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  1. I do not like the site very much since the update, it's more of a chore to come here than a joy. :/
  2. Anything that causes "extreme pain" needs a Doctor's attention.
  3. took guts for you to come here and post that.. My advice is simple, because simple generally works the best - stop doing dumb stuff. Nobody is ever going to follow you around and knock the crap out of your hand, you have to care enough about yourself to make better choices.
  4. You said that your NUT said you could do it on your own. That phrase raises my hackles. You will be doing it on your own if you have surgery or if you don't have surgery. Trust and believe that surgery is not the "easy way out." You do not have to make an ultimate decision on surgery at this point in your life. Keep doing what you are doing and see where you are in 6 months, 12 months, 36 months. Surgery is not a do-it-now-or-never thing for you. If you are not fully committed, then surgery will be a difficult journey for you. Good luck, either way!
  5. It is specifically made to help with the breathing exercises you have to do after surgery. You'll need something to brace your stomach against while you do deep breathing.
  6. get one of these: http://teddy-tech.com/product/bari-buddy/
  7. I think 50 ounces is less than you should be getting in a day, and caffeine would not be a good idea yet. In addition to being a diuretic, most coffee is also acidic - which would likely exacerbate the acid problems most of us have right after surgery. ETA: sucks, doesn't it? I empathize
  8. How dare anyone ask you questions like that? My response (if I didn't tell them to kiss my behind) would bet that I'm already feeling healthier, thank you very much.
  9. I never drink/eat anything that is fat-free, low-fat etc! If they remove something, they are going to add something worse for you!
  10. What an amazing and inspirational woman! Congratulations on all of your successes! Never stop ...
  11. Spunky, we need to change your sip, sip, sip, walk, walk, walk to sip, sip, sip, log your sipping, walk, walk, walk, log your sipping
  12. I haven't tried this one in the microwave yet, because they have a sort-of warning about the coating melting in warm temps. But, I have to agree with Steph - seems very dense and a bit hard to chew. I love the topping though! This is my new favorite!
  13. I'm off to buy milk and bread ... even though I don't drink milk or eat bread. I'm far enough inland in NC that we might not get hit that badly. We do have flash flood warnings until Sunday night, they are predicting 8-10" of rain! Say safe, everyone!
  14. Courage is not the absence of fear ... it's the ability to push on in spite of it. It's healthy for us all to fear screwing this up just a bit. But, we absolutely cannot let it ever stop us. Find some confidence and faith in yourself. This is hard, but you can do hard things.
  15. You are absolutely, fantastically gorgeous!
  16. You got a bear!!! Aren't they fantastic!?! Congratulations on your surgery, best of luck during recovery! Be kind to yourself, it could get rocky over the next couple of months. Eyes on the big prize, be patient and determined.
  17. I think that we should let a surgeon do what a surgeon is best at ... do a surgery the way they are trained and comfortable. I don't think that we should dictate how they do their job. The differences between bougie are negligible at best.
  18. But, as a general rule, those of us who have had surgery are already cutting sugar and carbs. While I don't advocate or follow a zero-carb plan, I also very rarely eat bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, etc. I don't even eat complex carbs like brown rice or wheat bread. On the few occasions I go out to eat and I get a sandwich, I don't eat the bread. The only sugar I get is from my yogurt or in small quantities in the few other things I eat that contain it. I follow an almost strictly clean diet, as much as one can do so. I lean towards paleo and do not eat beans or cheese any more. I take a PB8. I don't see how my diet could have affected this... for the, oh... 40 years or so prior to surgery, I could definitely see my diet affecting a possible candida infection. But, now? Nope.
  19. Those who believe in karma would say I was getting my just rewards for ... something. I finally got a diagnosis from a fecal culture. But, I'm better now, I just finished the medicine and haven't had diarrhea for almost a whole week now. My doc said that it had nothing to do with my surgery, although when I was at the emergency dept., they were concerned about leaks, stricture, anything. But, all is well in that regard. As far as dealing with my newly diagnosed food allergies? It's a struggle. I switched from FairLife milk to almond milk and I cut all cheese months ago. Eggs are a main staple of my diet though, along w/greek yogurt. I'm really not sure how I'm going to replace them. I couldn't work out for over a month, and am just now getting back into my crossfit box. I know of another WLS patient who had a candida infection. The science part of me says that if there are 3 of us who have had what my doc calls a very rare occurrence there has to be connecting dots somewhere.
  20. I CRAVED sugar, which hadn't happened since surgery. One day, the only thing I could eat was a small sugar cookie for supper. I even went to the Emergency Dept. w/fairly severe abdominal pain twice. So... nausea, stomach pain (not really cramping, just sharp pain) and incredible diarrhea were my symptoms. Water - for the first time ever - made me nauseated. It was rough for sure. In the midst of all the testing, my food allergy tests showed I am allergic to milk, egg whites, peanuts and tomatoes. I love yogurt, eggs and peanut butter. It's been a rough month and a half, lol.
  21. Mine has a few names ... but most can't be said on this forum due to me getting in trouble for foul language.
  22. Ha! I just went through treatment for candida! I don't think mine was systemic, I had it in my GI tract. It SUCKS!! I was told that it was not related to my surgery, and it was very rare to have an infection like I had. I was put on fluconazole for a month and just completed the treatment about a week ago. My doc told me she had no idea how I got it, and it "probably" wouldn't come back. Mine was diagnosed by a fecal culture - you just haven't lived until you've had a fecal culture, just sayin'!
  23. Thanks, Cinwa! But, Michael's advice has worked!! Thanks, Michael!
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