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  1. Congratulations! You look fantastic!
  2. AMAZING! I'm so very happy for you. I still have a long way to go, but we share the same surgeon, and I'm extremely happy with her program. Your success is very inspiring to me! Congratulations!!!!
  3. I'm also in the Portland area and have the same doctor as Keligirl12. I'm so pleased with the care I receive in her office. Portland is wonderful. There is so much to do here. Best wishes to you!
  4. I had my gallbladder out 6 years ago, while I was over 300 pounds. I had the surgery on a Monday, and returned to work the following Monday. I would say the pain was about the same as it was for my sleeve. Best wishes to you!
  5. Congratulations, you're doing awesome!
  6. That's super scary! I'm glad you listened to your body. Sending positive vibes your way!
  7. I had my sleeve surgery on 8/10/2015 by Dr. Emma Patterson at the Wilshire Surgery Center in Portland Oregon. I am so happy about my progress thus far. I started my journey at 318 on 6/22/2015. I weighed in at 293 on the day of surgery. This morning the scale reads 276. Wow, that’s 42 pounds in 80 days! Yay!!!
  8. Picture ID Insurance Cards CPAP Phone & Charger GasX Strips Chapstick Undies Wore my Pajama Pants/Shirt there and home
  9. Liquids only the day prior to surgery. The doctor wanted me to lose 20lbs prior to surgery to shrink my liver and make surgery safer. I did four 100 calorie shakes, and 1 Healthy Choice brand frozen meal for dinner. I managed to lose 25lbs in 6 weeks.
  10. Wow! You look great, and I'm sure you feel the same. Congratulations.
  11. Welcome to TT! There is so much wisdom on this site. I'm three weeks post op and doing really well. You will be on the losers bench before you know it.
  12. My surgeon advised to drink G2 low calories instead of just plain water because she's found that for some patients drinking plain water upsets their stomachs. Talk with your surgeon's office for a recommendation. Best of luck to you!
  13. Unjury unflavored doesn't seem to alter the flavor of things and it dissolves very easily. I've been able to dissolve an entire scoop in 4 ounces of chicken broth. It makes the broth look slightly cloudy, but all I taste is the broth. 23 grams of protein in just 4 ounces. It is a nice break from the sweet shakes. Cheers!
  14. Congratulations, that day will be here before you know it! I had gastric sleeve surgery on 8/10. My recovery is going well, and has been uneventful (thankfully!).
  15. This was something I really struggled with. Initially, I planned on only telling my husband and nobody else. I ended up telling my close family, my boss, my HR manager, my benefits admin, and two close friends, but that's it. I figure if anyone asks, I will make my decision then. I got some really good advice on here a year ago when I was starting this process. You can't un-tell people, so think long and hard. I was so worried that my family would try to talk me out of it, so I waited until less than 2 weeks before surgery. Fortunately, everybody agreed with my decision and have been extremely supportive. It helps that they know I research the heck out of everything I do. Best wishes to you!
  16. NewB

    Surgery Went Well

    My doctor has me taking Prilosec DR twice a day for the next three months. It seems to be working, I haven't had any heartburn.
  17. NewB

    Surgery Went Well

    I'm sorry to hear you are in so much pain. It should get better in the next few days. I'm not 100% pain free, but I feel pretty dang good. I need to remind myself that I just had major surgery and my body needs rest.
  18. I had my surgery yesterday. I have been told not to lift anything heavier than 15lbs for the first four weeks. I think your surgeon is the only one that can answer that for you.
  19. Surgery went very well, and my pain is far less than expected. I would say having my Gallbladder out 6 years ago was more painful. The surgery only took an hour. Best wishes to all of my fellow August surgery people.
  20. dry Same for you. Tomorrow is your big day. Sending lots of good juju your way!
  21. I've made it to the bench! Far less pain than I expected. I'll be going home in 2 hours. Thank you everyone for your support!
  22. Thank you everyone for the well wishes and words of wisdom. I hope I am feeling well enough tomorrow afternoon to leave an update, otherwise you will all hear from me on Tuesday. Have a wonderful day!
  23. I am having Gastric Sleeve surgery on Monday. I am also excited and nervous, but I know I am doing the right thing for me. Best wishes to you.