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  1. Girt McTirt


    These were all taken about a month before surgery at my highest weight of 347.
  2. Girt McTirt

    Two Months Out

    Down 70 pounds!
  3. Girt McTirt

    Very New in Altoona, PA

    Doctor Newlin and his staff are great. I have yet to endure an unpleasant experience in his office. We are very blessed to have him in our area doing these kinds of surgery! Good luck with your journey if you choose to pursue it, SLRteach!
  4. Girt McTirt


    I just had surgery Tuesday (7/7)! I'm already down about 18 pounds! Thanks for the compliment. I'm very excited to see what my new body looks like when this is all said and done!
  5. Girt McTirt

    Hiking again!

    It's in Duncansville, PA on the old Portage Railroad tracks. It was gorgeous up there!
  6. Girt McTirt

    Finally the wait is over...I am approved

    So happy for you!!! It'll be here in no time! Good luck with the surgery... It'll be great
  7. Girt McTirt

    ~*~July 2009 Staplers~*~

    Hey Ms Ready! Seems like you're ready, too! It was really not a big deal. Came home today and slept a bit and then took the liquid pain pill and took a half mile walk. Yes, there was some discomfort but really only on the right side. The rest of the sites are very comfortable, in fact. You will do fabulously and I'm sure of it! Britta
  8. Girt McTirt

    ~*~July 2009 Staplers~*~

    Hey girl... Haven't weighed myself yet! I lost a total of about 17 pounds on the liver shrink and want to wait now for my 2 week followup to see how much I've lost since surgery! I will keep you posted! Good luck in 3 weeks! It's nothing!
  9. Girt McTirt

    ~*~July 2009 Staplers~*~

    Hey All! Waiting in my room now to get discharged right after lunch! I'll give all of you the play by play since I'm bored outta my mind and really can't wait to get home and get a shower. I got here to the hospital at 6:30 on Tuesday morning and was taken right back to same day surgery. I got ready and waited in same day for about a half hour. From there, I went to holding where they got an IV started and got me ready for surgery. I really wasn't very anxious or nervous or anything so they didn't start me on any of the good medicines. I saw a friend's dad in holding and spoke to him for awhile. At about 8, they wheeled me into the operating room where they got me all set up and then gave me the anesthesia. I remember waking up briefly at the very end of surgery in the operating room and remember being pushed to recovery. I kept asking for ice chips in recovery because I had a naso-gastric tube in which made my throat extremely, extremely sore. (The NG tube was by far the worst part about surgery... hands down.) I got back to my room at about 11 where the family was waiting for me. I took as many hits of morphine as I could and drifted off to sleep. I slept until about 6 PM and then woke up for awhile. They got me out of bed to walk the halls once which felt amazing. I came back here and slept on and off the rest of the night. I had some visitors but kept falling asleep talking to them which I felt really badly about. Yesterday when I woke up I had a lot of burning in my IV tube. I asked for it to be changed which was a big, giant mess. I'm terrible at getting IVs because of my tiny, invisible veins. I had a lot of pain yesterday and the day before getting into and out of bed since any time you contract your abs it really gives you a good squeeze on the incision sites. I was absolutely miserable until they took out the NG tube and the catheter yesterday. I felt a lot better after, though and feel like I've gradually been getting better since they removed those two things. I walked as much as I could yesterday which got the gas moving... into my NECK AND BACK. I had a lot of discomfort sleeping but pushed morphine until I fell asleep. I slept like an angel last night and work up a new woman this morning. I got up and got cleaned up and put clothes on which made me feel 100 times better! They pulled my IV and JP drain this morning which was such a strange sensation to say the least. It felt like a caterpillar was in my stomach trying to crawl out. Glad that all the tubes are out, though! I ate some cream of wheat for breakfast this morning which I kept down amazingly well. I have to wait now to see the dietitian whenever she gets here and then I have to eat some lunch before I leave. I took LorTab Elixer this morning which really decreased any pain complaints I have. The incisional pain is really minimal and now most of the gas pains are in my stomach... hopefully to soon be passed! Overall, I'd say I was pleasantly surprised by surgery. I'm shocked how little pain I actually had. I tried to sleep on my side last night which caused some nausea and pain but it was quickly relieved with the morphine drip. One other thing that kind of sucked was the fact that I had my period. It caused a lot of unnecessary frustration and discomfort not to mention it was just plain embarrassing. Lovonox shots are no bid deal and I'm a huge baby around needles. Worst part, by far, was the NG tube since it rubs every time you swallow or talk or anything. Other than those things, I feel like a million bucks! Can't wait to get home and take a shower since my hair looks like a huge grease ball. One other thing that was great was that I only had a roommate for about 3 hours. It was glorious having my own room with no one to wake me up all night! TT definitely got me prepared for this surgery better than anything and it definitely helped to relieve a lot of my worries following surgery. Hopefully the next two weeks go as smoothly as today has been so far.
  10. Girt McTirt

    ~*~July 2009 Staplers~*~

    I am ALIVE! Still in the hospital until tomorrow afternoon, but I made it!
  11. Girt McTirt

    ~*~July 2009 Staplers~*~

    Thanks Angelia! I will post on here as soon as I can!
  12. Girt McTirt

    ~*~July 2009 Staplers~*~

    Just got my time! I have to be in same day surgery at 6:30AM! Can't believe it's actually here!
  13. Girt McTirt

    ~*~July 2009 Staplers~*~

    Thanks! You have done marvelously! Makes me excited to think where I'll be in a year! I will keep you posted! Have lost 16 pounds on the liver shrink already!
  14. Girt McTirt

    ~*~July 2009 Staplers~*~

    So excited to have my name on the list! So close!
  15. Girt McTirt

    Prevac Pack...Hylori Virus Question

    Had to bring this topic back out! Went to the surgeon for my pre-op appointment today. They read my blood work and my h. pylori was positive. I'm scheduled to have surgery on July 7th and the pills run 14 days. He didn't say anything about rescheduling. Think it'll all be ok?