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  1. BurgundyBoy: I'll see you at 6? I agree, you can still eat well and enjoy food as a pleasure, as a delight. You just need to do so with consideration of your good health.
  2. Ooh BurgundyBoy-you are a true foodie, huh?! I'd love to join at your dinner table!
  3. Still here. Well, not still on TT for the most part but here in the world wide web. So yeah, the weight has crept back on. It's different with a sleeve, I think. There is really nothing to prevent going backwards. You have to commit to the good habits you undertake in the first weeks and months post op. If you deviate....and so there I am. The sleeve stretches and there is no food rejection. Still cant take in as much as I did post op but other than that, many bad habits, mainly eating on the go and not taking the time to make sure what I eat is a good choice, are what have stopped my progress. One thing I had learned was how important the commitment to making intentional choices is-to make healthy choices and to only choose to eat when truly hungry. Being on TT helped me to stay focused. I have been through a stretch of major transitions and challenging times which have distracted me from goal and my weight and health went to the back burner. I know what needs to be done. Not sure what to do to get back on course. Good luck to you, Bantamweight. Maybe a 5 day pouch test will help you to kickstart your progress.
  4. Looks like we should find the post op thread. I had a VSG in April of 2009.
  5. Hello, cinwa! Glad to see you are still holding down the TT fort. Hope all is well~
  6. How about that World Series?
  7. Long time sleever here. Have gained most back. Lost my focus and with 4 kids, a father w dementia and the death of another, life has just been too "grown up" to focus on my own self. Pretty sure I would choose the sleeve if I was to do it all over again but I would put more emphasis on the rules of good habits and not just relying on my "tool" to do the work.
  8. Niki, You have a good head on your shoulders. Stay focused on your task and block out the noise. What "they" have to say, not walking in your shoes, is absolutely irrelevant.
  9. I knew it was over when my desire to lose was overshadowed by my desire for food.
  10. OMG, you are too much! Do you feel the love, Av??!!
  11. There's a TT cruise? Sorry I missed that. I need to check in more often. Most of my TT updates are what comes through Aviator's Log! The world does revolve around Av, after all. Have fun on the cruise~
  12. He had disappeared for a few months one time and sent folks in to a real tizzy! <3 to Aviator
  13. He's fine. Heard from him on FB. He just living hard as Av does sometimes. He is such a great life force that it is easy to miss him when he gets busy!
  14. Kim is absolutely right as are the others above. The surgery alone will not make you successful at losing weight. If you don't deal with the mental/emotional/addiction/head issues surrounding your weight, you will not be able to be successful long term. Your family's reaction is typical of those who don't know enough about weight loss surgery. Only you know if you have gone as far as you can on your own. Just remember, the surgery is a tool but it alone will not bring the weight loss you want. No matter what, you HAVE to make the behavior and food choice changes..Seek out a counselor or support program to help you on your way and good luck!
  15. Kim, you have been very successful, esp for a sleever. Good for you for staying tuned in to your journey and taking steps to rein it in when it felt you were going off track. I'm 5 years out this month. I think I would choose the sleeve if I had it to do over again but it is definitely too easy to undo over time, not having the benefit of rejecting certain food groups as bypassers do and not having benefit of bypassed absorption. I dont eat as much as I did pre op but I can certainly eat anything again. Biggest mistake was probably stepping away from regular support, which for me was via this forum, which helped me to stay mentally in the game.