you what I tell so many others. Give them to a needy person when they are too big for you and get new ones for yourself because YOU ARE WORTH IT. I am in the same boat with about 10 new sweaters that I bought after the season last year sitting in my closet with labels still on waiting for this cold season coming. Hope I can belt them or wear with leggings and they will be usable at least for this season. And if not, I have several members of my extended family that use them.
  20. Camelia Rose, thats how I visualized her, like a little pink bud, thus the Camelia Rose. Chiquita Banana is saying in an endearing way, my little banana. ha ha lol. Girl, gotta have some fun with this. Btw, I asked my doctor to take a picture of the separated departing part of my stomach and he said he did, maybe by my visit next week he will share with me. I asked him if it was huge and he said, it was long. Huh, that's where my tallness must have been, in my tummy because I am only 5'1". All of my siblings are 5'6" and taller.
  21. Actually yes, not as sweet and pretty as the first choice I had for the pouch but fits the order. She shall be known as "Chiquita Banana"! Translated.... little banana. lol
  22. I was in the lost land of morphine until last night. Everything went well but it did hurt much more than I anticipated. I made it through. trying to learn and recognize little signals from my banana. I hear gurgling and rumbles. I was not able to stay in touch with anyone, I was too busy trying to sleep the pain away. Yesterday had the GI test with barium and started my evening meal which consisted of about an oz of water per 15 minutes each day. So here I am at home and already, I am down 2 more pounds, my pre op doctor visit, I weighed , I have lost 8lbs 2 ozs. That is cool
  23. Oh Dear. Does it matter if I don't sleep tonight? Too wired. Thank all of you for the good wishes. Will chime in as soon as I can.
  24. See y'all after surgery tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. Running around for last minute things. Nervous, excited, scared. BTW for anyone on medicare, I completed all the requirements, all the required doctor visits, all the prep and even pre registered for surgery last week and everyone kept telling me it had been approved BUT I didn't get the approval letter from my Medicare Advantage plan until yesterday. Yay!