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  1. Thanks Nicola. Your post is a big help! I think my cravings are due to advertisement I see on TV. I just get a bit down when I realize I cannot even have those food anymore at this phase. So you had lap band 8 years ago. How did it work for you?
  2. I will have pureed food next week. I need some suggestion on food that I can puree and will taste good!

    1. Big Papa

      Big Papa

      I really liked bean soup. Really, most soups are good. Use a food processor, and you won't have to worry about many bits and pieces (My doc required that mine were blended then strained).



      When i was in this stage i ate refried beans, salsa and eggs, cream of wheat, oatmeal, soft scramble eggs and cornbeef hash, egg salad. It again up to the person liking

    3. trishonna


      Hey buddy! Ive been surviving on pea soup, italian ices and cottage cheese lol... my mom cooked sooo much soup! My freezer is full of individual servings of pea soup! Maybe I can meet up with you unload some lol

  3. HI everyone. I'm one week post-op and my tummy is swollen. Too much gas. Even if I walk everyday, it doesn't go down. How long does it take to get rid of the gas ? Anything I should take besides gas-x? I am also still in pain, and craving a lot of food. Is this normal? I wish I can eat something else besides the shakes. Help!
  4. This is for anyone who knows the answer, Why we all can't have pureed food 2 weeks pre-op? Why just all liquid?

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    2. Eluna


      Depends on the surgeon and their practices.

    3. toothfairy


      I see. I agree that it depends on the surgeon and what they believe in. My surgeon likes just all liquid. Tough but I think I got used to it on my seonc day. Gets easier.

    4. teachingaimee


      I am in NJ too having surgery in Florham Park on 8/5. My surgeon puts his patients on a clear liquid diet only for the day before op and a liquid laxative that day, then no food or drink on surgery day as is typical. My sister, who is also a surgeon, says that the liver gets clamped out of the way anyway. I think it really depends on your surgeon's philosophy.

  5. LOL I already had 2 jellos and I dont feel like eating a third. I think I'll feel better once I start sipping a clear broth
  6. Please tell me how you guys cope up with 2 weeks liquid diet. It's my first day today and I'm hungry
  7. I started my liquid diet today and I find myself hungey already! lol Please give some suggestions on how to cope up with this so I can survive the day. Help!

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    2. toothfairy


      funny Mrs Donovan...My friend suggested to chew any food and just spit it out...lol

    3. toothfairy


      Yes, I am buying popsickles tonight to survive snsforever916

    4. toothfairy


      mispelled that...popsicles

  8. Looking for some buddies near my area. Having gastric lapband on August 6, 2014
  9. I'm in between New York and New Jersey
  10. Thanks for the reply. I am so nervous about the pain....
  11. I am getting motivated reading this. Thanks for the post
  12. I am happy that everything is going well with you. I am looking forward for my own surgery and cannot wait to see the scale move
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