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  1. I can't believe it, I honestly wasn't sure this day would ever happen... I have lost 100lbs!!!! I am over the moon happy! What have folks done to celebrate (that don't involve food of course).
  2. Have you tried Quest Protein bars? The Chocolate Brownie and Peanut Butter flavors solve the sweet tooth for me.
  3. Sorry to hear that. Good thoughts your way...
  4. I do pilates and it has done a great job of long lean muscle mass rentention. Best of luck to you!
  5. My pain from gall bladder surgery and cervical spine surgery were WAY worse than the pain from the sleeve. I didn't take any pain meds once I left the hospital.
  6. Honestly many surgeons and NUT say not to worry about calories at the early stages. Just stick to protein and fluid intake and avoid carbs.
  7. The only thing I wish I had done was talk to the anesthesiologist about anti nausea meds. When I woke up I had the dry heeves really bad and well after surgery to your stomach you can imagine that was no fun at all. Once the nurses started giving me meds in my IV I was better but it was not pretty at first. After that the rest was really smooth sailing and no complaints.
  8. Welcome! Are you having regular bowel movements? I found myself feeling sick to my stomach when I was getting "backed up" just a thought, hope you are feeling better.
  9. I am just 7 months post op but want to get started planning for some skin removal so I know how much money I need to save. Anyone in the San Diego area have a wonderful plastic surgeon you would recommend who is good with WLS patients. Big plus if they have luck getting the procedure covered by insurance. Thanks!
  10. I would have your vitamin levels checked to make sure there isn't anything wrong. I am on B12 once a week for life so that might absolutely make a difference for you. Also, is it close to that TOM because I get sluggish around then too. Hang in there!
  11. I fit into my size 12 jeans! I can't believe I can fit into size 12... I haven't worn a size 12 in almost 15 years! I didn't even have to lay down on the bed to get them to zip
  12. My rule of thumb was not to go outside of the house until I felt confident that I could physically get myself up if I fell down. For me that was about 5 days after I got home from the hospital.