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  1. I tried that way for 20 years - as many others have I would think. I started my weight loss journey aged 18 and just 156lbs and over the course of 20 years (and many many diets later) I weighed approximately 240lbs. Still a lightweight compared to many other weight loss candidates, but I was obsessed with dieting and how bad I perceived I looked during those 20 years. It was a massive relief not to have to think about that anymore. I can't say I haven't thought about that. Sadly it would take me less than six months to gain that naturally if I was unbanded, and that would be if I was
  2. What does this mean? Thanks for the post Patty - I had started losing my voice - that only stopped a few weeks ago, after my band had been deflated for a while. In fact it wasn't until you mentioned it that I noticed I don't have the hoarseness anymore.
  3. Do you know whether it is possible to stretch a bypassed (or sleeved) stomach? The experienced with my enlarged pouch has frightened me and made me wonder whether the same thing could happen if I had a bypass.
  4. As you were typing that I was at our NHS site which said exactly what you just said about your qualifying criteria in the US. It's the same here. I hope the fact that I am already banded would go some way to helping me. If they're already performing invasive surgery to remove the band hopefully they will give me an alternative even though I am still 22lbs short of the qualifying criteria for weight + comorbidity of 35 BMI. (I satisfy the comorbidity criteria I think).
  5. I forgot to say, the BMI calculator said I am at 32.7. I should be pleased with that, but the lower my BMI, the less likely it is that they will replace my band if it fails - they may just remove it altogether.
  6. Ps. You could always get tivo, or whatever is available in the US that allows you to forward over the adbreaks.
  7. Absolutely fantastic for the first six years, then I had to have it emptied for medical reasons and have had no end of problems with my weight since then - all my own fault I think (see my 'massive weight gain post next to this one). Hey, those desires for that sort of food may become a thing of the past once your fills are at your 'sweet spot'. It did for me; in fact I could eat so little my body's preference (not mine) was always for good, nutritious food. My old habits included gorging on at least one very large bar of chocolate a day, along with several smaller bars, and cakes, take ou
  8. Dilation means enlarging of and stretching of the pouch so a pseudo stomach forms above the band - so in effect you have two stomachs - a before and after band stomach. My consultant says food rots in there and eventually drips down through the band. Yuck! Eventually, if you over stretch your newly enlarged pouch (which I did), the food starts backing up your oesophagus and causes oesophagitis, or swelling of the oesophagus, which can start belling out (which mine did). It was worrying for the consultant which is why I was immediately emptied - apparently damage to the oesophagus can be p
  9. BTW, I take omeprazole for my reflux and as a result I don't experience any of the physical symptoms of reflux, such as the burning sensation - so I don't know that the chronic hunger and nausea would be caused by reflux when it isn't showing symptoms.
  10. Banding was a fantastic experience for me, for the first six years. It was after I had become ill (a haemorrhagic stroke) and I had it emptied, that all my woes began. By the way, the bariatric team don't think it has slipped - it doesn't look like it from the xrays they have done. I ate like a pig for a few months post stroke. My body seemed to be starving. Indeed, in the preceding six months to my stroke the weight dropped off at a ridiculous pace. I'm pretty sure this was because of stress rather than the band as my weight loss had been slow and steady for years before. My fills
  11. Hi I'm new to the board, but not new to gastric (lap) banding, being a veteran now of 8 years The pain I remember was like an ache down my left side, located at the operation and port site - that should pass in a couple of weeks and should diminish on a daily basis. You shouldn't have any pain in your abdomen - unless that's the gas. I don't remember being any more gassy than usual, but it was a long time ago, and I probably wouldn't have noticed a difference pre and post op. You'll still crave and be able to eat a lot of food if you have a low amount or no fluid in your band - i
  12. Yeh that's what I'm worried about, and that's what I have read over and over on the other boards - that once the band is emptied after a pouch dilation it never works again. I just wanted to check here in case there was someone that says it worked ok (have never read that!). Yikes! I think I'll probably have to live with my additional weight (and then some) unless our UK surgeons look on me kindly. The consultant I saw said that although my BMI is usually too low for weight loss surgery (I think unless you are morbidly obese you won't get it without paying for it privately in the UK), he w
  13. Hi Thanks for the reply - much appreciated. I have a couple of questions though - when you said you had been dealing with the problem for years, are you referring to the reflux only? Did you have the band emptied, then refilled with continuing weight gain? I am worried that I have damaged my pouch so much it has become elastic and the same problem will recur with no other option but to remove it. I am not at a weight (and never have been) that our national health service would consider a serious enough health risk to warrant surgery. (I paid for original surgery privately to stop the o
  14. Hi Just joined - I hope this post is in the right place. I was banded in 2006 by The Hospital Group and the weight loss was awesome. I reached my target weight a few years ago and maintained it for a while. However I was seriously ill in 2012 (not band related) and felt I couldn't get enough nutrition in order to recover properly, so I paid to have the band completely aspirated. What a mistake that turned out to be. Immediately I could, and did, eat as much as I wanted whenever I wanted. Four or five months later I started having my band filled up again. I was getting no physical r
  15. Hello Just introducing myself, as I will be posting a question! I'm in the UK and have been banded since 2006 :-)
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