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  1. Sorry to be the downer on this subject, but I seem to be the odd one out here. I had a TON of hair before WLS, but started losing it by the handful in month 3 post op. I continued to lose it for a few months and then it did slow down. However... it did not come back the same. I get all my supplements, all my protein, I take Biotin and watch my iron (I get anemic easy) yet... with doing all that I am supposed to, it has not come back the same. I started using Rogaine foam and a little came back and the extreme fall out stopped, but it is not the same.
  2. My doc and nut told me to avoid straws because of gulping air. If you pour water into your mouth you are less likely to swallow air because you expel it when you close your mouth. I admit, i use one now and then when eating out, but I prefer using my canteens that just have a bottle type opening. I have noticed that if I do use a straw, I tend to burp quite a lot, so it has led me to believe my doc was right. Maybe it has to do with a difference between a bypass and a sleeve? Dunno, but happy that you have found a way to get your fluids.
  3. Congrats! We are very close to the same stats. I too bounce around 3 or 4 lbs, but i am maintaining and VERY happy in my size 4 jeans. It felt SOOO awesome the first time i put on a black dress (my pic) I hope you feel as amazing as I did!
  4. My kids were 10 an 7. i told them. Just that I was having surgery on my stomach and that I would be really tired and hurting for a while, but that it was normal and that I would be ok. I didn't want them to worry too much about me. Now, i am VERY open about it. I see my daughter falling into my old patterns and have been trying to, gently, change her habits. I am using my own experience as a motivator to eat well and live well now so they don't end up having to take the extreme measure that I did.
  5. I bop back and forth between 136 and 140. I think there are just times I am retaining water or a dozen other tiny things that could mess with my head. Don't read too much into it. I hit my weight at on year post op and stuck there. Dumping has never gone away and, sadly, I still can't eat eggs. Sigh... I really miss eggs. But I digress... I think you are fine. There are water issues and other things that can affect a pound or two on the scale. Just stay on track and you are golden. HTH
  6. This is EXACTLY why i have ticked off a few family members by saying that I think there should be more strict psychological prep BEFORE and required therapy for a time after WLS. I am not trying to offend anyone that was fast tracked, I am VERY happy for all of you and your weight loss. However, it took me a year to be approved for the surgery and my insurance required me to see a therapist and go to group counseling before surgery. There was no requirement for after the surgery and there have been times when I have really struggled emotionally. Food was a coping mechanism for me and I had to learn how to deal with my emotional pain another way. My own cousin committed suicide 3 years after her WLS. I miss her everyday and I don't believe that she killed herself because she had WLS, but i DO believe that the loss of her "go to" comfort had a bit of an influence on how low she actually got.
  7. Same here. I am the type of person that struggles with the little voice in my head that says. "oh go on and eat it, it's the last bite." I am also the person that struggles to keep from piling food on top of emotional pain. So my "bad day" usually involves emotional issues as well. I wish I could shine a bright light on the future for everyone and tell you that 4 years out you will have no stress about your weight and that you will automatically portion out your meals with no need for measuring cups or scales. HA! I wish. The crappy truth is that I believe that most, if not all, of us will have to watch ourselves for the rest of our lives and some days that just plain sucks.
  8. JennaG2014


    So happy for you. Awesome accomplishment.
  9. After more than 4 years from WLS, I am beginning to understand that it is never going to be easier for me to control myself. I still have to stop myself from taking that last bite on the plate just because it is all that is left. I have to remember that people aren't looking at me strangely because I am the fat person in the room. I can't use food as emotional support and instead have to deal with my grief, frustration and every other negative emotion in another way. The weight loss has been wonderful and life changing. I am honestly a much happier person, but on the days when I am feeling low I just wish that I didn't have those old desires creeping in to mess with my head. Others might have developed a new normal that takes away the daily struggle. But for me... it is a choice I make every single day. Sorry to be a downer. I am having a crappy day and needed a bit of a vent.
  10. This may sound silly, but people in my life are starting to forget that I was ever fat. It has been 4 1/2 years since my bypass. Those people that have known me for about 5 to 8 years are starting to forget I was ever heavy.
  11. I had just opened my eyes from a deep sleep when the phone rang. I flopped my very pregnant body over and answered the phone. My mom's voice started screaming on the phone that I needed to turn on the TV RIGHT NOW. I once again flopped around and got the TV on. The first tower was smoking and I was catching bits of what the reporters were saying. I watched live and in complete horror as the second plane hit the second tower. Silent tears tracked their way down my face when people began to jump and before I knew it, I was huddled around my 9month pregnant belly. The fear was so strong. I was afraid of what this was beginning. Afraid for the tiny life inside me, grieved for the victims in those towers and horrified by the level of madness and hate that was on every news channel. I gave birth to my son two weeks later. I will forever be grateful for the amazing show of patriotism that echoed in the wake of such horror. For the men and women of our armed forces that work each day to keep our country free. And, because of 9/11, I will never again take for granted, the blessing it is to be an American.
  12. JennaG2014

    Back Pain

    You have lost a lot of weight, but I don't believe that you have had any skin removal surgery or anything along those lines yet. Right? Just a guess, but could you be feeling extra pull on your back because of abdominal skin (ie a hanging pannus or even breasts) Hang with me a sec... my mom was 5ft tall and was 285lbs. She lost 100lbs after WLS and suddenly started having back pain. She complained about it and the Dr. told her it was strain, then it was something else... yada yada yada. Finally after a bunch of Dr. visits she went to see PS on her own. The plastics Dr. made a comment that the removal of the excess skin may help her relieve her pain. She said that she wasn't ready and that she wanted to lose more weight first. So... she started wearing compression garments ALL THE TIME. ugh. But she hung in there and it did help a bit. After getting her weight down 20lbs more she had a panniculectomy and an abdominoplasty. They took off 13lbs of skin. She swears it has helped her back more than the meds the other Dr. was giving her. HTH
  13. Thanks Guys for not just thinking I am totally nuts. I actually asked my NUT about this. She said, that blood sugar can play a part in it. Hmm interesting. I am Hypoglycemic since WLS, but she said that Mom's of Type 1 Diabetic children have even notices a sweet taste to their babies skin. Just interesting.
  14. Has anyone noticed if they smell different? Stay with me a sec.. I am not talking about anything to do lotions, soaps, etc. I am not talking about funky underarms or people that need to change their undies. I am talking about the smell of you. Your arms, neck, etc. I didn't really notice, but my hubby did. He leaned over and was resting his head on my shoulder. He turned his head into my neck and took a deep breath. The he says, "You smell different." "HUH?! What does that mean?" He shrugs and says, "It isn't a bad thing. Just a little sweeter. I like it." We laughed, I accused him of being part dog.. Blah blah blah. But I started wondering if anyone else noticed. My mom says that she noticed, (on herself) but that she thinks it has to do with sweating less. I wonder if it has anything to due with a healthier diet. Of course i really wonder if we are just strange. LOL What do you think?
  15. I had a doughnut lift. That is sort of a mini lift. In a full lift they cut a key hole shape around the nipple and then a rectangular shape on the bottom of the breast. I didn't need that much so my lift was just around the nipple. Then I had textured, silicone implants that took me from a 32B to a 32DDD. That sounds really big, but believe me, it really isn't as big as it sounds. A 32DDD is the same as a 34DD or 36D. Before the weight loss I was a 34DD so, I kind of just went back to the size I was. My mom was worried that I was going to end up looking out of proportion, but they actually fit my frame really well. (It's the big hips lol) The entire cost was $6,200. I don't want you to think that I am pressuring you. Having surgery, especially an elective surgery, is a big decision. I just don't want you to base any choice you make off of false info.