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  1. So like the title says my panniculectomy was approved! But the insurance wants it done as outpatient which is a no go for my dr. He is doing a peer to peer review this week to appeal it for inpatient. Thinking of paying cash for the extra day since they approved the surgery itself. Any tips or things I should know about recovery? I'm trying to lose an extra 5 to 7 lbs to maximize my results. Also looking at binders and supplies. I have about 2 weeks left!! Super scared and very excited
  2. I was thin when I met my husband. but after two more kids and multiple surgeries and a knee Injury no matter what I tried I couldn't lose the weight. My husband was dead set against the surgery even told me he would divorce me. I told him it was something I had to do if he wanted to get divorced fine. After the surgery was over and the surgeon called him and told him from previous test results and looking at my insides it was clear that I had uncontrolled diabetes for the last 10 years and without the surgery I wouldn't have made it more than a couple years. He was so shocked by that and under
  3. Imatation crab meat put in the processor for a minute with lite mayo and a sprinkle of old bay is pretty good
  4. I'm a month out and as soon as I started soft foods I could feel full. I don't weigh or measure my foods I just use small amounts on baby dishes.
  5. I'm on pureed foods and my nut approved chili as long as the ground beef was mushed up good. So tonight I made some. I let it cook for about 3 hours so it was all nice and soft. I got about 3/4 of a ladle and chewed thoroughly. So yummy. Everything has been tasting so bad and making me hurt. Even small amounts. But this sat fine and was so good. Will be freezing some for next time.
  6. So I am 18 days out and doing great. I just started soft foods 3 days ago and while everything tastes awful I holding everything down. Although I have found my pouch is about the size of half a babybel cheese. I did get the foamies tonight after eating 4 shrimp. I guess next time I'll eat 3. I feel fine like I didn't even have surgery although I get tired very easy. And i drink water constantly. The best part is I've lost 19 lbs
  7. Thanks everyone. It's seems to be going well. Two weeks is a long time for just liquids though. Hopefully I can make it without cheating.
  8. So I got home yesterday afternoon. Today is my first full day home. I woke up super early to start getting my fluids/proteins in. I was pretty tired though so I was falling asleep as I did lol. I put protein (unflavored) in everything until I met my goal. Now I'm just sipping on water. My pain isn't too bad. I'm still taking pain meds and it hurts to sit up get up. Overall seems like everything is going pretty well. I'm hoping recovery continues as smooth
  9. I have surgery wednesday. The only special diet that is required is a clear liquid diet the day before. So I'm looking at a day of water, broth, tea and jello
  10. And it's the day before surgery. So I guess it's the first step to my new life. I'm getting pretty nervous about surgery and a lot about recovery. I am wondering if I'm strong enough to follow the plan and if I can take the pain. My family is worried about and thinks everything about this is too extreme. My husband is trying to be supportive and even starting to workout and diet. But it scares me I see so many stories of marriages ended from this. I don't know what I'd do without him. Even friends think once I lose the weight I should leave him. We've had our problems but have worked through
  11. My story starts off as someone who was always underweight. As a child and as teen and for a few years as an a adult. Then I got pregnant and gained 60lbs. After delivery I lost a lot of it I was actually in a normal range maybe carrying an extra 10 lbs. Fast forward a few years I meet my husband and we decide to have another child again I gain at least 60lbs. It starts coming off after delivery but slower. 4 months postpartum I find out I'm pregnant and still carrying the 35 extra lbs from pregnancy. This time I gain around 70lbs on top of the extra I'm already carrying. Delivery comes and goe
  12. Definitely make some complaints to your pcp. Include how tired you are during the day and especially while driving. Once the insurance Co. Sees you have signs and symptoms it should go through.
  13. Good luck on your approval. I've been on here for about a month and went through posts going back a few years. Although I have seen a little drama mostly (and thankfully) it's been support and encouragement. Everything I have posted has been replied to by awesome people. So stick around.
  14. Glad you are getting the bypass finally and good luck on recovery.
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