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  1. Ksock


    Getting ready to say goodbye
  2. Ksock


    Inspiring, thanks!
  3. Ksock

    Im coming Home

    What happened, why were you back in the hospital? Take care!
  4. Sometimes what you are thinking is not the truth. Planning ahead like Duffman says rests our old default thinking settings. I took a protein shake to matinees this week, the smell of popcorn was intense, the sound of my husband crunching was distracting. But the protein count was so high that I did not have to add any @&$#! Powder to my soup tonight which meant I got to have HOT soup, not tepid. What a trade-off and a new habit was born.
  5. Ksock

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    It is Duffman, one more week of full liquids not so much!
  6. Ksock


    Sounds fantastic. You inspire me Elaine, thank you!
  7. Frankie, I was sleeved on 12/30 so I am also 8 days out. The surgeon also removed my gall bladder. I do not have pain on my right side but I am still pretty tender. I am looking forward to the next phase too!
  8. Ain't it the truth, Lightenupwoman!
  9. Within my dieting history, there has been an era of mindful eating. I had a mindful eating coach, books and ceremonial vessels. None of that intensity compares with my first week as a sleeved person. Even without hunger hormones, I am learning so much about my stomach, sure. More importantly I think, is the knowledge of how far I am willing to go to make the most nutritious ounces, the extra steps on my pedometer, both while lightheaded. I am a painter and my current canvas will surely have some bolder strokes. I know there will be bad days, but I am FINALLY mindful of every bite, and the yin yang of being present/long term consequences.
  10. Ksock

    Day 4

    I hope you are feeling better soon.
  11. Oh my, I got sleeved 2 days ago

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    2. purplemist


      Congrats, hope your doing well

    3. BKooltome
    4. Ksock


      It is going well, but I am at home so that helps. Going back to work could be challenging. I am pleased. ThinnerTimes is so supportive.

  12. Full liquids pre-op better than I thought. My NUT wrote down the cookbook I am using from Amazon. I am still having a glass of wine 3 times a week. Losing a pound or two a day but I feel eh, I have gained and lost so often all I focus on is my liver and light exercise to help my heart do it's thing during recovery.

    1. Happy-Camper


      Why not stop the wine now?

  13. I am surprised I am not that hungry now that my full liquid phase is under 1000 calories. Must be the protein. I think of 56 previous diets (I am 55) and freaking out at 1400. Tonight I froze some of my current full liquid s into silicon muffin cups, each held two ounces. I popped them out into freezer bags for post-op. I did that with veggie juices from the juicer for other recipes. I was surprised to learn my hospital stay for my sleeve is three days. I thought one night!
  14. Today was my first day and I am afraid to take my Metformin because my blood sugars are in the 80's. I am hydrated, plenty of protein, not hungry BUT a crappy headache. After months of practicing recipes I think I now dislike protein powder. Can I puree beans or lentils instead?