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  1. sis. i need those flats. ASAP. sorry you were in the hospital. hopefully they'll have some answers for you soon! :/
  2. yeah, girl. all of us end up using protein shakes for the most part. i know greer says she can't stand them. but to each their own. i still have at least one almost every day. it helps to meet your goals, for sure. it's also great for traveling, which i do a lot. the quest individual protein packets really help when i'm flying! i concur with the chili. i make chili almost every week for my meal prep. grass-fed beef is incredible. i'll sometimes make a turkey chili here and there, too. have you tried tuna yet? i'd suggest to soften it with low-fat mayo or italian dressing. avocado is also a godsend (but not everyone likes it).
  3. LOLLLLLL not sure if i will see a sub 2 in this life or the next lol. my last half was 2:36. if i could get down to 2:25, i'd be stoked.
  4. you have got a deal. october 15th? let's do it. i'll put that in my schedule so i won't forget to register.
  5. you're right. you're right. i meal prepped yesterday, so everything's set for the rest of the week as far as food is concerned. i have to get myself up and run before work. that part i've been struggling with. listen. LISTEN. we'll split one. just the steak and peppers, no bread. i know a few great spots!
  6. he does. his accent is incredibly sexy. lol i get that comment a lot, whenever someone hears his voice or gets to talk to him. i was talking to joseph while getting a tattoo sunday. my artist was like "yeah. i'd like to shag him just by hearing him." LOLOL i told her i don't blame her!
  7. shame! shame! shame! *hangs head* i am. i really have a lot going on. but it is lovely seeing you! chiiiiiiiiiiiiile. he is just the most gorgeous man i've laid eyes on. he's my little idris. hahah! and yeah, you're right. yesterday was my 1-year anniversary of my last half marathon. i haven't done much running since then, and i need to get back into it. funny enough, joseph just completed his 2nd full marathon on sunday. i have a lot of catching up to do. lois! my love! not at the moment. but when we buckle down tour plans, you'll be one of the first to know. we're trying to get down south this year, as well as return to the midwest.
  8. did you see my "i'm sorry" post? we're coming to cambridge in may! i'll send you the invite on FB.
  9. i take pride in my hugs, tyvm. it's so nice to look over all these pics. i've been blessed in my ability to travel and meet so many of you. i look forward to meeting many more.
  10. so geoff is gonna come from boston to philly and kick my tail. i just know it. i miss you guys. i'm sorry i haven't been on as frequently. things have been pretty poopy for me recently, for lack of a better term. i've had my good and bad days, and it seems the bad days have been outweighing everything else. so let's start with the bad news, then we'll work our way up. i've gained weight back, as a surprise to no one. i've been struggling very terribly with my depression since my grandpa passed last year. i have been keeping up with taking my meds and doing therapy, but the eating and keeping consistent with my exercise has still waned. at my lowest i was 173, i'm now back up to 197 and it's freaking me out. i had to go up a dress size and i'm incredibly frustrated with myself. it seems as though it's harder and harder for me to remain consistent. so. there's that. my job is... meh. it's getting to the point where i feel like i'm in a rock in a hard place. we have new management and i can't stand it. that's all i'll say here, to protect myself. what i will say is that i need to find another job...but getting compensated close to what i make now in another place is going to be difficult. now on to the good (or better lol) news: i've been training in pro wrestling LOL. there is this wrestling company that works very closely to the WWE here in NE philly, called chikara. they specialize in campy, luchador-style wrestling. they were offering a 101 course, where you learn the basics and fundamentals of wrestling, for half-off in february. so i figure - why not? i've been a fan for this long, and maybe it will help me get back on track with my fitness. it is, quite literally, the hardest physical training i've ever gone through. i have a love-hate relationship with it lol. sadly, my last course is next sunday, where i'll be evaluated on my progress. i know i'm not gonna pass, but the experience was life-changing and i have so much more respect for the business as a fan, having gone through this. my trainers are amazing, and incredibly patient. i actually just came back from orlando for wrestlemania, and i was able to see a couple of my trainers in action. one of my trainers from chikara, juan franciso de coronado in other news: palaceburn is doing wonderful! we just bought a van! we've been working very closely with management to get us more out of town shows (geoff, we're coming to cambridge next month!), so this is a purchase that's been long overdue. we're also currently working on the new EP which is like 90% complete. it will be called "the empress", and we're hoping for a september release. we're also going to be shooting a music video in june, which is super exciting. it will be the first one for this band. we'll be playing brighton bar in long branch, nj, this saturday - so any of my NYC/NJ people... i'd love to see you! welp. last and not least: the most important news - i met someone. meet joseph. he is 31, works in IT - and is, without fail, the most incredible, amazing man that i have ever had the pleasure of knowing. just look at this handsome chocolate drop. LOOK AT HIM joseph and i met earlier this year, on twitter (as i have a habit of doing). he's basically my better half. he's also a singer, he's also into metal and wrestling, he is incredibly charming and extremely hilarious. he's driven, passionate... and worships the ground i walk on. he's slowly becoming my best friend...and he and i are so happy together. and here's the catch. he's british. joseph spent a lot of time in orlando...he's been back in london for the past 5-6 years. he actually has a daughter, norah, from a previous relationship, who still lives there. (and she's as cute as a button OMFG) he's currently enrolled at the university of westminster to get his bachelor's in video game programming. the plan is, when he graduates, that he'll be moving to philly with me. being in an LDR is the hardest thing either of us have ever done. this past week was exceptionally hard, especially for him. when all you have is texting and Facetime, it gets rather difficult. but he and i are determined to make it work. this is the most open, understanding relationship i've been in. i feel like i can go to joseph about anything and everything, and won't be judged for it. loving him is like breathing. and i'm so thankful that he's in my life. i know the last time i was here, i was speaking about ashton, so i know there will be questions in regards to that. as for ashton: ol' knucklehead self. at NXT at the amway center, orlando i saw ash when i went down to orlando for wrestlemania. when joseph and i were in our first stages of getting to know one another, ashton and i had a heart-to-heart. he was honest with me, and told me that he is still struggling with feelings for his ex-fiance', whom he was with for a little over a decade. which, in essence, opened up the gates for me to be able to move on with joseph. both ashton and i still love each other, very much. but i can't be with someone who isn't fully invested in me. i've been there, done that... and i refuse to go down that path again. he understood... and gave his blessing for me to move on. and he's so happy and excited for me. ashton and i remain friends, and will continue to do so. WELP. i know that was a lot. but it's been a while. i hope all of you are doing well. i'm glad to see that greer is still slaying in the "what are you wearing?" thread (as she always does). i will *try* to not be so much of a stranger. no promises. but i will give it a go. i love you all.
  11. i was looking for this message. bellamoma has kicked surgery's butt. she looks incredible, and it was lovely to meet her and her gorgeous family! i'm jealous of her boys' hair LOLOLOLOL
  12. i've already gone on carnival's website and reviewed what food options they have. other than the pizza and burger bars, they have some awesome options (with portion sizes). i'm excited to try the food, as well as get some running in on the outside track and in the gym. it'tl be all good!
  13. hi, my name is meredith and i've gained 20lbs back. (hi, meredith!) steph - so good to see you back and glad that things are turning around for you. seems like you and i are basically parallel in our lives now... with the weight gain, the slacking on running, depression, etc. so. just know that if you need to bond with someone who's dealing with the same stuff... i'm your lady. i've been meaning to do the 5DPT... i'll be on a cruise next week and am taking my running gear with me. once i come back... sounds like that's gonna be the move. much love to you!!!!
  14. awwwww! that's not weird at all! thank you, sweetie!
  15. GO JULIE, GO! GO JULIE, GO! looking great out there!!!! oooooooh! that's amazing. have a great time on yours, as well! i expect pics! carnival, on the shiprocked cruise. i am so excited to see all of my friends and ring in my 30th properly! merry christmas to you and the hubby!