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  1. Right, right, my "brother". LOL
  2. Thank you! At least 64 ounces of water a day, but I try to get more, and low carb. That's really about it.
  3. Me and my son, this past Saturday, on his wedding day!
  4. Interview today. Large Vince Camuto top, Small Express blazer, size 10 Loft slacks and heels (I NEVER wear hills!)
  5. Keligirl12

    My job...

    At least I don't weigh what I did pre surgery! Even though it's illegal, I feel like that would have been a major strike against me. I have an interview on Friday. Not sure it's the perfect fit, but we'll see! Thanks again everyone!
  6. Keligirl12

    My job...

    Thank you everyone. Fortunately, I am receiving a nice severance package, so I'm not too stressed about finances. I am confident I will find something, I won't settle, so it's actually a nice position to be in.
  7. Keligirl12

    My job...

    Yesterday I was informed, that after 11 years, my position was being eliminated. I had no idea it was coming, however, I'm not totally surprised. Just one of those corporate decisions. So, I am going to take a few days and just let it sink in and then start the job search. Wish me luck!
  8. Medium Columbia hoodie, size 10 skinny jeans and Sorel snow boots. We came home from a 2 week vacation where the low temperatures were 77 degrees to 6 inches of snow on the ground and this morning we are waiting on an ice storm.
  9. Thank you! It's freezing at home so we are really enjoying the weather here!
  10. Not a full body picture but medium LOFT tank in Old San Juan Puerto Rico. Two more nights here and then we board our cruise ship for 7 nights.
  11. Really good! Just working and getting ready for Christmas and vacation. How about you?
  12. That's right! We are going from San Juan, Puerto Rico to the southern Caribbean, after a week in Puerto Rico. I'm so ready for some heat too. We are generally pretty mild in the winter in the PNW, but it's been cold and snowy. Give me some sun!!! Have a great time on your cruise!
  13. Meredith, where are you cruising to? We are going on a cruise 2 weeks!
  14. Hoping to hear how you are doing, soon!