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  1. What is the correct way to do pouch reset? I've seen several variations of it. I'd love to go back to my nutritionist but just becoming a single mom to 3 I can't afford it.
  2. I need help getting back on track. I had surgery in July 2014 did well and dropped about 110lbs. Got pregnant in July of 2015 and only gained 20lbs. I'm struggling getting back on track and getting the scales to start moving again. I'm still down 100lbs but wanting to get the scales moving again. Any tips or suggestions would help. Thanks.
  3. I swallow small or medium size pills all the time. I only have problems with large one because of the amount of water it takes to swallow it because the water comes back up.
  4. I have that happen several times minus the heart pounding. Usually after I go to the bathroom I am fine. I figure it's dumping so I haven't ever asked.
  5. What products are you using? My hair is still falling out and I am using 10000mcg of biotin since 3 months out. It is starting to slow with the loss but the new hair just is not growing much.
  6. Per surgeon and my nutritional packet. I am to take my multivitamin, calcium +D 500mg, Vitamin B12 500mcg, and Iron 65mg. After I saw my OB/GYN today she wants me to increase the Calcium to 1200-1500mg a day and a Vitamin D 2000IU-4000IU a day plus a Omega 3 1000mg per day. I am curious as to how many mg or IU you are taking and if you take an Omega 3. I haven't had a chance to call my surgeon's office yet to ask about the omega 3 but I was curious if the reason for increasing my calcium and vitamin d is because I am young and see wants to be proactive about bone loss or if it is because she knows my husband and I will be trying for baby # 3 in the fall.
  7. Anyone have suggestions for good ones? I been doing live streaming on beachbody and like the insanity and t25 but was wondering if anyone has suggestions for DVDs.
  8. I am almost 8 months out and for the last few weeks I have noticed that when I stand up I get light-headed and feel like I am going to pass out. Does anyone else do this or have any idea why? I have appointment tomorrow with my surgeon so I plan on asking him too.
  9. Lopez413


    I have never been a big fan of fishy because of the fishy taste, but yesterday I bought some frozen tilapia filet and have no idea how to cook them. Suggestions please!
  10. My doctor ordered anxiety meds right before taking me back to the OR because I was extremely upset due to anxiety. Once then push it through my IV I was out.
  11. Check at VitaminShoppe not long ago they had a Fish Oil supplement that was liquid and fruity. It was really good. I am thinking it was maybe mango flavored. That might work for you if they still sell it.
  12. UPDATE -- Went to the doctor yesterday and my Mirena had not moved out of place but was the reason I was bleeding frequently so the doctor removed it and I will start on NuvaRing or Depo a few weeks before my husband returns from Guatemala.
  13. I have had my Mirena IUD since around March or April of 2013. My periods had stopped and then after I had WLS in July they started getting really irregular. Anyways I am having my period about every 2 week and sometime will have it then spot for a week and start again. Has anyone had problems with this since WLS? I have been noticing I pinching feeling when I get my period like maybe the strings are poking me, extreme back aches, and also nauseous . Can the weight loss cause it to move out of place, or any other complications?
  14. I lived off of yogurt for the first few weeks after the liquid phase. I could not tolerate shakes and have just now gotten to where I can drink them without vomiting. This is the website for my surgeon office. Under forms section there is the nutritional packet and the food plan that you might find helpful. I am only allowed 3 meals a day and no snacks. http://www.carolinasurgical.com/forms-resources/forms/
  15. I was thrilled too when I could add it but so sad when i found out 1.) I no longer liked the taste and 2.) It makes me sick. Good luck though, hopefully you will be able to eat it.
  16. I like the half chicken salads from Wendy's but I can only eat half of that at best, or chili from Wendy's or salad or grilled nuggets from Chick-fil-A.
  17. I been wondering the same things. I have been using the plastic spacers on mine but those are even starting to get too big. I told my husband when he gets back from Guatemala he is gonna have to either fix my ring or buy me new ones.
  18. I had the blood test for the genetic defects with both of my boys but they didn't say anything about the blood test telling the sex. That sounds interesting. I wonder how accurate that is. I feel your pain with the protein aversion. When I was prego with my second I could not be around meat for about 4 months because the smell made me vomit. It gets better.
  19. I have had my IUD since March of 2013. I had PMS/Pregnancy symptoms with mine for about 3-6 months until my body adjusted. Now I have my periods like clock work and I get bloated about 1-2 weeks before and it last until about 2-3 days after. It is not unusual for my jeans to get tight like that.
  20. It's normal to gain weight when exercising. You are not gaining fat its from excess water/muscle. You will still loose inches and eventually the scale will drop. Measure yourself and don't weigh often.
  21. Have you tried to find any ginger gum. I saw some not long ago but I can not remember what store I was in but if you can find ginger gum it will probably work the same. If you have a Latin American or Mexican store around check there.
  22. If it makes you feel any better. My first son was born at 33 weeks. My second was born at 39.5 weeks. My OB watched me like a hawk the second pregnancy because of my first son being premature. Your emotional state will be horrible the closer you get the point where your first was born prematurely because of the stress. My OB finally figured out I had PTSD when I was pregnant because of the first pregnancy but as soon as I got past week 33 everything got easier. You and your baby will be fine.
  23. Thanks Everyone!! He has seen pictures but I really don't think he fully understands how much I have changed since he left.
  24. I know exactly what you mean. I have suffered with depression for years. I also have co-dependency issues which is why I have made sure to have a boyfriend since I was 18. My husband has been out of the country since July 2nd and I was doing ok until my birthday in October and then the holidays. I also have a crab addiction that is triggered by depression. These last few month have been hard but like you the support and stories I find here help keep me from drowning.
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