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  1. I'm now 7 weeks post-op and down 10 lbs. Not overly satisfied with results and still feeling frustrated.
  2. Thank you all. 2 weeks w/o loss does mess with your head when you're only 3 weeks post-op. I had a H-hernia repair at the time of surgery as well. Thicker foods seem to be harder to get down right now. In the last few days I have begun experiencing nausea with every protein drink. I have tried 2 different brands with the same result. Not sure what to do about that? My clothes are not fitting any differently yet either. Still in same clothes with same fit. Trying to be patient but struggling.
  3. Thank you for responding. I am trying to avoid the scale but once a week. I'm still trying to master the protein intake and especially the vitamin requirements. I have yet to be able to get all 10 vitamins down in a day either. Feeling a little and some days a lot frustrated.
  4. I had sleeve surgery on Sept 20th and to date I've lost 5 lbs. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Thank you for all your replies.
  6. Hi I'm Shelly. I have met with my PCP and have my first class on July 24th. My surgery will be done at Kaiser South Sac. I'm in search of any information I can get about the Kaiser process. I know I will need to lose some weight before the surgery but I'm unsure when I should start that process in order for it to be documented. I'd love to hear about your experiences good and bad.
  7. Hi to all! I'm just starting this process with my 2 hour class scheduled for July 24th. I'm very nervous about this surgery but excited at the same time. I will be going thru Kaiser South as well but do not have a doc yet. When should I start trying to lose weight? I weighed in at PCP visit is that documentation enough?