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  1. Sept Surgery Check-In

    Yes I have a NEW fistula I mean I may be destined to be a leaky pouch. LOL. He seemed to be very confident it would close up on its own. He did repair the other fistula, the stricture, made my pouch smaller and did some small intestine work. All of that is still good. We aren't sure why the new fistula formed. I just pray that in 3 months it is closed up! I am glad you are doing well .......... all of you. The beans sound yummy! I am going iced coffee sugar free in almond milk and its great. I seem to be able to tolerate it better than hot coffee.
  2. Sept Surgery Check-In

    Hi Shell, How are you? How's the pouch? I went to the surgeon today he said the fistula (small) would most likely heal itself. He moved me to the soft foods phase. I just made a little egg white and low fat shredded cheese. This is the best thing I have ever eaten. LOL. I have to go back in two weeks the surgeon will take my tube out -- YAY. I go back in 3 months for another upper GI to check on the fistula.
  3. Sept Surgery Check-In

    How are you Shel? I hope doing well and feeling better. I had another upper GI today and I have a leak again from pouch to old stomach. I am just SICK over this. I see the surgeon on Friday. I am thinking another surgery. Sigh.
  4. Sept Surgery Check-In

    Oh good for you I wish I could get to the pureed diet sooner. That should help you with some nutrition that you can't get with the full liquids since it is making you sick! I am hanging in there. This revision surgery was rough and the recovery has been pretty hellish actually. I have had just weird things happen. I still have this feeding tube in and it is still really red and hurts around the site. I went to the dr last week they did a few things that helped a little. However it is back hurting again this weekend. I am not using the tube so I am going to call for another appointment tomorrow. I am going to bed and plead that they take it out. It is causing nothing but pain and discomfort. Sigh. I think when that thing finally comes out I will feel 100% better! Keep in touch let me know how you are doing and what the NUT says!
  5. Sept Surgery Check-In

    How is everyone out there? Let's check in .............
  6. Had my surgery

    Congrats Shel I have been watching for your post. I knew you would be popping on any day now. I am glad you are on the other side of it all. I have had some issues too but I am trying to keep myself in a positive frame of mind. Take care and rest!
  7. I am back home today post-of 4 days.

    I am so miserable I have NO place else to talk about any of this since nobody in my house has ANY reference on all this crazy stuff my body doing. I am FREEZING so cold I can barely move. I then will be HOT like burning up and sweating. I swear I sweat all the time! My head hurts and I feel a little sick to my stomach. I thought I would feel better than this by now? Are these things normal or should I call my dr office tomorrow??
  8. I am back home today post-of 4 days.

    My surgeon decided to use the G Tube (gastronomy tube) feeding tube out of my tummy. I had a pretty involved revision and they use them a lot with revisions I am told. I just hate it.
  9. Hi there! Well my original bypass was 10 years ago. I can tell you that most things have changed from that time to my recovery at the present. I had a mechanical failure that is what really has to happen for insurance to pay. Your surgeon would need to submit that this is a "repair" and use the proper codes (which you can find online). I took about 10 min. for my insurance to cover. I am very blessed. I also have STD at my work and I am receiving 100% pay for up to 8 weeks should I need it. I think I will go back in a couple of weeks. I came home swith a G tube (feeding tube) and I don't really love it. I am tolerating it that is all. I have to have it for 6 weeks but may have it removed after 5 if I am lucky. I have not had to use the G Tube yet as I can tolerate protein, liquid and things by mouth. They will leave it in though just in case you need it. I came home with a drain the first time and had that also out of surgery. They did take that out though before I came home. I am very allergic to most pain medications. I used a medication that didn't make me feel crazy but it did take the edge off the pain. Don't suffer through again if you have a revision there is no need to be in pain. They have so many options now. The food plan after is SOOO different this time around. It is very strict. I hope you are able to get the surgery and start to feel better soon!
  10. I am back home today post-of 4 days.

    Hello! Has anybody heard of or had extreme body temp changes? I am freezing most of the time then I am burning up cold hot cold hot! IT IS exhausting. I felt more tired today. Not the best day so far! I had all my staples taken out yesterday and my dr visit. I still have the G tube and will for 4-5 more weeks. I hate this thing. It makes me queasy.
  11. Reposting G-Tube? Anyone? Anyone? UGGGG

    Hello! I just wanted to pop by and tell you all I am doing just great. I had two IV's one in each hand, the JP drain, the G Tube and the N Tube all of which were nothing except the nasal tube in which case I am CERTAIN a peice of my brain came out with its removal. The only thing I home with was the G Tube and it has been just fine. I am drinking my protein drinks, applesauce, some greek yogurt, baby foods (fruits only) which are pretty darned good. I was up walking 1 hour after surgery because I asked to get up and I have been up and walking each day hardly even laying down. My pain level is tolerable I am taking pain meds a couple times a day with a nausea med. I have started having shooting pains today they are little sharp pains. They don't last. Anyone else experience these? I think it is just my body healing?
  12. I am back home today post-of 4 days.

    Hello! I just realized my first post only said "hi" lol and the rest of it was chopped off for some reason. I am 5 days post op and doing pretty good. My surgey went well and the hospital was second to none. I have never been at a more accomadating hospital than Orlando Regional Medial Center (Bariatric Unit). They would bring around warm lavender cloths for patient and family several times a day for relaxation. They always ordered extra guest trays of food for family members (breafast, lunch and dinner). All of the nurses were fantastic. Dr. Jawad said everything went great. He seperated the stomachs so that they wouldn't communicate any longer, he shortened the pouch, repaired the fistula and stricture, then removed my gallbladder. The worst thing for me was the N Tube that was TORTURE! I finally go it out on the second day by falling on the feet Dr. Jawad. I also had two IV's in each hand also had the JP Drain. I have been able to get down broth and protein. I was wondering how much of say broth any of you can drink? I have heard that it is common to be able to drink more because that is a "slider" food and when I get to soft foods it will feel more restricted. Anybody who is coming up for surgery I can try to answer questions. Sittin on the losers bench! YAY!
  13. Reposting G-Tube? Anyone? Anyone? UGGGG

    I agree! Just a little worried about the G Tube!
  14. Well this week has been a blur.........I am getting ready for surgery next Wednesday. I had all my pre-op testing done Friday also went to the surgeons office to speak with him, meet the bariatric coordinator at the hospital and do a quick check in with my Nut again. I had a friend who is a nurse go with me to the surgeons office. This is a mandatory requirement for my surgeon not sure if it is like that for everyone. However, she witnessed forms for me and also was my "medical advocate" and was with me when my surgeon came in to speak with me. I had a list of questions that I shared with my friend and she asked one of the girls who was in the room with us about my gallbladder ultrasound. I had wanted to make sure to see what the test revealed. This "assistant" said if they didn't contact me that typically everything is fine. Then the Dr. comes in who is the man of the hour....I was anxious to talk to him. The Dr. drew a diagram about what was going to happen and it was different (worse) than I orginally thought. Here is the breakdown for my revision...... keep in mind my original gastric bypass was 10 years ago. I have the pouch and stomach communicating again, a fistula between them which has created the stricture so everything for who knows how long has has been leaking badly (due to the stricture) has been going in to my "stomach". I was told that I may very likely come home with a G Tube which is completely freaking me the @&^% out! I will have a JP drain but was told that will come out before I come home. The G Tube from what I understand comes home with me for about 6 weeks. I have at least a two day hospital stay. After all this GREAT news I head over to my pre-op and have the EKG, Chest X-Ray, Blood Work, and a pretty intense meeting with the Nurse Anesthetist. We are going over my surgery and she mentions everything that I am aware of then drops in GALL BLADDER. Huh? I say to her... oh no I am not having my gall bladder out to which she say well it says here you have gall stones and your gall bladder is coming out. So I think to myself OK I need to know if one of my organs (even though it isn't needed) but still I would like to know if some organ is coming OUT! So she has someone call over to the surgeons office and confirm yes indeed it is coming out. Sigh............. I am the kinda gal that processes things you know when I am aware of something that is going to happen to me I reseach it and figure it out ..accept it and then I am a little calmer. I was so overwhelmed when I came home Friday that as soon as I walked through the door....I dropped my purse and burst in to tears for a few minutes. I guess I needed to just let it out. Soooo ladies and gents this is where I am right now pre-surgery. Thank the LORD my mom and grandmother are now here from Alabama to help calm me down a little bit! Just kind of getting it all out here so I hope you all don't mind!