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  1. i had a hard time then it got easy for a few months then it got hard again. I think our bodies just adjust differently. As long as you are not doing something your NUT or doctor said not to you are fine I am sure
  2. ladies--I had my blood work done today that the endo ordered--he thinks that it is HH not RH but he wants to rule many things out my surgeon asked me to come back in also a week after I go back to see the endo--I also had a UGI last Friday as part of the process of elimination I don't have a glucose meter but am having symptoms within usually MINUTES not hours of when I eat--when I read about RH and sometimes HH it indicates that it is later than that--when do you feel the plunges? Is that when you have been having the symptoms?
  3. Thank you for posting and replying. I am so glad that your situation is improving. That has to be a big relief. I am trying to figure out how to approach deciding if I should dispute with the endo his request for the glucose tolerance test or not. I have some specifics that I need to sort out. He gave me a list of 6 labs to do and I plan on going Monday since hubby can take part of the day to go with me. Thankfully the lab is actually at the hospital. He said to use a lab that is at the hospital if possible. He specifically said he thinks I will get very sick and asked me if I was 'ok' doing it to get the ball rolling to get this taken care of. He did give me the option and as you know during appointments there is SO much. Between surgeon and NUT they had me add in some 'good carbs' as I was staying really low already since I am only 10 months out and still have about 10 more lbs that I would like to get off. They had me add in so that I was up to about 40-60 good carbs per day about 3 months ago but that did not affect me negatively at all. This kind of started all of a sudden so at first I thought maybe I was getting the flu, had inner ear fluid, other things like that. I also thought that maybe I was having panic attacks but the 'waves' were coming at times that I was not under any stress at all. Happens even after I eat a -0- carb meal sometimes as well. The reason the surgeon and NUT ruled out RH is they said it happens too fast and that if it was RH it would take longer to 'hit me' but then I thought to myself last night--my meals and snacks are only 2-3 hours apart so maybe the prior mail just happens to trigger when I start my snack and I THINK it is the current snack that I am eating that is triggering it. Lots to consider when we need to eat 6x a day over a 14-16 hour time frame. It was only happening in the afternoon at first and I would then be so icky feeling that I was getting dizzy and blurry etc. I came home and thought the same thing....I don't want to be rolling all over the floor after drinking that stuff. Since it is a new endocrinologist and I had not seen an endo in a long time for regular maintenance. I was being treated for almost two years for SAI which, honestly, I thought this may be rearing its ugly head again due to the timing but my early cortisols are ok. The last time I had the SAI issue the afternoon cortisols were dipping to under 1 though so that is something to consider. The endocrine system is a tricky thing and each area of it affects the others. I am wondering now if I should tell them I don't want to do the glucose test but do the other 5 tests they listed. they are Basic Metabolic Panel Beta Hydroxybutyrate Bile Acids Fractionated + Total C-Peptide Insulin, Free and Total Somatomedin C IGF-1
  4. I am so glad you posted this ! I am reading your links and also have been researching a lot. At first my NUT was having me treat this as RH but since I get sick quicker than most RH he referred me to the surgeon the surgeon to an endo. I do have some other concerns I am dealing with surgeon on (other lab related not glucose though) and I saw an endocrinologist yesterday and he seemed to click /clue in to how this works with RNY more than even the nutritionist did. He suspects HH but he has me going to get a series of 6 tests done. One is the oral glucose drink one and he said I will be very, very sick of course. I am not looking forward to that. I am considering going to a lab other than the one I go to here near me and going to one in Jax just so I have somewhere to lay down since I will be feeling crummy after. You mentioned Mayo in Jax--if I don't seem to get results thankfully I can switch doctors since I am on a PPO not an HMO. Would you mind PMing me and letting me know who you are dealing with in case this goes sideways?
  5. I really like mineral water with gas, I like the flavor and it is SF so I let it go flat. Gerolsteiner or SP or something of the sort. I do that mayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyybe 1x a week --I just love the taste but was told this is perfect by NUT and surgeon since bubbles and soda are a no no. Acquired the taste living overseas. Pellegrino and sorts like that. I don't like soda at all so that was not hard at all for me to give up as there was not much to give up!
  6. I went to several meetings prior and still almost 10 months out am in contact with my NUT and see surgeon for follow ups
  7. Mine was much different with both but I just did what my NUT and surgeon told me to on their program. Hopefully they have some specifics they can help show you with
  8. I actually gained post up then was at a standstill. You will be so surprised when it starts falling off and FAST!
  9. Agreed and both my hubby's doc who is not WLS patient and NUT told us the same ESPECIALLY as we age.
  10. I have put unjury chicken or plain flavored in recipes but just make sure not to add it when it is too hot. It gets all gloppy