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  1. Wow, surgery in November and you're at goal! Awesome! Way to make good decisions!
  2. Thanks everyone...and yes Jolls, I DID spazzzz out! LOL. It's just very odd to work so hard and lose 8 and basically do "nothing" except watch my diet closely and lose 15... and NO Betsymarie... there was no "way to go" or anything! I saw the PA for the first time this visit... all I get is "see you in three months with blood work".... but that's okay. I know they are there for if I have a stall or something but my support is here and my local support group and a few close friends.... He did a good surgery so I guess I'll have to be my own cheerleader with the help of you guys! Thanks for the support! I'm feeling great in an XL and sporting new boots with sassy skirts! I have gotten a few looks because my usual attire is BLACK... now I'm wearing patterns and scarves, etc... feeling really, really good and trying not to let the "looks" bother me. (I get paranoid...always been the "fat" girl) Thanks again everyone! This is such a supportive group!
  3. Last month I was really down after my doctor appointment because I only lost 8 pounds... I actually got teary... I was doing everything right... Today, at my visit, I am down 15 pounds in one month and that is including Thanksgiving! I actually lost 2.5 pounds Thanksgiving week. YAY!!!! Bad part is this may me muscle loss because I was very active at the gym in month 2 but this past few weeks due to illness, etc., I have not been exercising at all... weird... 55 pounds gone since July 2, which was my initial consult appointment.... Yeah, I'm happy!
  4. MarcieR


    this isn't a desert but I found the Quest bar brownie and double chocolate chunk just the closest thing to heaven since presurgery diet! Heat for a few seconds to soften a bit. I use as a meal but if you just wanted that chewy texture just cut it into fourths or so and have a treat!
  5. That's CRAZY! Definitely hard to get my mind around. I was a 16 in high school ('85), I think I weighed about 150 or so, of course I thought I was huge compared to all the twigs...looking at those pics now I realize I really was a good size for my height and frame. I just hit a comfy size 20 and I feel really good (compared to July at my first surgeon appt.) Definitely looking forward to see what the next few months bring!
  6. I do the exact same thing! I'm only two months and six days out and this was driving me crazy! Thanks for the post, it's really, really helpful to know that this happens but goals are still achieved! I agree... It IS really, really stupid! LOL... I'm trying to weight once a week now for this very reason and stick to plan and just realize it will take time! I really appreciate your posts!
  7. Thanks Jolls, I see you and your stats and I'm thinking... I'll never get there at this rate and then my year will be up! I'm definitely not giving up, just having a down moment I guess... boooo I'll feel better when I get back to the gym!
  8. Thanks so much. I guess I'm just being silly. I've had NO complications whatsoever and I feel so good it really seems as if my surgery was a really long time ago. I've been ready to start circuit training, etc but was told not to lift yet. I'm really not crazy... I didn't go into this with unreal expectations but I think I'm more insecure and impatient...maybe I am crazy! LOL but I passed my psych eval
  9. I just returned from my second postop visit (I'm on week 8 post op). I've lost 31.2 pounds since my two week preop visit. I've only lost 8 pounds since I saw him last month. He said I'm right on track but I need to increase my exercise. I know this will help, I have just got to work on creating that new habit. I joined a gym but due to my schedule I don't get to go everyday. Bummed because EIGHT pounds? I know everyone is different and I know I don't lose weight easily or I wouldn't have opted for this tool but does an average of 3 pounds or so a week seem slow to y'all? I am getting no more than 700 calories a day and he told me that I really don't need to be using "liquid calories" unless I need them for protein - which is what I do. Protein shake in the A.M. is my routine now, with cottage cheese and silk for about 45 gm. A coworker had her surgery about four weeks ago and she lost 30 pounds in three weeks.... I know, I shouldn't compare myself but don't we all do it? You sleevers out there... what's been your average?
  10. That's awesome! Congratulations! Any tips? I'm 8 weeks out and have (only) lost 25 post surgery and, though I do realize 3 pounds a week is "healthy" weight loss, I can't help but worry b/c it seems SO slow.
  11. MarcieR

    Soooo slow

    My weight loss is so freaking slow it's hard not to get down. I'm staying on plan, no deviation at all. Still drinking my protein shakes and (usually) having a salmon filet for dinner. It's all I can do to get the whole thing down and, of course, it's cold by the time I finish. Went grocery shopping today to get more protein powder. I don't know what I was thinking. I picked up a rotisserie chicken. Now, what in the world am I going to do with an entire chicken? Old habits, I guess. I guess I'll have to make some chicken salad and take it to work. I looked at the protein bars but decided, after looking at the calories, etc that I'm not ready to go down that road yet. I think I need to keep my "sweets" as protein powder and nutrient packed shakes or meats. I don't think I can trust myself to start buying stuff that tastes like brownies, etc. I'm just rambling here, kind of a diary entry to catch up I guess. I'm just trying to stay focused on my plan, getting my protein and fliuds and staying away from that darn scale! I did buy a couple of pair of pants this weekend, size 20. Preop I was in 22/24, so that's definitely progress. I also found a couple of tops that are XL and not XXL but,, depending on how they are made they fit... (one fits, one doesn't - but it will) All on sale. I've had several people at work comment that my clothes were too big...while I appreciate it, I don't like the attention and it really made me feel self conscious so I bought new pants.
  12. Yep. The day before my surgery I was on the phone with a lady who works from home. She knew I was going to be out but didn't know why. I told her I was having the sleeve and she blurted out that her daughter in law had "that surgery" and never left the hospital. Geez, comforting. It IS a risk as with any surgery but I think my surgical clearance was pretty thorough. I had an EKG as well as a nuclear stress test, along with the psych eval and all of the other things. I felt pretty confident going into surgery that everything was going to be okay. A lot of people do not understand that there are many of us who have tried and tried and tried again to "lose weight naturally" and it just doesn't work. We need help just like a blood pressure pill or a cholesterol pill when "diet and exercise" aren't enough.
  13. I am an Amazon addict also. It's just too convenient and I hate crowds. I'm hoping that losing weight will make me WANT to go shop and try on clothes and get out of the house more.