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  1. I think you made a typo, you meant your brother not your son, right?
  2. they have tons of patterns. I’m wearing mine to a party this weekend. TTF skirt brigade!
  3. “Not so fat me”? Ummmm. Try “skinny little ol’ me”!
  4. As I was stealing Smashlee’s fashion sense on the amazon, I found this little blouse for $12!! I ordered The Skirt in the black and white floral option with a ribbon neck black top. I will wear it to a party this Saturday. I can’t wait to see it!
  5. Oh *&^%! I can’t even deal with this! My mind is blown.
  6. Do you have a floofer on underneath? I’m thinking about getting the black and white one for a party.
  7. It’s just stunning, good find!
  8. Super cute!!! Where did you get it? Details please.
  9. Clickin

    I did it!

    Oh my word! Congratulations, this makes me smile so much! You deserve your health and happiness. Here’s to a long, healthy, happy marriage.
  10. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!
  11. I've also made it with cannelini beans and garbanzo beans. Also delish.
  12. Here's what you should do with all that pumpkin! low carb pumpkin sausage soup. It is di-freakin-vine!!!
  13. Also, I am stupid for pumpkin crap and this year I found some pumpkin spice cough drops at CVS. I am just waiting for a little baby scratchy throat to open those babies. The weather is getting colder so any day now!! Sorry, I rabbit holed with my pumpkin obsession.
  14. Last year I found a 4-pack of pumpkin spice premier protein shake. It. Was. Awful. I took a chug of the 1st one and immediately regretted the purchase. I tried to use it as a coffee creamer and that was also a fail. The other three sat there and outdated and I finally threw them away. I also did this with the caramel one, but a least i was able to dilute with half and half to make a halfway decent creamer. They are so sweet my teeth were buzzing!!