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  1. i remember having issues the same as this ,i also have episodes now at times .i would have to do apple sauce to take my meds etc and still do on some days,i find i do better if the food is moist like soup but with small veggies or i run it thru a blender for a quick pulse or 2.You will probably need to continue to experiment,add protein powder to your apple sauce unflavored with torani brown sugar free syrup is good also on oatmeal too
  2. why just a minute,a good cardio is at least 45 ,you deserve it .heck take an hour
  3. the journey begins.liquid stage is difficult but you will get thru it.I have to say its not an easy way out as people think and have said.Some days are a definate struggle,would i turn back no maybe the first week after surgery i would have,i got thru it .good luck on the road to a new you.
  4. Hi the first 6 months required me to see the nutritionist and follow a plan .i attended a wls program and was able to lose about 20 lbs ,journaling is good to do it keeps you accountable for what you eat.it also serves as a record for the nutritionist to view.there are so many apps out there to help you keep track,the 6 months go by fast.i wish you luck stick with it and you'll be set to go Happy thanksgiving the day of dread for all that overeat !!!
  5. first time wearing a dress in 27 years!!

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      Love IT! You go .....

  6. first time in dress in 26 years !!

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  8. Clothes are the key.when I changed my style and size comments happened. I have many that say your done losing aren't you.?what do you say ? I respond with what will happen will happen and change the subject.I struggle with these comments and worry will I keep losing a thought that has never ever crossed my mind before.I will Be honest and say when on my recent trip it took this picture to see how much I have changed.I was surprised and shocked that this was me.looking at a photograph is a definate result of how you change more clearly than a pix on the phone so get a disposable and click away at least you can comment on your results the heck with anyone else.great job on your loss of 26 lbs and your just a month out that is awesome.
  9. went on a cruise had lots of energy to walk the ship stairs and decks

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      We went on a Hawaii cruise in Jan, So different from 100lbs heavier. Loved it so much more!


  10. came home on friday from cruise had more energy than

  11. You look good right now even without the plastic surg.
  12. I hope everything works out for you .seems like you have a struggle in front of you.when you getover your bumps in the road ( Surgery, fills) im sure it will be smooth sailing from then on out good luck.
  13. That's looking bad .I hope it resolves.its so unfortunate that you are going thru this to make your self healthier.