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  1. It has been so long since I've posted, but 1 year postpartum and I am almost as heavy as I was at 9 months pregnant! I got pregnant 8 months out, only gained 10lbs while pregant, lost it and 10 more while breastfeeding, and now I'm up 20lbs 1 year out, still 50lbs from goal. After being forced to eat while pregnant and nursing I have ever developed bad habits. The struggle is real! Thank you ladies for posting this.
  2. I don't often post anymore but I wanted you all to know I read every post that's sent to me on this thread via email, and I am still so inspired by you all. Tomorrow is my 1 yr surgiversary. I'm now 19 weeks pregnant (with a boy!) and have actually lost weight since being pregnant. I'm hovering around 200lbs. Having lost 80lbs I had some loose skin. Now the baby is growing back into my skin so I'm not suffering stretch marks or the belly/hips skin tightness other moms suffer. I'm way more physically capable to carry this baby than I would have been a year ago. I'm getting married on Saturday and wearing a size 16 even at 19 wks pregnant! I was a 24/26. What a difference a year makes! Hugs to you all! I wish you all well!
  3. Kim, online dating can be rough. I found it challenging because I had been married before and kept looking at all the prospects as "he won't get it," or, "that habit he has would never work," because I had been through it before. I find your gut will tell you pretty quickly if a guy is a potential match. With that said, I found that my mentality was very limiting. People are not perfect and when we get used to being alone it's hard to accept someone else's flaws. My advice (after meeting my fiance on OKCupid) is to just go out and meet people with the sole intention of making new friends. Then if you hit it off it's a bonus. With the massive amount of factors it takes to create true chemistry, you have to kiss a lot of frogs. A LOT of frogs. This can be tiring if you're emotionally invested. And for the record, Wendy gives amazing advice. Listen to that woman!
  4. A woman at work wanted all of my hand me downs. I had inherited a winter coat...really nice LL Bean waterproof jacket, and I included that too. A week or so later, her son posted a picture to facebook of them together and she was wearing the jacket! I felt great knowing that my clothes, which I spent YEARS accumulating, (because as we know plus size fashion is hard to find stylish clothes) was getting some use! I worry when I donate them they will just be torn up for rags. I have a bunch of formal dresses. Glad someone mentioned looking for an organization that specializes in them to take them!
  5. I am in the same boat. I am not gaining weight though. I am only 14 weeks at this point and have not gained. My chiropractor told me he thinks I am still losing but maintaining because baby is growing (the size of a 1/2 banana!). As much as it pains me, I made an appointment with my NUT to make sure I'm ok. My blood work looks awesome. My OB said I should only gain 10 lbs with pregnancy. Seeing as the baby weighs 7lbs or so, I am not sure how that is possible unless I continue to lose weight while pregnant. Hmm. As for food, I am protein adverse right now, at meat. I loved LOVED chicken beforehand and have almost entirely switched to beans, dairy, and seafood as my main sources of protein. Protein shakes make me so nauseous I have given up on them. My fiance and I joke around because I have always loved Mexican, and now it is the only thing I want to eat. Somehow, slow cooked Mexican chicken sits just fine despite my protein aversion, so I am having enchiladas for lunch with guacamole and a spoonful of rice and beans. Last night I had a Mexican salad with corn, beans, cheese, peppers, and cilantro with a lime vinaigrette. Mmm. Ah, this pregnancy stuff is definitely more challenging being sleeved, but the end will be worth it, right? How are you doing with eating/cravings, Florida Girl?
  6. I just had my blood work done which showed both fasting glucose and A1c in the normal range. I am not sure why I'm being asked to do this OGTT so soon after just having blood work done. I would bet all my money I do not have GD. I'm going to talk to my NUT about it and see if I can swing a different test. Modern medicine is a blessing but pregnancy has become so... fear based. Thanks for the info!
  7. I'm on vacation and comfortable in a black skirtini! I took a water aerobics class and was not even a bit tired. I love being safe in my own skin!!!
  8. Well, I told my family! They were very happy and are excited for my fiance and me. My mom just retired, so she is willing to help me set up a nursery. I am so thankful! I worried I would get a lecture about being pregnant at the wedding, but thankfully they held their tongues! I told them by getting them a frame that says, "The best parents get promoted to grandparents," and a copy of the ultrasound photo. It was cute! As my mom opened it she said, "WHAT!? YOU ARE?!" and then was all smiles. Now 2 things loom ahead...the genetic testing results are due back this week and this includes what gender we are having! I am so excited to find out! I have a strong feeling it's a girl. The next obstacle is the OGTT (oral glucose tolerance test). I am going to call my surgeon and tell him that I am refusing this test. I am not bypass, but I still dump with too much sugar, and honestly, I think the test at 16 weeks is ridiculous. There HAS to be alternatives like monitoring glucose levels after meals for 2 weeks or something! I am not interested in drinking a bottle of liquid that will make me vomit. I feel like it is within my rights to say NO to this. Any advice?
  9. I'd suggest we go through this whole pregnancy thing together, but I am not GB, I am sleeve. I am 12 and 1/2 wks along now. I haven't met with my nutritionist yet, but I do find myself eating more carbs. My Dr only wants me to gain 10lbs as I was not at goal when I conceived. So far I have gained nothing but my body is definitely changing shape. I can say that being thinner makes this process a heck of a lot easier than being heavy. I couldn't have imagined being 285lbs and carrying a baby to term. Good luck! And congratulations!
  10. Thanks, Wendy. I read up on the OGTT tonight when I was reading the bazillion articles, and I agree, I am not sure how that will work. I can drink pretty quickly if my sleeve is empty. Maybe sip sip sip like the old days! I am dreading that point because the idea of being empty and filling up with sugar water sounds pretty horrible. SO GLAD I don't have to worry about it for a while.
  11. Ok, so I had my first "scare" tonight. 11 weeks today...Being pregnant is scary, but pregnancy after WLS is really scary. Just sayin'... I went online to the patient portal for my ob/gyn because it sent me an email that some results were ready. Well, I clicked the blood work result and it showed my LDL cholesterol is high (105), vitamin D is low (25) and my A1C is 5.9, which is prediabetic. I immediately thought about gestational diabetes. I panicked about it all night long beating myself up for eating more carbs than my plan calls for and feeling generally horrible about myself. It is so hard for me to eat protein right now being queasy all the tiem. Getting any food in has been a challenge, and sadly, carbs go down easier right now. My A1C was 5.4 in December. What the heck happened to me between then and now? How am I right back to where I was before WLS? Would I need to go back on Metformin? I take a Vitamin D supplement every darn day! What the heck is wrong with me? Am I bound to be unhealthy forever?!?! Visions of birth defects or me needing a C-section for an ultra large baby danced in my head. I called my sister the Dr. crying. She was in the O.R. so she could not talk to me and calm me down. I decided I would call my surgeon asap tomorrow. I knew he'd be so disappointed in me. 85 lbs down and the same horrible health as before surgery. After googlng 456,042 articles on A1C and pregnancy, I went back to look again at the portal labs just now and GUESS WHATt?!? That was my OLD blood work from 2013, BEFORE WLS!!!! My latest labs are not back yet! The email from the patient portal sent me a reminder just to tell me that my pap smear was normal, not to tell me about labs yet. I freaked out over nothing! Blame pregnancy hormones, or the bottled up emotions I carry with me daily about staying healthy (this journey is really hard sometimes,) or sheer exhaustion from teaching 8 year olds in June, but I am SOOOOO relieved that I made such a stupid mistake. I haven't cried such happy tears of relief in a long while. I had to tell you all because you know what it's like to completely change your lives and the hard work that comes with it. The idea that surgery would not be enough to help make me healthy is truly frightening. HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF.
  12. My mother is also... not happy... about my weight loss. Once I said to her, "Mom, I am even losing the fat on my back. My back fat is gone! It's amazing!" to which she proceeded to grab the small bit of remaining back fat I had, shake it, and say, "Well. you still have THIS." Seriously. Yep. I don't talk about it with her at all anymore. She cannot be happy for me because of her own insecurities despite the fact she's happy I am healthier. It's weird and sad but it is what it is. You're right that there are plenty of POSITIVE people in our lives. We need to focus on those people and the loving, happy energy they give off!
  13. Thank you, Kim It's a bit early to post on Facebook, so we are waiting on that. I hope you enjoyed your son's graduation! Dani, you're right...I need to make some carb friendly substitutes for the cravings! I will make a good store list! I am still drinking a protein shake for breakfast each AM, which is good! I'm also packing healthy snacks for work. I am craving fruit too, specifically watermelon, so I am happily enjoying fruit and cheese. Thankfully there's a break in the exhaustion, so I am planning a hike for Sunday. It's true that when we eat healthy we feel better--we know this yet when pregnant the intense food aversions can overshadow this... so I am hoping once the nausea goes away as I get closer to the 2nd trimester I can get back in the swing of things. I am telling my parents on June 13, my mom's birthday. I hope it goes well and they are happy for us! Thank you for the support! I really appreciate it
  14. Yes, totally! I feel like I am getting fat again. It is a head trip. It's also really freaky that I am simultaneously ravenous and nauseous at the same time. I am trying really hard to eat healthy right now, but I am really into savory foods and sadly, crunchy carbs. I find that certain sleeve friendly foods are still a "go" like hummus, but I am definitely not feeling the restriction I normally felt, nor am I craving protein like I used to. Hormones can do weird things. I am not really gaining weight per se yet, but my belly is def more present. I am 1.5in bigger in the waist already, and 1/2" in the bust. We had our first ultrasound yesterday and got to see the baby. All is well. In 2 weeks we go for genetic testing to rule out any issues and we get to find out the gender at 10-11 weeks. It's moving so fast!
  15. I love the title...Yikes! That is what I think when I look at old pics, too! You are rocking this, girl. CeCe and I would totally hit the road for a night in Philly next time you perform! We'd love to see you and cheer you on!
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