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  1. You are doing great though too! We all lose at different rates! I need to double what I've already done and that's going to be hard enough. Keep up the good work!

  2. You are down 70 pounds? OMG! That is awesome. I need to be where you are.

  3. Before

    These were all taken about a month before surgery at my highest weight of 347.
  4. Two Months Out

    Down 70 pounds!
  5. Congrats on your weight loss! Are you feeling a lot better? I weighed myself today and I'm down 70 pounds. It's been slowing to a pound or two a week now, though. Wish it would all fall off by tomorrow. I've been working out 4-5 days a week and have been eating really conservatively. How has your diet been? Feel like you have a lot of energy?

  6. Hey there. Still losing. Down about 44 pounds. How about you.

  7. Hey, how are things going? Still losing?

  8. Very New in Altoona, PA

    Doctor Newlin and his staff are great. I have yet to endure an unpleasant experience in his office. We are very blessed to have him in our area doing these kinds of surgery! Good luck with your journey if you choose to pursue it, SLRteach!
  9. Yes I've only got the one pug - Hudson. I got him a friend about 6 months after I got him - he's a terrier mix named Stu. I've always been tempted to get a lil Black pug. But I think 3 dogs for a single 30 year old is a lil ridiculous!!!

  10. Aweee look at your little puggy, too!! Is that your only one? We've been wanting to get get a second to accompany Paisley!

  11. Your puglet is TOOOO cute :-)

  12. Just noticed your early out. I hope all is going well with you. I'm 8wks out. I have to say What a ride it's been so far.I look forward to chat'n w/ you. TTYS, Candace

  13. You are still really doing great! Imagine losing that much without having this surgery! It'd be impossible. My weight loss is slowing down now. I've been trying to eat more and get my protein in which is probably why it's starting to slow down. I have been trying to do some workouts in the gym a few times a week to help out, too! Have you been doing much exercise? It's tough getting back into it. Still haven't been getting enough liquids which I think makes me fatigue a lot faster. This is gonna take some getting used to!

  14. Please keep in touch, It's nice to have someone close and in the same phase also! I'm gonna add you as a friend okay?

  15. the heck have you lost that much weight??? Thats wonderful! Yeah, I know what you mean, I am having a hard time getting all of my protein, liquids and so on in, that all by itself is a challenge! I'm just amazed at how much you have lost. So far I have only lost around 20 pounds since he day I went in the hospital but 33 since I started my liquid diet!